20+ Examples Of The Best Website Designs For Real Estate

Struggling to find design inspiration for your website? We've got 20 perfect examples to help get your creativity moving again.

9 Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2024

Discover 9 of the best performing listing attraction campaigns to help you grow your brand, start more conversations, and attract more listings.

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Curaytor Listing Studio: How to Execute the Perfect Listing Promotion Process

At Curaytor, we're on a mission to build the world's most uncomplicated and intuitive marketing software for real estate agents—that you'll actually use and love—that doesn't require 6 hours of training.

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Advanced Listing Attraction Strategies

The NAR settlement is sending shockwaves through the real estate industry, but the bigger picture of the settlement’s ramifications remain unclear. Don’t let the confusion keep you from staying focused on what you can control: listings are the most important asset an agent can have. 

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Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion

Brad McCallum and Tim Macy join Jimmy Mackin to share the top real estate marketing lead generation and conversion strategies that are working in today's market.

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How to Turn Your Next Listing Into Three More

This training is designed to give you the strategies and scripts you need to make the process of promoting your listings 10X more efficient, and help you turn every listing into three more.

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5 Reasons Why Top Teams Are Partnering With Curaytor

Ready to attract more listings? Jimmy Mackin shares the 5 reasons why top teams partner with Curaytor.

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2024 Seller Advertising Strategies

During the first webinar in 2024, Jimmy Mackin highlights the top seller advertising strategies to help you attract more listings.

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2024 Listing Attraction Playbook: Turn every listing into more listings

In this final Curaytor masterclass of 2023, learn how to turn every listing into more listings through The Perfect Listing Promotion Process.

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2024 Listing Attraction Playbook

An in-depth training hosted by Jimmy Mackin on the most effective listing attraction strategies to power your real estate business.

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Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Tom Ferry Podcast Experience featuring Jimmy Mackin

Curaytor CEO, Jimmy Mackin, joined an episode of “The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience” along with incredible team leader Lisa Chinatti and marketing coach Jason Pantana. They talked about how to get more real estate listings than you’ve ever had before. 

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