Connie Carlson

Success is not just about growth for Connie— It's about using her career to achieve her goals in life. Curaytor Accelerator showed her how.

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Connie Carlson


“I couldn’t imagine being where I’m at without Curaytor”, admitted Connie. 

Connie had small beginnings, with just her and two buyer agents ready to take on the real estate world. After a few years, they added five more agents, which moved her to start her own brokerage. 

And then, she joined Curaytor. And everything changed.


Actionable Growth Strategy

Even she admits she was barely ready for the results. “We soon built it to 30 agents using the Curaytor training, platform, and tools. It was just incredible the value of everything that Chris and Jimmy were bringing to the Curaytor community. It was a total game-changer”, commented Connie.

Curaytor not only helped Connie see the big picture of what’s possible for growth, but also understand each individual step to get where they wanted to go. 

“They took all of the guesswork out of growing your own brokerage. Literally, all you have to do is plug and play—they take the most complicated thing and they make it super easy,” said Connie.

“They take the most complicated thing and they make it super easy”

Not only did Curaytor help Connie know exactly what to do, it has also shaped her attitude towards how to lead successfully. Seeing just how dedicated and helpful the entire Curaytor team was—Jimmy and Chris especially—inspired to take a similar approach when it comes to empowering her own team as they grew to new levels.

“They just broke things down so clearly. It was the sort of actionable, meat-and-potatoes information that we could put into practice right away,” she said. “And none of it is just busy work—it’s a systemized game-plan with all the tools in place for you to grow. All you have to do is follow it, to put it in practice”.

Soon, Connie’s brokerage was doing more than she had ever hoped. And then, Connie decided to take it in the opposite direction: scale it down, from 30 agents to just her family of four.

Accelerator Program

She realized that she began to see success as her own small, family-run brokerage. And the Accelerator Program gave her the sort of freedom and control to do that.

With her husband, daughter, and son making up her team, the Accelerator program delivered more than they anticipated. As of June 2021, they experienced more than 1.4 million impressions, 25k visitors, 46509 clicks, and 2,299 leads.

“The Accelerator gave us more leads than the four of us can handle. Thanks to the ideas they’ve given me, we get so much business from other sources because of our online presence: my Instagram and Facebook presence, how to do and promote videos, how to get online reviews… it’s all thanks to Accelerator,” she said.

“The Accelerator gave us more leads than the four of us can handle”

The unified Accelerator platform afforded Connie the ability to scale down without losing profitability. “It’s one platform that does everything: mailers, emails, a website that’s super functional to add content or videos, our IDX for property searches on our website… they have all of these products under one umbrella. They’re the only one in the industry that I know that does that—and I’ve looked” she said.

When others ask her about what to expect when teaming up with Curaytor, she responds with a different question: “Are you ready for this many leads? For this volume of business? Because they have so many great ideas that they’re giving you every day, you can hardly keep up. So just get ready to get busy.”

Thanks to Accelerator, running a brokerage became so much easier and more manageable. It allowed Connie to connect her existing leads to everything else she was doing online, letting her to seamlessly communicate with them and increase conversions. 

The empowerment to do things her own way from Accelerator also gives her a bright outlook. Connie commented, “I feel like the future is just going to get even better with how to manage the amount of business that we’re taking in. I never know what they’re going to come up with next.” 

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