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Introducing Curaytor.

Curaytor.com is a marketing platform for real estate agents providing a full-service digital marketing solution. We have helped over 2,000 agents become irreplaceable in their local market since 2013.

Our mission is to connect and empower the best real estate agents to dream bigger and accomplish more. We’re passionate about helping listing agents attract more listings and helping buyer agents grow into listing agents.

Curaytor started in 2013 with a vision to help thousands of agents across the United States become the go-to agent in their market.

Real estate agents have never appeared less necessary in a world of uncertainty and low-commission fees.

But Curaytor continues to help agents build the perfect real estate business. We focus on providing agents with the tools they need to outperform their competition.

We want to empower real estate agents with high-quality, done-for-you marketing. Curaytor helps growth-minded agents stand out from the crowd.

We help turn real estate brands into exceptional marketing machines with exceptional service.

We continue to build our business on a customer-centric basis. We’ll continue to push product innovation to the next level.

Our approach is to provide innovative marketing ideas to our agents 52 weeks a year.

We provide articles written by professionals, supporting graphics designed by professionals, and then let our advertising experts promote the content for you across the web and social.

Our Team.

Leverage the expertise of our team and let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the business of today.

Chief Technical Officer

Alnur Ismail

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Harvey

Director of Marketing

Alice Faggi

Co-founder & CEO

Jimmy Mackin

Our google reviews.

I love what CURAYTOR brings to the table to help me attract more leads, capture more leads and close more business!

Mickey Hyams
Atlanta, GA

Curaytor takes a lot of pressure off us to keep up with how and where to market our properties and ourselves. Being told what to do for success helps free up our time to keep working. [What's working for us?] The brand awareness, plus funneling people to open houses through our marketing has really increased our conversion rate.

Cheryl Maupin
Bev & Co Homes

I love that it's cutting-edge. You guys go out and do all the research to make our lives easier - and make us look good!

Molly Chance
Texas Home Life Realty

I love Curaytor as a community and a business resource! The weekly coaching and marketing are invaluable. Best of ALL, the website they've created is the greatest in the business!

Marvin Jensen
Salt Lake City

Curaytor has brought me to a level that not only challenges me to run my business like a business, but it has also elevated me and my brand to new heights. I am beyond impressed with the back end technology, the professionalism of all the staff, the help they are so willing to give with a smile, and the training available. Curaytor is the bomb and worth every penny.

Kim Anselmo
Fredrick, MD

We’ve always had good ROI on our Curaytor spend. Not just the Facebook ad spend, but Curaytor itself. For every dollar spent, we had $12 in GCI in 2018. In 2019, we set 269 appointments from Curaytor leads.

Dan Chin
McFarland, WI

In 2018, I did only 2 million in business, 9 transactions. I just finished out 2019 with 7 million in business and 21 transactions. From 2 million to 7 million. I’ll take it!

Heather Buckman
Jacksonville, FL

It's not just the website, it's not just the boosting, it's not just the Facebook ads. It's the people. It's the content. It's the daily evolvement of our industry, the masterminding. I don't have to sit here and wrack my brain as to where I get this information from. I'm just always ahead of what is happening next and that's a result of Curaytor. Knowing that Curaytor is all in with me, is something that is pretty special.

Veronica Figueroa

From the top down, this is a company that earns a 5-star rating every day. Great systems, great training, great ideas. They always seem to be thinking a few steps ahead of the rest of the real estate industry which helps keep their clients (me) ahead of the curve.

Billy Wemlinger
Columbus, OH

Absolutely the best investment into me and my business that I have made! To be able to collaborate with so many top professionals in one place is priceless. [What really works for me is] the training, because I’m being given the resources to learn a new skill set that is changing as fast as I can learn. There’s no way I could keep current on my own.

Carla Agnini
Mooresville, NC

Being part of Curaytor is taking my business to the next level! The support, coaching, system, marketing plans everything is amazing!

Debbie Kritharis
Boca Raton, FL
Jordan Rossman
The Rossman Team

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