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August 26, 2022

The Importance of Building a Local Brand Using YouTube

Ken Pozek—Nearing 300 million in sales volume this year: the importance of building a local brand using YouTube.


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Key takeaways

“It’s all about lead generation,” Ken insists. “If you don’t learn client attraction, none of that other stuff matters.”

What does Ken do to attract clients?

Now with over 27,000 YouTube subscribers and 16,000 newsletter readers, Ken has earned such devoted viewership due to his passion for Central Florida. An early viral video titled “Top 10 things you didn’t know about Celebration, Florida,” immediately generated 40,000 views, and led to Ken getting listing appointments every week. Posted more than 3 years ago, it’s currently up to 145,000 views.

Consistency is key to Ken’s audience engagement. He does weekly Lives where he interacts with his viewers every Saturday. Additionally, he posts a produced video at least once a week.

To complement his YouTube channel, Ken’s website, features content based around what Ken calls “the Orlando Real trio.” That’s “theme parks, real estate, life in Orlando.” It’s the sort of content that’s niche to Orlando, but casts a wide net. The site is filled with enticing articles about restaurants and attractions while thumbnails to his latest YouTube videos seamlessly slide in along the margins.

What makes Ken’s YouTube videos work so well?

We’ve identified three main types of videos Ken posts that have contributed to generating the most enthusiastic interest from his fans. If you’re looking for inspiration on building your own successful channel, these sorts of topics are essential to study: Ken’s Coming Soon to Orlando series, Orlando housing market insights, neighborhood tours, and useful advice.

Here’s what works about these videos:

Ken’s Coming Soon to Orlando series

Posted about every week, this Coming Soon series features a variety of topics related to Orlando area news, real estate, theme parks, and life in Orlando. With Ken’s friendly, personable conversation style, it almost feels like a local community radio show. Each individual video garners between 6,000-16,000 views. In its first few hours of posting, the June 7, 2022 edition of Coming Soon already had more than 1,300 views—which speaks to how eager the community is for this content.

Take a look at some of the topics covered in these city-relevant videos. Can you create information like this that engages with your community in this way?

Coming to Orlando: Rent Control and Space Tourism

Coming to Orlando: Space Mountain, 1k new homes, Mandalorian Tech?

Coming to Orlando: New Orange County tax, builders expand, and more!

Orlando housing market insights

“Orlando Recession Looming?” “Orlando in 2030” “Orlando Housing Predictions for 2022”. These are some of the titles of some of Ken’s most popular videos—all related to the specifics of Orlando’s housing market. Ken’s expertise and enthusiasm for the area is immediately evident to his viewers. One commenter writes: “This guy is literally the premier realtor, subject matter expert of Central Fl. If I move back down he’s my guy.” 

Consider showing off your regional expertise by making your own geographically-specific videos about the housing market.

Here’s some especially interesting examples from Ken’s channel:

How Will Zillow Leaving Affect Orlando?

The Orlando Housing Market Has Started to Shift

Orlando in 2030

Neighborhood tours

Occasionally including on-the-street interviews, Ken’s neighborhood tours are an optimum length—about 8 minutes. One commenter remarks: “Ken, you don't get enough credit where it counts. Your audio is always spot on, your B-roll is pleasant and relevant, your background music is not overbearing or obnoxious and you don't dwell too long on any one topic. So very well done, every time!”

When he interviews locals, he gives them a chance to plug their business as well as hype the community. It’s a great opportunity for subscribers to see the local amenities, meet the residents, and get the vibe of each area.

Take a look at some of Ken’s most successful neighborhood tours:

 Avalon Park

Laureate Park

Winter Garden

Useful advice

Ken says it’s important for videos to “focus on solving a problem” and for the video maker “be a humble concierge.” Ask yourself “what are people looking for on google? And be the thing that comes up when they search.” A number of Ken’s videos do just that—offer tips and advice to help people with everything from moving, to investing, to winning a bidding war. 

Have a look at some of Ken’s top advice-focused YouTube videos and think about what hacks you can share with your sphere to make their lives better:

Tips on Buying a Second Home in Orlando

Win a Bidding War When Buying a Home

Are New Construction Inspections Worth It?

Final takeaways

What’s impossible to ignore in all of Ken’s videos is his high energy and passion for the Central Florida area. When realtors put effort into informing people, it inspires trust in your brand and builds name recognition.

Want to see more from Ken?

Subscribe to his YouTube, visit his website, check out The Orlando Real, and give him a follow on Instagram.


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