Kim Anselmo

The Kimberly John Group is made up of just two partners and one buyer's agent. Because they are a small team, they needed more consistent leads.

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Kim Anselmo


Curaytor's lead generation program, Accelerator, was just the solution they needed.


Mastermind Match

Associate Broker Kim Anselmo found out about Accelerator through the Mastermind community group and they signed on in July. Thanks to the high number of quality leads they’ve gotten, they just had their biggest month of the year in January, with seven closings.

“It’s been amazing,” Anselmo said. “To be honest, it took so much off my plate. Accelerator does everything for me and makes it seamless. It gives me my calendar, tells me exactly what I have to do, maps it all out for me. I couldn’t ask for more.”

They typically book about five to 10 appointments a month from Accelerator leads and their pipeline database. Anselmo had tried other lead generation services in the past, but with little success.

“I did Zillow leads for a year,” she said. “I was paying a fortune and the leads we got were horrible…bad phone numbers, no emails. With these leads, you get a good email and a good phone number.”

In fact, the office has so many leads coming in, they hired an administrative assistant to help manage them.

“The leads come flying in, and if you are not on top of them constantly, they can get away from you,” Anselmo said. “Once we get our new hire squared away, I think that conversion will start to kick in even more.”

The person handling most of the leads from their Accelerator launch until now is Sales Associate Kelly Jaeger.

“Kelly is super busy but she is the one that takes the leads and works them like a dog with a bone,” Anselmo said. “She has the Chime system down and is doing a great job.”

Jaeger came on board to the Kimberly John Group at the end of July.

“It took quite a few months to figure this all out,” Jaeger said. “We watched some of the success stories and they were really helpful in deciding how to navigate our pipeline and how to get to the ‘no’ faster so you can figure out if a person isn’t ready. That way you can focus on the people who are.”

Success with Accelerator

Since they launched Accelerator in July, they have garnered more than 817K impressions, reached more than 61K people, had nearly 16K clicks, and received over 1,000 leads.

“Think about if we converted just 1 percent,” Anselmo said. “Then I started thinking about what if we converted 10 percent?”

Despite the impressive numbers, Jaeger thinks it’s just the tip of the iceberg for them.

“I think we haven’t even seen the beginning of this,” she said. “We haven’t had it in place a full year. I think we are going to explode. The potential is amazing. Once you get to a place where you understand how to make the best use of your time – and it all about time management - you can really go all in on the Mastermind challenges. All the leads are there and you can really cultivate what you are growing.”

Big Picture Strategy

In addition to booking immediate appointments, Jaeger likes to think about the long game. She pointed out that when people go online they aren’t always ready to buy that day.

“But you can see the potential,” she said. “You can watch how the leads are communicating online and I can hand-pick selections I think they might like the most. It’s fascinating how intelligent the system is.”

Jaeger suggested teams give themselves three months to develop a system of contacting leads, categorizing and tagging them based on when they will be ready to work with you.

“You have to work it,” Anselmo said. “If you are too busy to work it, you will not be successful. It would be frustrating to me to know I’m paying the money and am not making use of it like I should.”

Jaeger said the best thing agents can do is call as soon as a lead comes in.

“Chime will alert you,” she said. “Once I get a contact made I assign them a smart plan and filter them into a pipeline that coordinates with what they need. Your pipeline is your machine; if you don’t know where to put them in the pipeline, you’re going to be unsuccessful. It’s fundamental in being able to stay busy.”

“I don’t cringe when I pay the bill every month,” Anselmo said. “I can definitely see the worth in it. You just have to work it. I would never let it go.”

Besides the quality lead generation, there are other features about Accelerator the team enjoys. Anselmo likes how Chime allows her to filter her leads. For example, she said out of more than 2,500 contacts in Chime, she could filter and found only 60 didn’t have an email address.

“Half of them were my own contacts I didn’t enter the information for, the other half were people I can delete,” she said. “The email addresses alone are well worth the price.”

Anselmo also loves how Accelerator allows her to implement the marketing ideas she has.

“It’s just all so cutting edge,” she said. “No one else is doing this. No one else gives you all of the information you need to conduct your business and to grow. I’m so impressed. I come in and I can do a whole month’s worth of marketing in one fell swoop and it’s easy peasy. Every single tool you need is provided.”

They’ve spent $8,283 so far, making their average Cost-Per-Lead $8.28 across all advertising channels including Google, Facebook and Adroll.

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