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October 11, 2022

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The 11 Best Real Estate Website Builders For 2022 (Full Guide)

We've compiled the absolute best real estate website builders this year. From speed, to functionality, to lead generation: we've researched it all in this guide!


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Key takeaways

Building online authority in your niche is essential in creating organic growth. 

When you command an online presence, your business becomes shareable through web and social media channels. 

It's a build-it-and-let-it-run free marketing tool.

The key to a successful online real estate website lies in the value provided. 

To captivate and hold attention, site visitors must see themselves on your webpage in seconds. 

Many real estate agencies or agents provide a wealth of valuable resources on their sites, including: home valuation tools, neighborhood guides, interactive maps, and featured listings.

Above all else, the loading speed and SEO tools matter the most. 

Slow sites equate to slow business. 

These are the best real estate website builders that mix speed, functionality, and optimum user experience. Providing an enjoyable, personalized experience for future prospects.


In a hurry? Here's what you missed in 150 words or less...

A comprehensive, great ROI real estate website builder/host is Curaytor

Clients enjoy advanced marketing strategy, content creation, and site responsiveness with a real estate expert in their back pocket. 

No headaches, naggy keyword pinpointing, or wasted time on research.

Curaytor is all about getting your site live and bustling with activity quickly and for the long term.

The best, non-real estate focused website builder is WordPress because of its immense range of plug-ins. You have to figure out what's needed and what's not for your business plan, but when you know, it's a mere install away. 

The only downfall to WordPress is that the plug-ins can drastically slow down loading speeds, so don't overload your site with plug-ins you don't use everyday.

What is a real estate website builder?

A real estate website builder is an online tool that individuals or agencies can use to create their very own real estate website from scratch. It doesn't require technical code knowledge or hiring a whole web design team. 

These premade templates are easily customizable to your brand, desired look, and site functions.

By and large, your site should feature vivid imagery, video, or animated tours of property listings and be aesthetically pleasing. 

However, on the backend, IDX integration is extremely important.

What is an IDX integration?

IDX integration is a tool that allows real estate agencies to add their MLS (multiple listing service) listings to their site. A few website builders have this functionality built into their packages, while others offer plug-ins.

For any real estate business, this add-on is a must-have.

It’s non-negotiable.

You'll be able to capture more leads as your listings are directly linked to your website. It also has fewer work resources, as your MLS automatically updates your listings. 

No need to manually update.

In addition, IDX integration can mitigate the chances of calls about sold listings by keeping your property feed updated automatically.

Best overall real estate website builders

These website builders are pinpointed as providing the best value for real estate professionals specifically. 

Unlike most website builders that offer general site layouts and themes, these picks are ideal for on-site SEO and lead capture, amongst other key features.

1. Curaytor

A leading real estate website builder is Curaytor's seller-centric website design package. Known for concreting brand identity whilst targeting your business' ideal client, Curaytor doesn't skip out on quality control.

IDX integration

Curaytor has Chime IDX integration prebuilt with every website template, so all your MLS listings come up efficiently via the property search. Curaytor partnered with Chime to offer Curaytor clients a best-in-class IDX.

Each Curaytor website includes Chime's IDX, so all your MLS listings populate accurately and timely via the property search. And as an added bonus, every Curaytor client also receives 1 Chime CRM seat completely free through the partnership!

Landing page features

This quick-to-create website design tool will build a sophisticated landing page in under 30 minutes. 

Choose from pre-built blocks to fully customize your site layout and design. Movable image blocks, code embeds, video tour functionality, and side pages for listings are just a few quality options available with Curaytor

Lead generation

Generate leads through weekly content marketing strategy, email marketing tools, and an attractive site presence.

Every week you’ll receive strategy suggestions for use in your email outreach and blogs, complete with easy-to-use templates. The email marketing toolkit is full of 200+ visual and text email scripts ready for client eyes. 

Each site is designed with lead generation in mind, utilizing capture tools like an on-site chat, interactive CTAs, and value-packed content. 


Learn how to optimize your SEO with weekly content marketing and coaching calls. Video scripts and Canva templates make content creation a breeze. 

Site speed

Based on three tests, we've found that, on average, Curaytor's platform loads in 3.2s.


Customer support is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any site needs. In terms of community, Curaytor’s monthly plan includes admission to a private coaching group and 1:1 coaching calls.


Curaytor’s Marketing Platform plan is $1,275 per month and includes: email marketing tools, private coaching groups, weekly content marketing, 1 Chime CRM, and unlimited IDX integrated websites and landing pages.

2. Placester

For budget-conscious real estate agents, Placester is an affordable solution. 

The code-free website builder is jam-packed with simple starter layouts and various design templates. 

It's used by many brokerage companies as a full-spectrum site management tool for their agent pool. Placester's Agent Manager tool allows brokerages to supervise all agent accounts in one easy-to-access location.

IDX integration

All of Placester’s real estate building templates come with IDX integration in place. 

Landing page features

Placester’s landing page designer is a drag and drop editor that allows users to save edits and publish them at a later time. It’s very simple to reorder page elements from within pre-made templates. 

Users are able to clone previously designed websites in seconds and transfer them to new employees with less than five clicks. 

Lead generation

The highest tier Placester site design package includes content development and concierge updates to your site. This includes: content strategy, site maintenance updates, and social media posting and analytics. 

However, most of the other packages only include the responsive website set-up and unlimited user changes.  


For an additional fee of $125, users can get their site SEO-optimized with meta descriptions, image tags, and more. 

Site speed

Based on three tests, we've found that, on average, Placester's platform loads in 13.4s


As Placester is designed for larger real estate sites, their customer support is lackluster. There is 24-hour IT support on hand, but you won’t receive marketing, content, or industry support here. 

Pricing options

Plans start at $64 per month. Placester bills $5 per active agent website, with smart technology that ceases payment on inactive agent webpages. For large enterprises, hosting hundreds of agent profiles, this feature can save heaps of cash.

3. Ylopo

A flexible webpage builder meets a feature-rich, stunning real estate website- no web developer needed. 

Originated to grow as your real estate industry expands, there is a useful team function that is a powerhouse when paired with Ylopo marketing tools arsenal.

IDX integration

Start by building your home search site first, then building the branded website. Your home search site comes set-up with IDX integration, notifying you when a lead gets triggered. 

The home search site has limited functionality as it’s built with responsiveness and real estate industry best practices in mind.  

Landing page features

First, your home search site goes live, then your branded site gets built on Squarespace. Users have the full range of functions available from Squarespace to design as they wish. After completion, Ylopo embeds information from the search site for lead generation.

Users can purchase extra modifiers for additional cost. 

Lead generation

When new users interact with your site, Raiya, a text-based AI, reaches out directly.

Raiya qualifies more leads in less time than employee teams, allowing real estate professionals to reallocate this time to conversions. It's a hands-free alternative to email lead capture forms.


When any real estate listings goes live, Ylopo's Listing Rocket tool immediately gets to work curating an array of Facebook Ad campaigns.

Site speed


Further opportunities to learn about lead conversions are available in a Ylopo Masterclass or online at their public Facebook group. 

There is an IT team available on standby. 

Pricing options

Ylopo plans start at $295 per month for lead nurturing, IDX websites, and listing alerts. This price does not include SEO optimization, retargeting, or Facebook ad generation. 

4. BoomTown

BoomTown eagle-eyes their features around IDX integration and lead generation techniques. The drag and drop editor has a quicker learning curve than WordPress' site editor; plus their pre-designed template library has a layout for every brand personality.

IDX integration

Just like the other real estate site builders on this list, all of BoomTown’s webpages are IDX integrated. No need for additional admin on your part. 

Landing page features

The landing pages work well on the go with BoomTown’s mobile app solution. 

All of the landing page templates are customizable to fit your brand identity, but enforced with lead capture forms that target potential clients. 

Lead generation

Boomtown has impressive email marketing offerings, such as: subscriber management, auto-responses, social media integration, and pre-made email templates.

The lead management toolkit processes and qualifies leads from initial inquiry to a sale. 


BoomTown’s content marketing suggestion builds out agent's sites with engaging blogs, videos, and valuable information that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Site speed


Before you start your project, BoomTown sends users to a library of video tutorials. Users get to know the platform’s tools and amenities, learn how to reach IT support, and understand how to set up the admin panel to their liking. 

Pricing options

BoomTown pricing isn’t very transparent. For most plans and add-ons, you’ll need to consult with a Salesperson. 

Third party sites claim BoomTown plans start from $1000 a month, with a set-up fee of $750. 

Best general website builders

The following website builders on this list are not optimized for real estate in particular, but we've included them for their additional value initiatives. 

They do not provide customized lead capture strategies, real estate-centric landing pages, or optimized real estate templates. To get the best real estate website designs, consider investing in plug-ins or hiring a web designer to expand out your site's functionality.

5. WordPress

In 2021, there were over 455 million websites actively running on WordPress. An estimated fifth of these users are still using the free plan. 

Although it's considered the cheapest website builder in the real estate game, it's not actually a website builder at all.

In fact, WordPress is more of a platform than a drag and drop site builder. It has a reputation for being difficult to creatively design, unless you employ a web designer. Even if you put aside the time for website building, you'll have to double those efforts with making your website compliant for mobile devices. WordPress doesn't convert as smoothly as the other website builders in this list.

IDX integration

You’ll need to integrate IDX yourself with a WP plug-in. A favorite amongst most is PropertyHive. It’s a comprehensive real estate listing, sharing, and managing platform function. There's an added element of lead capture with user tracking software and email outreach suggestions.

Landing page features

Thousands of theme templates available at no-cost or for a small fee. Extra customized pages can be bought from WP designers. 

Lead generation 

Capture more leads with plug-ins; the site doesn’t come ready to bite! Here are three add-ons that’ll help: 

  1. Yoast SEO- For basic search engine optimization, visibility, and keyword management.
  2. WP Forms- Choose from 300+ contact forms to add to your site. This tool is an asset for booking information, email list subscriptions, and organic lead generation.
  3. WP Amortization Calculator- Design a customized mortgage calculator within your own theme's CSS.

Difficulty to use

Intermediate – Advanced

If you do go the WP route, it's worth upgrading to install valuable plug-ins. Not all of these plug-ins are free.


WordPress offers live chat support 24/7 to help you build your site. Any questions you can’t find answered in the support forum or provided documents, just reach out to a “happiness engineer.”

Pricing options

WordPress is free. Extra features like site hosting, security, and a private domain cost extra with plans ranging from $4+ depending on your choices. 

6. Squarespace

One of the places to create a professional real estate website is on Squarespace; it's the complete package for people just starting out their real estate career, and small businesses.

Squarespace templates are one-of-a-kind, so nobody would ever guess your branded real estate website was made by a site builder. All the personality and spunk behind your personal brand is highly valued and showcased here. 

It does not offer complete control over layout and design, but the five recommended real estate templates check all the boxes.

IDX integration

You’ll need to embed the code from your current IDX service on your Squarespace page with a custom code block. This can be done in minutes by copying and pasting, and following this article.

As of 2022, the platform is unable to run street view, a common function of interactive maps. It's also not possible through integration software or plug-ins at this time.

Landing page features

Hundreds of diverse theme options, with five bold real estate-specific layout options. Less flexibility than other site builders, but overall easier to learn and use.

Lead generation 

Most lead generation and capture tools are built directly into the CMS. Additional add-ons can be adjusted via plug-ins. 

Install pop-ups for price deviations and featured listings, as well as integrating an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Klaviyo. There is no built-in SEO toolkit, so you'll have to learn the ins and outs of this independently.

Difficulty to use

Beginner – Intermediate


Squarespace offers live chat support 24/7 to help you build your site. 

Pricing options

Pay around $23 per month if billed annually, or $33 per month if paid monthly.

7. Duda

Duda's price for value highly differs depending on who you ask. If you border on being a web developing creative, you'll have no problems customizing your real estate agent website. For the non-tech-savvy bunch, Duda isn't the easiest to navigate.

Current users boast about how seamlessly the desktop version of their site converts to mobile devices. It takes the burden of redesigning out of the question.

Duda lacks native MLS functionality, so you'll need to outsource this feature through a third party. Still, this website builder is a strong contender thanks to its detailed and sleek realtor template.

IDX integration

Integrate IDX manually through a third party service, or pay Duda to do the work outsourcing this task with a monthly plan. You’ll still need to pick and choose limits on your IDX and explain what fits your scale of business best. 

Landing page features

There are countless theme templates, but one main real estate design that works. From here, you can add images, videos, and text to your liking. 

It has optimum animation to loading speed ratios, so if you want to spunk up your site, your speed won’t suffer. 

Lead generation 

Duda helps users with site speed, but all SEO resources and add-ons you'll need to dock on yourself. 

Unlike other site builders, Duda offers a members only area accessible without a password, full of valuable information toolkits, support forums, and common FAQs.

For email marketing tools, contact forms, and IDX integration plug-ins, users need to upgrade to the most expensive monthly plan (Agency $44 per month).

Difficulty to use

Beginner – Intermediate

Intermediate for more technical customizations, but beginner-level for template plug and chugs.


Duda offers live chat support during business hours to help users resolve site building issues. In some instances, users need to submit a support request to have their site troubleshooted. 

Pricing options

Currently there are three Duda plans, billed monthly at $19 for Basic, $29 for Team, and $59 for Agency. If you pay the full year in a bulk-sum, you'll save a generous amount.

8. Wix

Wix is another online website building hegemon. It rivals WordPress for its quick-design, ready-to-host templates. 

If you're looking for a free real estate site, this isn't the site builder for you. The free plan allows a limited amount of storage space. Even if you compress files, you'll lose out on quality in both videos and images without a paid, premium plan.

Wix is a breath of fresh air for those wanting to keep their hosting and site in one place. After purchasing a plan, users are given a suggestion of helpful apps to aid in SEO and real estate industry visibility.

IDX integration

Integrate IDX manually with code. Out of all the other site builders, this is the hardest IDX integration to complete yourself. It’s not just copy and paste, and even with technical difficulties aside, it underperforms. 

Landing page features

Design eccentric and classy landing pages effortlessly, with your personal touches in mind. The drag and drop editor allows admins to move images, text, videos, and social media links around without altering the CSS.

There are 16 key real estate templates, and 1000s of other general theme choices. 

Lead generation 

Contact forms and online booking capabilities are available for hands-off, quality-vetted leads.

Use plug-ins for social media integration, sharing, recent posting feeds, featured listings, and lead generation.

Difficulty to use


Unless you aim to integrate a superior IDX by code… then intermediate. 


Wix has a decent library of help articles detailed down to the very troubleshooting error. If none of these solve your problem, consult the IT helpdesk or contact customer support on their site directly. 

Pricing options

Plans start from $22 and max out around $70.

9. Webflow

Webflow is like the Minecraft of website builders. 

It's somehow turned making your personal website into some sort of interactive game, rather than a chore. If you don't hire a team like Curaytor or Placester to create your site, this would be a friendly secondary option.

Albeit, Webflow doesn't advertise directly as a real estate website builder, its strategic templates and UI kits raise the roof. 

Just like WordPress, admins can manage site administrators and users all in one place. If you run a medium to large scale real estate business, this panel is the answer to your collaborative dreams.

IDX integration

Integrate IDX manually with code. Out of all the other site builders, this is the hardest IDX integration to complete yourself. It’s not just copy and paste, and even with technical difficulties aside, it underperforms. 

Landing page features

There are thousands of theme templates available, custom forms, and guest editor functions. 

Users can browse a live library of in-progress templates from other designers to pick and choose what elements they'd like for their webpage.

Lead generation 

Webflow has a few lead generation templates for users, but most real estate agents still integrate external lead generation software. 

Easy to use SEO tools, social media integration, compatibility to a range of devices are compatible with plug-ins. The most commonly used are: Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics. 

Difficulty to use



Webflow goes above and beyond with their free, interactive Webflow University tutorials. Everything users need to know is explained clearly, and if you still feel lost, the helpdesk is on standby. 

Pricing options

Basic plans start at $14 per month, billed annually. Premium plans range from $23 to $40. Enterprise plans are available in a price quote. 

10. Zyro

Zyro is one of the best real estate website builders due to its cutting-edge AI-powered creatives team. But, not only does AI extend layout suggestions, it's your lead capture sidekick.

The site is all-purpose and useful for an avenue of exotic design implementations. It runs well for smaller teams, and is limited in large team features.

The price parallels the value. You're not getting a 360-solution to agent management, IDX integration, and other essential marketing tools, but you're not paying for it either. For a simple start up, bio section, and landing page- it's a worthwhile place to start. When your business begins to scale, look into other sites for a stronger investment.

IDX integration

Integrate the IDX widget with AddonIDX.

Landing page features

This tool is hyperfocused on design. Its modernized, sleek, and innovative design techniques are unparalleled. 

In terms of functionality, there’s a need for lead capture improvement. 

Lead generation 

There is native social media integration options, but all other lead capture tools need to be installed or downloaded. 

Zyro’s AI creates custom logos, personalized copy, and adheres to brand tone. It’s a superb sidekick in the design and brand awareness space. 

Difficulty to use

Beginner – Intermediate

Beginner for design. Intermediate for integrations.


Get in touch with Zyro support by live chat or email. There is an FAQ page but it’s not helpful for technical integrations and adding on widgets. 

Pricing options

Basic plans start at $3 per month and peak at $16. This is one of the cheapest website builders out there, but you need to customize the functionality yourself.

11. uKit

Real estate agents love uKit for its added callback and live chat feature. Other website builders offer AI chat which works, but is lackluster in personality. You shouldn't miss any viewings with this pop-up alert; all your potential customers will feel attended to and treated promptly.

uKit provides industry-specific jargon to help agents explain their services without needing to hire a copywriter. After designing the layout with a template and adding your own personal spin on the text, you could have an attractive website up in less than one day.

IDX integration

Integrate IDX manually with the code adding widget. 

Landing page features

Text, imagery, animations, and layout can be expanded upon with one of many uKit widgets.

Lead generation 

All real estate themed templates have an integratable customer relationship management tool. When prospects view listings, uKit will prompt you to trigger a live chat. There is also a pop-up for customers to receive a callback when it’s convenient for them. 

Once you’ve finished designing, contact customer support to set up Google Analytics before your site goes live. 

Difficulty to use



uKit offers what they call the “knowledge base” to answer the usual questions. Extra help can be requested with live chat or through email. 

Pricing options

Basic plans start at $9 per month with the most expensive plan being the Pro package at $15 per month. 


Now that you know what you know, what are the three most important factors to you for your real estate site?

From site responsiveness, to design, and the language that backs your brand– this blend foreshadows a client’s experience.

Each site or platform comes with its share of pros and cons; now you're more informed than ever. Let's get to building your website and harnessing the online attention that your business deserves. 


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