We build seller-centric websites

We’re unlike any other real estate website designers on the market. Rather than just being another search function, we build websites focusing on two key areas: serving sellers and showcasing your brand.

We put your brand front and center to communicate to your ideal client what makes you different, what their journey looks like with you, and proof that you’re the best one for the job.

Promote more listings

When you have listings:

  1. you can attract buyer leads to support your growing team
  2. you have a marketable asset that consumers want
  3. you can leverage those listings to build your brand awareness and recognition
  4. you can dramatically increase your leverage and attract business so you don't have to chase
  5. Most importantly…you can turn those listings into more listings!!!

Listings are your best marketing asset. You need to use it to attract your next listing in any competitive market. Our team of website designers has put that need at the forefront of our clients' sites.

Detailed listings not only show off the work that you’ve done, but they also show your core audience, sellers, your ability to market a wide range of listings. 

SEO optimized

SEO, when done correctly, creates a digital moat around your business and brand. But it is not a quick fix. It is an integrated and important part of the overall LONG TERM marketing strategy. 

Think of it like traditional offline real estate farming techniques. Those tools and best practices take time to build up and bring you results - but we know they work. The same is true for SEO.

The bottom line is that SEO can be simple and doesn’t require an extensive background in SEO to see improvements. There are basic practices that you can employ that will help grow your business. 

To increase your organic search ranking, you should have strong traditional SEO best practices that include: 

  • Content strategy based on targeted keyword research
  • Effective titles and headings
  • Strong meta descriptions
  • Image optimization
  • An internal linking strategy

Curaytor websites give the consumer an all-encompassing experience with optimal site speed to help increase your Google rankings.

Curaytor weekly content marketing plans include high-quality blog posts with predesigned social media posts and emails to drive traffic back to your site. 

Neighborhood pages and custom landing pages are easy to create with our magic pages tool. 

Be admired by your market

Whether you are a real estate team or a solo agent, building your online brand with featured listings and client testimonials is the best way to build trust with your target audience. 

We've helped over 1,000 real estate agents

People list with people they know exist. 

This means if you aren't actively raising awareness about yourself and your business, you are missing opportunities. 

When you partner with Curaytor, we help increase your brand awareness. 

It all starts with a strong website for agents that gives the potential client a great first experience with your brand. 

Coupled with a full marketing strategy that is easy to implement and proven to get results.

It’s a recipe for growth. 

Our reviews

Laser-focused IDX integration

Curaytor technology provides Chime IDX integration with your website to make property searches and search tools accessible for potential customers.

Customizable landing pages

Your website should be a verb. 

One of our most beloved tools is our landing page generator. You can create beautiful landing pages within minutes for any listing, page, or blog post. 

Choose from landing page templates and preset color schemes that match your website design and layout to create landing pages with mobile optimization in minutes. 

Features created for conversions

Our website design is intended to humanize your real estate business so that before the client picks up the phone or fills out a contact form, they feel like they know you and your team. 

Curaytor websites feature client testimonials, featured listings, about us pages, robust blog content, and strategically placed call-to-action buttons so there is always a way to easily take the next step. 


Do you offer custom designs?

Custom look without the custom price. Curaytor-built websites offer beautiful templates and clean color palettes that match your existing branding and showcase all of your high-quality pictures to attract your next listing. 

Which platform do your websites work with?

Curaytor websites are built on our proprietary custom CMS (content management system). Our platform is easy to use so even tech-averse agents can keep their sites updated and maintained. 

They are not compatible with WordPress, Wix, or other hosting platforms.

How does web design work for real estate agents?

Your website should be a verb. Always changing because your business is always changing. 

More than a digital business card, it should be your #1 salesperson. 

We believe your website should be more than a digital business card, it should be your #1 salesperson. A high-quality website design for a real estate agent should include interactive features and beautiful videos showcasing your listings and your brand.  

What to expect
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Curaytor websites and marketing technology for listing agents.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sales team loves talking with real estate agents, they do it all day every day. Here are the questions they get asked the most about what we do at Curaytor.

What is Curaytor?

Curaytor is a full-service digital marketing company that helps real estate agents grow. We provide a full stack solution with our all-inclusive platform that includes: mobile-optimized and easy-to-use websites, Facebook ads, real-time email marketing statistics, lead conversion software that tracks website and email activity so you know who to follow up with, and more.

Who is a good fit for Curaytor?

If you're looking to be ambitious in your business growth, we want to partner with you. We work with a lot of clients who are doing $15-20M a year as a very small team. We also work with a lot of clients who are doing $250M a year. It doesn't matter if you're a solo agent or part of a small team or large team—Curaytor can work for you, so long as you're looking to scale your business.

What’s the commitment?

All of our clients commit to an initial 6-month agreement. There are no cheat codes to quick results in marketing. Rest assured, we have a strong track record of helping businesses grow. That’s why the average Curaytor client remains on well beyond the initial agreement (the average partnership is 4.2 years). And after the initial period, the obligation is monthly.

I'm interested, what's next?

Schedule a time to talk to our sales team. Your first call is a discovery call where we make sure that our services are the right fit for your business. Then we'll schedule a follow-up call to give you a full demo and iron out the details of your plan.

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Our google reviews.

I love what CURAYTOR brings to the table to help me attract more leads, capture more leads and close more business!

Mickey Hyams
Atlanta, GA

Curaytor takes a lot of pressure off us to keep up with how and where to market our properties and ourselves. Being told what to do for success helps free up our time to keep working. [What's working for us?] The brand awareness, plus funneling people to open houses through our marketing has really increased our conversion rate.

Cheryl Maupin
Bev & Co Homes

I love that it's cutting-edge. You guys go out and do all the research to make our lives easier - and make us look good!

Molly Chance
Texas Home Life Realty

I love Curaytor as a community and a business resource! The weekly coaching and marketing are invaluable. Best of ALL, the website they've created is the greatest in the business!

Marvin Jensen
Salt Lake City

Curaytor has brought me to a level that not only challenges me to run my business like a business, but it has also elevated me and my brand to new heights. I am beyond impressed with the back end technology, the professionalism of all the staff, the help they are so willing to give with a smile, and the training available. Curaytor is the bomb and worth every penny.

Kim Anselmo
Fredrick, MD

We’ve always had good ROI on our Curaytor spend. Not just the Facebook ad spend, but Curaytor itself. For every dollar spent, we had $12 in GCI in 2018. In 2019, we set 269 appointments from Curaytor leads.

Dan Chin
McFarland, WI

In 2018, I did only 2 million in business, 9 transactions. I just finished out 2019 with 7 million in business and 21 transactions. From 2 million to 7 million. I’ll take it!

Heather Buckman
Jacksonville, FL

It's not just the website, it's not just the boosting, it's not just the Facebook ads. It's the people. It's the content. It's the daily evolvement of our industry, the masterminding. I don't have to sit here and wrack my brain as to where I get this information from. I'm just always ahead of what is happening next and that's a result of Curaytor. Knowing that Curaytor is all in with me, is something that is pretty special.

Veronica Figueroa

From the top down, this is a company that earns a 5-star rating every day. Great systems, great training, great ideas. They always seem to be thinking a few steps ahead of the rest of the real estate industry which helps keep their clients (me) ahead of the curve.

Billy Wemlinger
Columbus, OH

Absolutely the best investment into me and my business that I have made! To be able to collaborate with so many top professionals in one place is priceless. [What really works for me is] the training, because I’m being given the resources to learn a new skill set that is changing as fast as I can learn. There’s no way I could keep current on my own.

Carla Agnini
Mooresville, NC

Being part of Curaytor is taking my business to the next level! The support, coaching, system, marketing plans everything is amazing!

Debbie Kritharis
Boca Raton, FL
Jordan Rossman
The Rossman Team

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