2024 is all about LISTINGS.

So are we.

Curaytor is the leader in listing attraction. We empower agents and teams to build a listing-first business—without paying profit-crushing referral fees.

Trusted by teams across North America as the leader in real estate marketing and innovation

Our results are different
because our approach is different.

If we had to guess, you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a real estate lead generation company that promised you high-quality leads that were ready to close, only to be left chasing cold internet leads that didn’t want to talk to you. That's because you can buy leads, but you can't buy trust.

At Curaytor, we believe that to turn strangers into happy clients, we need to take a value-first approach to marketing. Because when you pair value-first marketing with smart outbound sales, that's when you'll drive real growth for your business.

Curaytor is the #1 listing attraction platform
for real estate agents.

Build your brand with quality content and beautiful design

The reality is, most real estate websites are a sad version of Zillow—your potential customers don't need yet another place to search for homes, they need a place to stay up-to-date with relevant and timely information about the market. 

That’s why we provide every client with a weekly marketing plan, written by our experienced copywriters and fueled by the latest industry insights. This includes blog posts, email campaigns, social posts, and more, putting you in a position to get in front of sellers with content they care about.

Want the content in your marketing plan personalized? Thanks to AI, we can do that for you, too.

Our team loves everything about Curaytor! We signed on as clients in 2017, and our business has grown by leaps and bounds every year since. Curaytor provides a unique perspective, up to date information and trends, and an easy-to-follow plan to take your marketing to the next level.

Marla Portra

Promote your listings so well, you'll attract more organically

The best way to get more listings is to promote the listings you already have. That's why we have listing lead generation landing pages that help you turn every listing into more listing opportunities.

With this easy-to-use technology, you can effortlessly create a stunning landing page for your listing in minutes. The best part? You're not just showcasing your property—you're generating high-quality leads that others are paying a premium for.

I searched and searched for a high quality marketing and branding solution for my real estate brokerage. Being a designer myself I wanted a platform that gave me flexibility. What I got from Curaytor goes well beyond this. Support, inspiration, training, community, and knowledge. You have a highly-skilled team constantly researching and fine-tuning the ever changing real estate marketing. Highly recommend.

Syndi Zaiger

Send better emails with ease

The hassle of brainstorming ideas, drafting ideas, executing a campaign that works can be a huge timesuck. That’s why we’ve paved the way for a new era of efficiency and inspiration.

Our cutting-edge /AI technology effortlessly transforms any listing on your Curaytor website into a high-performance marketing campaign in mere seconds. No more agonizing hours spent on listing emails. With /AI, you'll seamlessly promote your listings—attracting more traffic, igniting engagement, and opening the door to inbound opportunities.

Another feature you'll love? Curaytor Brain, your real-time inspiration gallery. Dive into a treasure trove of the highest-performing email campaigns used by agents all across North America and discover the ideas that are actually converting leads into appointments, and appointments into listings.

Partnering with Curaytor has been such a great opportunity! We aren't just another client to them. They really care about our company and want to see us succeed. We're so happy with this partnership and are excited for the future!

Rachel Morrissey

When marketing and sales come together, it's magic.

We help you integrate high-quality marketing with proven sales strategies to drive predictable growth for your business. When you partner with Curaytor, you get the platform, the people, and the plan you need to generate, nurture, and convert more leads.


Lead Generation

Lead Conversion

Lead Nurturing

Questions? Here to help.

What is Curaytor?

Curaytor is a full-service digital marketing company that helps real estate agents grow. We provide a full stack solution with our all-inclusive platform that includes: mobile-optimized and easy-to-use websites, Facebook ads, real-time email marketing statistics, lead conversion software that tracks website and email activity so you know who to follow up with, and more.

Who is a good fit for Curaytor?

If you're looking to be ambitious in your business growth, we want to partner with you. We work with a lot of clients who are doing $15-20M a year as a very small team. We also work with a lot of clients who are doing $250M a year. It doesn't matter if you're a solo agent or part of a small team or large team—Curaytor can work for you, so long as you're looking to scale your business.

What's the commitment?

All of our clients commit to an initial 6-month agreement. There are no cheat codes to quick results in marketing. Rest assured, we have a strong track record of helping businesses grow. That’s why the average Curaytor client remains on well beyond the initial agreement (the average partnership is 4.2 years). And after the initial period, the obligation is monthly.

I'm interested. What's next?

Schedule a time to talk to our sales team. Your first call is a discovery call where we make sure that our services are the right fit for your business. Then we'll schedule a follow-up call to give you a full demo and iron out the details of your plan.