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August 27, 2022

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TikTok For Real Estate Agents: 27 Videos To Inspire You

Many real estate professionals are already making great content on TikTok and successfully reaching buyers and sellers. Let’s see what we can learn from the most successful video-makers.


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Key takeaways

Marketers across all industries are using TikTok as an effective way to reach hundreds of millions of viewers. For real estate agents in particular, Tik Tok is proving to be a lucrative avenue to expanding their reach and attracting future clients.

What makes a compelling real estate TikTok? We’ve combed through thousands of videos and found seven proven strategies that result in videos becoming exponentially viral. These strategies are: Offering Advice, Helping Homebuyers, Providing Market Updates, Delivering Forecasts, Delighting Viewers, and Creating Humor.

The list provided below showcases top videos that successfully utilize these techniques. Let’s explore what they’re doing and why they’re so successful:

Strategy #1 - Help Other Realtors with Advice That’s Worked for You

From tips on securing your first clients to time-management hacks, sharing knowledge with others in your field is a great way to build an audience. Here’s three examples of helpful TikToks with engaging titles that entice viewers to take a look at informative content:

1. This is How I Stand Out From The Other Real Estate Agents in My City

1.6 million views

Tatiana Londono owns one of the largest residential brokerage firms in Montreal with over 100 agents and 3 offices. Her high-energy videos offer easy-to-follow tips for other agents on how to grow their business. Viewers love her sense of humor and approachable personality. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to add a little pizazz to your informational videos, Tat’s TikTok is a great place to start.

2. What to do Before Closing to Protect Your Buyers


Based out of Ontario, Steevie Soucie has only been on TikTok since early 2021, but she’s quickly amassed nearly 100,000 followers due to her friendly demeanor and straightforward advice. Her channel has guidance for both agents and buyers—a winning combination.

3. Top 5 Tips to Become a Baller Real Estate Agent

3 million views

With over 300,000 followers on his channel, Matt Easton offers sales training and tips paired with attention-grabbing titles. Much of his instruction extends beyond real estate and is relevant to any number of industries that involve sales and working with people.

Strategy #2 - Give Tips to Home Buyers

A fantastic approach to generating trust within your community is providing information to help home buyers save money and avoid common home-buying pitfalls. These five videos have irresistible headlines and viral appeal while conveying useful recommendations in a short amount of time—the perfect recipe for shareable content:

4. Things Not to Do Before Closing


Carys Eccleshall is a realtor serving Palm Beach County and Broward County in Florida. Her blend of production value and social media expertise have helped her leverage TikTok to build a brand and share her knowledge with buyers.

5. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First House


Jarriel Jordan, based out of Washington D.C., says his goal is helping as many people as possible. Viewers frequently ask him questions in the comments and Jarriel is always quick to respond.

6. 4 Things First Time Home Buyers Don’t Know

1.5 million views

In addition to his very successful TikTok account, Jide Buckley hosts the podcast "The Mortgage Kitchen" where he chats with the country’s top experts in mortgage and real estate. His audience appreciates his calm, sensible explanations.

7. I Want to Buy a House Oct/Nov of This Year, When Should I Start the Process?


Based in Scottsdale, Vanessa Aragon provides her clients with a perfect blend of professionalism, experience, passion, ethics and commitment to customer excellence. She has an engaging personality and offers sensible answers to common questions.

8. How Much Do You Need to Save to Buy a $450K Home?


Miriah Zuniga, also known as the Texas Tattooed Realtor has over 247,000 followers, 1.5 million likes, and has been voted Best Realtor for Navarro County. You can tell by Mirah’s content that she’s an out-of-the-box thinker who makes the home buying process easy to understand and accessible to anyone.

Looking for more content ideas and inspiration? We've got you covered with more that 250+ real estate content ideas for your next post.

Strategy #3 - Contribute Regular Information About the Current Market

When viewers can count on you to be a regular source of reliable information, you’ll foster trust while also educating both buyers and sellers. Whether it’s providing weekly market updates or covering more long-term trends, these four videos are great examples of educational content that benefits your future clientele

9. Market Update


We’ve seen Steevie’s content earlier on this list but she’s worth taking a look at again. Weekly market updates like this with relevant information and unrepentant honesty have lead to audiences appreciating Steevie’s transparency and authentic tone.

10. The Real Estate Market Right Now

10.6 million views

Mary Fitzgerald is a real estate agent and TV personality known for her appearance on the reality series Selling Sunset. Her TikToks mix humor and information while also including personal updates. Followers appreciate how she seems like a genuine person who would make a great best friend.

11. Answering Questions from Your Fans and Viewers


Steevie Soucie showcases a great idea here in this video—collecting common questions from fans and answering them in this compilation video. Doing this sort of compilation once a week or once a month would be a great strategy for anyone building an audience on the platform.

12. Top 10 Cities Where Gen-Z Wants to Buy a Home


Here’s a great concept for informational series of TikToks—focusing on generational needs. What is Gen Z doing? Where are Millennials moving too? So much potential with these topics!

Strategy #4 - Offer Forecasts and Projections

Recently, the number of Google searches about the future of the housing market have soared. Buyers and sellers alike want to know what’s in store for the market in the coming months and years. These four TikToks use attention-grabbing titles and quick, easy-to-understand information paired with visuals and text:

13. Things Are Shifting

1.3 million views

Anne Stewart is based out of Portland, Oregon and her clients rave about her knowledge and accessibility. Nearly all of her videos focus on advice with large, eye-catching titles and straightforward information.

14. Housing Market Crash?


Austin Rutherford wants to create millionaires through real estate. His audience really seems to connect with his goal as his account has more than six million likes. 

15. The Fundamental Difference Between Today and 2008


Max Fischer is based out of Tuscon and, according to his YouTube, he’s “known for his innovative lead generating strategies and niche investing knowledge.” He says “The goal of this channel is to teach agents how to grow their residential and commercial real estate businesses through low cost, high margin online marketing, teach commercial real estate investing and how to break into commercial real estate.”

16.The Housing Market is Changing


With high production-value graphics, Neel Dhingra has amassed 72,100 followers in just the last 18 months. Most of his videos are close to 40 seconds long, proving that the best content is often quick, efficient, and accurate.

 Strategy #5 - Provide Region-Relevant Information For Buyers

Most agents are seeking clients from within their community. What better way to attract local buyers and sellers then by providing data pertinent to the cities and counties you’re seeking to do business in? Take a look at how these four geographically-specific TikToks educate their region about real estate in their area:

17. What $1.5 M Gets You in Pennsylvania


The “what ____ gets you in ____” format does incredibly well on TikTok. Across all accounts, whenever this type of video shows up, it always has 2-3 times more engagement than any other video. In your community, do you have a few homes representative of a particular price range? Do a walkthrough, title it in this format, and watch your engagement skyrocket.

18. Take a Tour Around Greenwich, CT


Here’s another easy-to-do video that might even inspire out-of-town folks to move to your city. Showcase your town’s best features and earn karma points by highlighting local small businesses. You could easily put together a tour of your city while out running errands and have an evergreen and engaging video that will be relevant content for years to come.

19. This is What $500,000 Will Get You in Utah


In this video, Utah realtor Haley Boisjolie gives us the “what ____ gets you in ____”  format without even leaving the comfort of her living room. Using the greenscreen filter and placing screenshots behind her head, she’s been able to create several of these types of videos at her viewers’ request.

20. Tour Charlotte’s Newest Townhome Community in Myers Park


This townhome tour is realtor Hayley Hajjar’s most popular video. Do you have a recent construction project in your community that neighbors are dying to see the inside of? Share a tour of it on TikTok and you’ll surely get the engagement you’re seeking.

Glennda Baker is taking TikTok by storm. Here's what we can learn about her real estate TikTok success.

Strategy #6 - Delight Viewers with Luxury Eye-Candy (or Simply Well-Staged) Interiors

The most popular videos on TikTok are walkthroughs of mega-mansions and multi-million dollar homes. Their appeal is undeniable, especially when it comes to viewers who enjoy fantasizing about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Even if luxury real estate isn’t your market, there’s still an opportunity to charm viewers with tours of well-staged interiors titled with engaging questions such as Can You Guess the Price?

Take a look at these five interior walkthroughs that use fast paced editing and catchy music to captivate viewers:

21. Ultimate Party Pad

11.6 million views

This video has all the ingredients of a hit TikTok video—enticing title, upbeat music, fast editing, and gorgeous visuals. The results speak for themselves—11.6 million views, one of the most popular videos on real estate TikTok.

22. Beautiful

2.1 million views

With impressive visuals like this, no gimmicky title needed.

23. Spacious Living Room with Stunning Views


Enes Yilmazer devotes his whole TikTok account to touring “the coolest stuff in the world” with each of his videos catching tens of thousands of viewers.

24. Can You Guess the Price?


The “Can you guess the price?” format is always a huge win for viewer engagement as the comments are often loaded with folks offering their opinion. When paired with a trending sound and engaging photography, this type of walk-through video is always a big hit!

25. Affordable House Tour


One of realtor Emily McAllister’s most popular videos is called Affordable House Tour which shows a gorgeously renovated North Carolina home with a $205,000 asking price, leading many in more expensive regions to declare their intention to move to the tar heel state.

Strategy #7 - Humor

Personal branding continues to be an essential part of making an impression on social media and humor remains a reliable way to showcase your personality and add levity to your informational content. Brainstorming ways to add humor to your content? Take a look at these two popular videos for inspiration:

26. Unique Home at a Great Price


One of Chris Chiaramonte’s most popular videos is Unique Home at a Great Price which very accurately shows what a typical buyer can get for under $150,000. 

27. Things Realtors Say vs What They Actually Mean

2.2 million views

The title speaks for itself and the over 706 comments are evidence that this sort of content is definitely something viewers enjoy engaging with.

Ready to Make TikTok Content?

With 138 million active users in the U.S., TikTok is a must for those interested in reaching a wide audience. Though the app remains most popular amongst Gen-Z users, over 22 million TikTokers in the U.S. are Millennials, who account for the largest share of homebuyers in 2021. Clearly, it’s a great way to reach this important demographic. 

Now that you’re armed with inspiration, turn on your front-facing camera and unleash your real estate wisdom into the world. It’s a great way to reach your future clients in 2022 and beyond.


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