Carla Agnini

Carla's volume has doubled since partnering with Curaytor in 2019. The mentorship and coaching from Curaytor and the community are what she values most.

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Carla Agnini


After making a pact that she would never market for someone else’s brand harder that she markets her own, Carla began scouting for a website that places her centerstage. But what she found in Curaytor ended up being much more valuable than just a website.


When you've reached a certain level of success, it's tempting to expand into auxiliary businesses, launch a coaching company or build a team. As a successful solo agent, Carla Agnini knows what that feels like.

But instead of turning in a different direction, as a Curaytor client – she's kept her plan simple: Attract more listings.

Carla's Growth

Since partnering with us, she's doubled her annual sales volume from $8M in 2019 to $16M in 2021.

"I tell people...Curaytor is whatever you want it to be, said Carla. As big as you want to grow, you can grow here. There is no cap to it, you're not tethered here.There's no limits. You put in the work, you do all the things. You will grow."

The Curaytor Difference

Carla attributes her success to her work ethic coupled with Curaytor's mentorship and coaching.

The benefit of being a Curaytor client, according to Carla, is having unfiltered access to the best agents in the industry inside our community.  "If you want to be better, surround yourself with better," said Carla.

She is always surprised, and grateful, when Curaytor CEO Jimmy Mackin texts her coaching insights and messages to help her scale her business.

Establishing trust with her clients is the cornerstone of her business. Her honesty and willingness to drop everything to run to a showing keeps clients coming back to work with Carla.

As a solo agent, Carla is calculating her next move. While she's figuring out what that transition will look like, she enjoys being in the thick of helping clients and also mentoring new agents. Regardless if she decides to scale and become her own brokerage, she has the confidence to know that her marketing is in good hands.

"If my business went to hell tomorrow, the very last thing I would give up would be Curaytor."
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Carla Agnini

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