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August 9, 2022

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10 Creative Instagram Ads from Innovative Brands

To create a winning ad campaign, approach creativity as a discipline. This list will jump-start your next creative brainstorm session.


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Key takeaways

A recent study by Facebook found that after seeing a product or service on Instagram, 79% of people searched for more information, 67% visited the brand's website and 47% made a purchase online or offline.

Instagram ads are only getting more powerful in moving your customers down the funnel and driving conversions.

Here's what we found:


Why we love it: This is an excellent example of using wit to grab attention. But Funnel doesn't stop there. They expand on their headline with a clear, concise subhead.

Beyond Meat

Why we love it: Creative and informative, Beyond Meat clearly communicates the value of their Beyond Burger.


Why we love it: theCLIKK is a digital marketing newsletter, not a cocktail. This ad is a great example on how to make unlikely connections to deliver a clear message.

Big Blanket Co

Why we love it: In this example, Big Blanket Co takes advantage of a popular meme. It's trendy, relatable and makes a statement.

The Farmer's Dog

Why we love it: The Farmer's Dog brilliantly builds a connection with their audience by finding a humorous common ground that every dog owner can relate to.

Marketer Hire

Why we love it: The bold colors. The social proof. The clear CTA. There's a lot to love about this ad.

Transparent Labs

Why we love it: This example is the ad version of a "presumptive close" in sales. It's brilliant because it assumes the sale and focuses on conversion.


Why we love it: It's conversational, and makes a specific promise on how fast the consumer will get their alcohol delivered.

Shopify Plus

Why we love it: Instead of focusing on what the consumer gains, ShopifyPlus focuses on what site speed is costing them.


Why we love it: This is a classic example of exposing the pain a consumer feels, stepping in as the solution and proving how they make it easy.

Next time you scroll through Instagram, make it productive.

Screenshot any ads that get your attention, analyze them and adapt them to your own campaign goals.

Most real estate marketing is boring.

It's time to change that narrative.

Let's get to work!


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