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Attract More Listings With Seller Lead Generation Campaigns

Big companies like Zillow, Offerpad, Redfin, Opendoor, spend thousands of dollars on ad campaigns that bring in sellers, let’s learn from them. 

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Mike Simonsen and Jimmy Mackin: The current turning point in the market. What’s it mean and how do we talk about it?

Consumers depend on their agent to help them make the best choices. This means an agent has a duty to be more informed, more connected, and more aware of the data points that really matter.

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22 Eye-Catching and Clever Promotions That Will Spark Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Direct Mail Campaign

Let’s take a look at some especially appealing design ideas for real estate direct mail campaigns.

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Glennda Baker TikTok Success

Glennda Baker: What We Can Learn From Her TikTok Success

In less than 8 months after committing to TikTok, Glennda Baker made over 6 figures in commissions. Here’s what you need to learn from her success.

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Real Estate TikTok Videos

TikTok For Real Estate Agents: 27 Videos To Inspire You

Many real estate professionals are already making great content on TikTok and successfully reaching buyers and sellers. Let’s see what we can learn from the most successful video-makers.

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Email Templates for Listing Agents

5 Proven Email Templates For Listing Agents

Take some of the guess work out of what to say and when with these proven to work, email templates.

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Headlines for Real Estate Marketing

10 Awesome Headlines From Brands We Love

If you want your website to rise above the noise, crafting a compelling headline is your #1 priority. We collected 10 of the best headline examples from across the web to inspire you to write effective headlines on every page of your website.

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4 Things Real Estate Agents Should Do Daily... But Don't!

We put together a to-do list of 4 activities for you to add to your daily routine. While these activities might not win you a listing today, they're all setting you up for future success.

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Real Estate Digital Farming

Real Estate Farming For Local Leads (Strategy for 2022)

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What is the Seller Blitz?

Several times per year we host the Seller Blitz - an online community event exclusively for Curaytor clients and their teams to help them generate new conversations and listing appointments. Here's exactly what you can expect.

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