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August 26, 2022

Glennda Baker: What We Can Learn From Her TikTok Success

In less than 8 months after committing to TikTok, Glennda Baker made over 6 figures in commissions. Here’s what you need to learn from her success.


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Key takeaways

Glennda Baker’s most popular TikTok video currently has 10.2 million views. An outstanding number which has translated into not only recognition but listing appointments, hundreds of texts, DM’s, phone calls, and, of course, deals that have resulted in $60 million yearly volume.

In a recent podcast interview, Glennda explains her TikTok philosophy: “I’m not out there for the views. I’m out there because I want people to be better real estate agents. I want people to be better informed. I want to inspire, impact, or inform someone.” Her passion for educating others is just one of the qualities that makes her content so engaging. 

Interested in cracking Glennda’s code and seeing if TikTok might be just the thing to take your real estate business to the next level?

We’ve spent hours studying Glennda’s approach and identified three powerful, Glennda-inspired techniques you can implement in your own real estate TikToks. These techniques are: educate with authenticity, provide humor with a purpose, and tell interesting stories laced with practical advice. Let’s take a look at these techniques in action:

Educate with authenticity

That TikTok video that gained over 10 million views? It was essentially an educational video (most her videos are). In it, she told a very humbling story about how she wasted the money she earned from her first big commission. It’s not easy telling the world your mistakes, but Glennda’s truthfulness is what makes her videos so powerful.

Never one to mince her words, Glennda often cusses and whenever a commenter takes issue with her style, Glennda doesn’t apologize. “You can easily move on to other content that’s more worthy of you,” is her response.

In fact, she recently posted a video about approval and authenticity. “The more you chase approval, the more you corrupt authenticity.” And that authenticity is what has made Glennda one of the “stickiest” non-celebrity accounts, averaging 185,000 views a day. Called the Glenndarattis, her fans appreciate that Glennda posts videos daily at 6AM. “I can’t wait to wake up and see your tiktok video,” says one fan in her comments.

Here's a few of Glennda’s most authentic educational videos. Notice how she feels like a friend taking you out to coffee and giving you real estate advice? That’s a hallmark of her brand:

You always want to be the cheapest house in the best neighborhood.

If you’re waiting on the market to go down to buy… You may be shit out of luck!

If you want something to last, you better be prepared to maintain it.

Provide humor with a purpose

Glennda has a gift for storytelling. It’s apparent in all her content. And her humor is a hugely attractive aspect to what she does. Constantly delivering iconic one-liners (“I’ve been selling real estate since Jesus was a baby”, “Everyone in your circle isn’t in your corner,” “snot flying out of my nose”), her humor makes her loveable and relatable. 

Though not everyone has a gift for comedy, surely we’ve all had hilarious incidents happen at work. If you have a funny story to tell, chances are it would probably make a great TikTok video—especially if it’s short and has an important lesson. Some of her most hilarious content is related to her take down’s of Zillow’s Zestimate algorithm. Part of what makes those videos so great is the depth of her fury. Can you channel something you’re passionate about into a relevant, funny TikTok? Take a look at some of Glennda’s most entertaining videos:

How Zillow is gaming the system...

“They make snot fly out of my nose.”

I figured after yesterday I would double down on my shade!

“If accuracy is not important to you, please depend on Zillow.”

Naked Seller

“I think I’ve seen enough. We can leave now.”

Looking for more inspiration? We have you covered with our list of 27 great real estate TikTok videos

Tell interesting stories laced with practical advice

Telling stories isn’t easy, but Glennda’s are always effective. She keeps them short, talks quickly, and her cover images often have an eye-grabbing quote or phrase. In each of her tales, there’s usually a relevant lesson for agents, sellers, or buyers. Notice Glennda’s skill at storytelling in these three videos:

Top 5 mistakes I’ve made in my real estate career

How the slow learner label affected me…

Don’t get into a pissing contest with a bull

Still have doubts about whether TikTok could be useful? In an interview with The Walkthrough, Glennda tells Matt McGe that she regularly gets messages from home sellers saying their children told them about her and they want her to sell their home. “Both of those listing appointments,” Glennda says. “Over a million dollars.”

Seeking more Glennda inspiration? Check out her TikTok and her Instagram.


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