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September 26, 2022

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The 21 Best Real Estate Facebook Ads


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The good news is, it's easier than you might think.

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Redfin Ads on Facebook

Want your ad campaigns to stand out from the rest? Then you'll want to do exactly what Redfin is doing here (because most agents aren't).

Clear Value Proposition

Redfin clearly communicates their value prop to buyers that they can get listings "3 hours before other apps". Since homes are selling faster than ever, this is extremely appealing. "Tour homes fast" taps into the serious challenges buyers are facing with multiple offers and low days on the market. If you're using Facebook to market your business, you need to pay attention to the next campaign examples.

If your buyer MLS alerts go out before the portals, highlight that in your next campaign.

Curaytor generated 2,127 seller leads from Facebook last month. Want success like that? Let's connect.

IDX features

Listing details pages provide a lot more information than price and location. Yet most ads about searching for homes only focus on those two things. Redfin points out that they have "complete home details, full-screen photos, property history, and agent notes."

Another powerful real estate marketing idea is to use the call-to-action of your next home search ad to drive more traffic to your website.

Smart Recruiting

Every agent, team, and broker should make it a priority to grow through smart recruiting. "Get paid to tour homes" is incredibly appealing and easy to understand. Clearly, there's a lot more to being an agent, but Redfin is brilliant to position it this way.

This message is intentionally communicated 3X and complemented in the image.

Better Ad Targeting with the Redfin Migration Tool

Use the Redfin migration tool to find statistics for your area so you know exactly where to target your ads.

For example, 24% of buyers in the Bay Area are looking for homes elsewhere. More than 50% are looking in 5 locations (Sacramento, L.A., Austin, Seattle, San Diego). The data shows it'd be smart to advertise your listings in the Bay Area.

Make sellers aware of the high volume of "migrating" buyers and how you'll use this data to market their home. The relevancy of an ad like, "If you live in San Francisco but want to move to Austin, we can help" is off the charts. Ads on Facebook

Use these ads to inspire new angles in your next campaign that very few agents are taking advantage of.

Highlight New Construction

With low inventory posing massive challenges for buyers, the idea of building a home is appealing (and possibly their only option). Take advantage of this angle by using new construction as a way to attract buyer leads, many of whom need to sell first.

Use Fame to Get Traffic

People love being able to look inside the homes of the rich and famous. Actors, athletes, and musicians typically live in multi-million dollar properties like this one. You can get massive traffic to your website by using this type of real estate "click bait."

Make "Swipe Up" Your CTA

There are very few Story ads with a "Swipe Up" call-to-action, which is exactly why you should start doing this. Less competition = more attention.

This ad is effective because it looks like a regular Story - not an ad - which performs better than if it were highly polished.

Create a Different Goal

Not every ad has to send traffic to your website or landing pages. Sometimes the goal should be engagement, reach, or shares. By leveraging the undeniable popularity of these HGTV stars, this ad is sure to get comments galore.

Pro tip: If you do want to use an angle like this but also get website traffic, simply reply to the comments with a link to local fixer uppers for sale.

Compass Ads on Facebook

Nail your ads just like Compass does here by creatively presenting your personal brand, consumer trends, listings, and results.

Focus on Consumer Trends

Covid-19 has and will forever change the way we work. Specifically, where we work. Many are leaving the cities for more space in the suburbs, or at least considering it, so it's a strong time to lean into that message.

It also gives you a leg up on your competition. People in the city likely don't have an agent in the suburbs, yet.

Don't Settle for Average Listing Photos or Copy

Advertising listings on Facebook works. It works best when you choose a listing like this one that has curb appeal and a "money shot" of the exterior.

The copy is crisp. Especially "meticulously renovated," "nestled in the most protected block," and "iconic Boulder amenities." Words matter and Steve nailed his. Spend time crafting yours. Serious buyers read them all.

Promote Yourself and Your Brand

Building a personal brand is all the rage but very few agents actually use ads to do it. It's a smart move to get your face (or in this case, faces) out there.

Asking "At what price would you SELL YOUR HOME?" immediately grabs attention. The 🔥 emoji is a nice touch. Clever usage of emojis can make an ad look less like an ad.

Advertise Your Results

When you get big results for your sellers, advertise that you did. I call this marketing your marketing.

"22% over list price" is impressive. So is selling a home FAST or getting MULTIPLE OFFERS. The copy "If you're thinking of selling this year" casts a wider net rather than only focusing on who is selling now.

ZILLOW Ads on Facebook

Learn from Zillow on how to target relevant keywords, speak directly to buyers and sellers in the same ad, choose the right CTA, and more.

3-D Tours

3-D tours have exploded in popularity due to the pandemic. Use your IDX and filter by homes that include them for your next ad.

The phrases "virtual and in person" and "Book Now" call-to-action drives traffic to Zillow's website and produces leads that are further down the funnel and closer to transacting.

Feature Outdoor space

The pandemic has changed what people search for and what they value in a home.

Large outdoor spaces, more square footage, and home office searches are way up. Zillow is leaning into that with this ad. You can, too. Filter your IDX and use keywords related to outdoor space, porches, and big backyards.

Speak to both Buyers and Sellers

We know that the majority of people who sell their home are going to buy one immediately. We also know that due to low inventory levels, people have held off on listing because they're afraid they won't be able to find another one.

Zillow addresses this brilliantly by using a carousel format which gets great clickthrough rates, and speaking to both buyers and sellers in the same ad.

Focus on pain points

If iBuyer ads like this one are pointing out the pros of that option, your ads should point out the cons.

You could highlight how "zero home prep" doesn't maximize a home's value, how "zero open houses" doesn't create demand, and how "zero days on the market" leaves money on the table. While promoting benefits can work, in your next ad, focus on pain points.

Curaytor Clients Ads Done Right

Want your ad campaigns to stand out from the rest? Then you'll want to do exactly what our clients are doing here.


Neighborhood lead ads

Highlight a specific area, price range, and/or home features to make your ad highly relevant to buyers. Use these ads when you want to focus on the top of funnel traffic. Leads are captured through a lead form created on Facebook.


Coming soon messenger ad

This ad is extremely effective because it's highly personal. The call-to-action is a Facebook message which instantly builds connection. The language Connie and Dan used here is conversational. It sounds like they're talking to a friend. Lastly, the headline is casual, making it even more enticing for their audience to send them a message to let them know their opinion on the kitchen.


Traditional listing ad

You can't go wrong with a classic. Show off your listings with high-quality photos and engaging copy.

Team Sandy Blanton Realty Inc. does a fantastic job of describing the home and breaking up the sentence structure with parentheses and speaking directly to the reader - "your very own oasis" and "Can you believe that's not all?" The use of bullet points makes the text easy to read for the people who just want the highlights.


Seller ad

Speak directly to your sellers at a specific and creative angle just like Thrive Realty Co. does here. By asking "Looking to sell your home and maximize your investment opportunities?" they specifically call out the people who want to sell for this specific reason.

Offering a free home value report gives the potential seller even more reason to click on the ad.


Active listing carousal ad

Carousel ads are an effective way to display your team's current listings and also capture buyer leads through a lead form. In fact, the data shows that carousel ads can often outperform regular ads on Facebook. Showing off your active listings on this ad format is sure to stop your audience in their scroll and keep their attention with relevant content.


Chime dynamic listing ad

Chime Dynamic Ads pull listings (not necessarily your own) directly from your MLS in an effort to continue driving traffic back to your team's search page. The listings that appear in these ads change as the listings go on and off the market.


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