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Key takeaways

If you want your marketing to look different from every other agent in your market, you need to look outside of the real estate industry for inspiration.

But we know that you don't have hours to spend digging for the most creative marketing campaigns and adapt them to real estate.

So Chris and Jimmy saved you the time by gathering the top examples to inspire your next campaign.


The restaurant chain, specializing in burritos and tacos, invested 158.57 million U.S. dollars in advertising and marketing in 2020 (Statista).

Why this works:

  • The ad has a conversational tone that strikes a chord with the reader. It gives us the feeling that we actually know the people behind the words on the billboard. Additionally, they communicated their value prop (locally sourced natural ingredients) in what we can only describe as the “humblebrag” technique.


This example is from Spotify's "Music for every mood" Campaign in 2019.

Why this works:

  • Imagine yourself carrying a heavy-duty flashlight. When writing copy, your job is to shine the light in the dark spots of your audience’s consciousness to expose the hidden truths. The part of their story they know to be true but are afraid of saying aloud. This is EXACTLY what Spotify is doing. People say one thing, and oftentimes, the exact opposite is true.

Spotify is famous for its holiday marketing campaigns. They are always inspired by culture and extremely relatable to their target audience.

  • 2020: #2020Wrapped
  • 2019: "Music for every mood"
  • 2018: #2018Wrapped
  • 2017: 2018 Goals
  • 2016: Thanks, 2016. It's been weird.

Great Copy: Dove

Dove created the “Real Beauty” campaign after losing sales to other companies. In a study of 3,000 women in 10 countries, Dove found that only 2% of respondents thought they were beautiful and as a result created the “Real Beauty” campaign.

The campaign resulted in over 1.5 million visitors to the Campaign for Real Beauty website.

Why this copy works:

  • Have a distinct point of view.
  • Dove believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and challenges the conventional, narrow definition of beauty.
  • They are unapologetic and unafraid to challenge their audience.
  • Their point of view creates compelling messages that will resonate with the people that believe what they believe.

Great Copy: The Economist

Why this copy works:

  • Know your audience. The Economist copy is designed to appeal to people who desire to use their intelligence as a status symbol. To the average person, their copy might feel pompous. That’s the point. They want their readers to feel that by reading the Economist, they can become smarter than the average person. This is a great example of a copywriter who knows their audience.

Great Copy: Snowbird

Why this copy works:

  • This is the anti-sales pitch. Using this technique, you’re highlighting all the things your non-ideal customers will hate that your ideal customer will love. It’s a brilliant way to repel and attract at the same time.
  • "Taking quotes from one-star reviews of the resort and using their own words against them, we’ve positioned Snowbird as one of the most unforgiving and rewarding mountains in Utah. We sifted through hundreds of reviews to find the most compelling and dismaying one-star reviews. We juxtaposed the one-star review with outstanding shots of vertiginous vistas and knee-deep-in-powder skiers. We let the viewers do the rest. And they loved it." - Struck, One-Star Campaign

Great Copy: FIGS

With over 1.5 million active customers, $264,000,000 in revenue, and an NPS of 81 -- FIGS has become the leader in the healthcare apparel market.

FIGS charges 200%-400% more for their product and they are LOVED by their customers.

As marketers, there is an important lesson here:

  • “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” - Benjamin Graham
  • The price you can charge for your product and services is entirely dependent on how well you can communicate your value -- increase your perceived value, and you’ll increase your client's willingness to pay more. So how do you sell value Let’s dig into how FIGS markets their product:

This is a technique known as laddering. By focusing on the “boxy” look of traditional scrubs, FIGS is able to effectively communicate they have a superior, more stylish offering without having to say it.

Jimmy calls this technique, association through comparison. Their customer base has a built-in perception of oat milk as a superior alternative to traditional cow milk. FIGS is able to successfully communicate the superiority of their product in 5 words.

FIGS is able to elevate its brand by creating a distinction between scrubs and FIGS. This campaign is brilliant because FIGS are scrubs.


Atoms does an excellent job with communicating in this ad: "No, we're not cheap and here's why."

If you can explain in detail why you charge 6% commission, it's going to make your sales pitch 10X better.

A recent study by Zeno found that consumers are 4X more likely to purchase a product from a purpose-driven brand and 4.5X more likely to refer that brand to a friend or family member.

Here's another example of an Atoms' ad that's purpose-driven.

Risky Ad Campaigns


  • Jason Rappaport, creative director at 180LA: "We've developed more than 50 bespoke executions throughout the city that speak specifically to LA's different neighborhoods, iconic restaurants, food trends, and life situations and that will resonate with the people here. Working in close collaboration with MBMG, we were able to strategically select custom locations tied to our creative."

Transformation Ad | Bellroy

  • Bellroy was founded in 2010: "A company that helps people carry their everyday items with greater simplicity and ease."
  • Bellroy includes an interactive feature on their website - "Slim Your Wallet" - that shows how the Bellroy wallet will fill up in comparison to an average wallet. It's a creative way to show the transformation in action.


In August 2019, Prudential - a 146-year-old company - announced a major restructuring of its marketing organization in order to get closer to the customer.

  • “We want people who face all sorts of different financial challenges to view Prudential as a brand to which they can relate. By unlocking the potential of data, technology and AI to deliver personalized experiences that are more relevant and timelier than ever before, we will drive deeper relationships with our existing customers and build new ones with people who don’t yet know our story.” - Naveen Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer

The Bring Your Challenges Campaign inspired audiences to take control of their retirement. This campaign increased overall impressions of Prudential by 25% and consideration by 72%, and made Prudential a true industry thought leader.

Comparison Ads

Jot, Serenity Kids, and Olipop all pull off brilliant comparison ads. Here are a few ideas on how you can adapt them to real estate:

  • Us vs. The Average Agent
  • Us vs. FSBO
  • Us vs. iBuyer

Social Proof

According to Anushka Salinas, Rent the Runway’s chief revenue officer, 94% of the company’s customers are acquired organically, while the rest come through paid marketing initiatives.

  • "Stop Scrolling" in the subject line. Excellent attention-grabbing opening
  • Great play off of "As Seen on TV" with "As Seen on Instagram"

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