Samuel Park

For Samuel Park, success with Curaytor Accelerator is not just about the number of leads.

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Samuel Park


For Samuel Park, success with Curaytor Accelerator is not just about the number of leads.


The Exclusive Community

“I’m a big supporter of the community,” Samuel said. “I think our Curaytor community is fantastic. Everyone comes from the same place of giving and that’s a big thing for me.”

But the numbers have certainly helped. His team booked 13 appointments from Accelerator leads in January, and opened and closed $2.6M worth of business. They currently have $2M+ worth of offers written and are projecting $3.5M worth of business in February.

“I didn’t want to chase anymore, I wanted it to grow organically,” Samuel said. “We write super aggressive offers -- we are going to the extreme -- and we are still doing $2.5M in sales. We still have super active buyers. That’s the success we’ve been seeing with Accelerator.”

Beta Testing a New Program

Samuel was one of the original beta testers of Accelerator.

“For me it was about scaling to grow the business, especially now in this new real estate market where everything is online,” he said. “I knew I needed to go automatic with the lead generation because I wanted to scale in a way that allowed me to have the systems in place so that while my agents grow, I can recruit.”

So far, Samuel has spent about $20,000 on Accelerator, but the return has been well worth it. He has seen more than 850,000 impressions, reached more than 100,000 people, received nearly 17,000 clicks and a whopping 2,000 leads. His typical CPL (cost-per-lead) averages at $10.33 across all advertising channels, including Google, Facebook and Adroll.

Seeing Success with Scaling

The program has been successful for Samuel, it allowed him the scale he was searching for, and he has expanded his business into a brokerage.

“As soon as we had the right systems in place, I went completely hands-off,” he said. “I went into more of the brokering and coaching side, making sure my agents were getting the support and training they needed to be successful with the Accelerator program.”

To get the most out of the program, Samuel suggests taking the time to create the tasks within the framework and then be diligent about following up.

“There are so many leads coming in, you want the first point of contact to be personal,” he said. “You’d be shocked at how many people come back three, four, or five months later. We track the data analytics of which buyers are actively on the website looking at property alerts.”

Samuel said these days he hears from at least two people a day who reach out to him about Accelerator and his success with the program.

“Accelerator is for any agent/team/broker that wants to brand themselves in their market and have the support of the amazing community behind them,” he said. “They also have to be prepared to handle the workload that comes in. A solo agent that really wants to grow their business and has the aptitude and entrepreneur spirit is going to do great. Team leaders and brokerages can keep their team hungry and fed with a good pipeline of leads.”

Samuel said what he loves most about Accelerator is that it works.

“I love the quality of leads we are getting because it’s working,” he said. “My agents are doing the work, and I’m pretty excited because we are on track to do $4 million in sales this month. It’s pretty amazing to see because this is just with two agents who are new to the business. I only get it see it getting better from here.”

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Samuel Park

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