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The 19 fastest ways

to get listings

What's your goal? More buyer leads, more listing appointments, better brand recognition and market share? No matter which of these you've set your sights on, there's one sure-fire way to help with each of these: listings. In addition to generating new real estate buyer and seller leads, listings also offer the opportunity to showcase your brand and expertise with valuable, relevant content.

So if you believe that More Listings = More Leads and you want more of both, you're in the right place. Read on for 19 strategies to generate listings from your past clients, sphere of influence, cold leads, and more.

1. Call your past clients and sphere to share some good news

Let’s start with a big one: this tip can help you with every single person in your database (and ones who aren’t even in there yet). Bring value to the table right away with an interesting stat about the housing market. Here’s a great one to start, with a great angle built into it:

The value of the US Housing Market increased by $1.9 trillion in 2018. That's a 6.2% increase! 

Want to know how much your house’s value went up as part of it?

You know your market better than we do, so if you’ve got a more interesting or relevant stat about your area, lead with that.

Regardless, find an appropriate angle to pair with your stat and you’ll start having better conversations that lead to more listings.

2. Send this email

Here’s another stat for you to share with your past clients, sphere, and seller leads, and it’s a doozy. We created this email and gave it to our Curaytor clients - it’s been a huge hit and has generated a ton of interested replies and appointments.

For the subject line:

Zillow was WAY off!

Here’s the message we wrote:

Did you know that the CEO of Zillow sold his home for 40% less than the "Zestimate"?

They actually have a disclaimer on their website where you can see exactly how INACCURATE they are. They just make it hard to find.

With that in mind, if you are considering the sale of your home, (or the address of a home you want to buy), reply to this email right now with your home's address and I would be happy to send you a "Zactimate."

3. Post an Instagram Story poll

This might be the easiest tip to act on - you can open your phone and do it right now. Add to your Instagram Story with a poll asking:

“Are you planning on selling your home this year?” 

Obviously you’ll get more “No”s than “Yes”es but any Yes or more in-depth answer provides an easy opportunity to follow up via DM.

4. Go Live on Facebook from
a Neighborhood entrance

You’ve probably heard you should be investing in video. If you’re ready to take the plunge but haven’t figured out what to film, here’s a tried and true way to get yourself out there: 

Head to a local landmark or the entrance of a neighborhood in your area. Give the details about two properties that recently sold nearby. Add a CTA that lets your viewers know they can email or DM you to inquire about other sold homes or check their own home’s value. That’s it!

And if you’re still not sure about what equipment to use, Curaytor’s resident videographer shared his setup. You can check it out here.

5. Start Each day prospecting for sellers

Tim Smith is one of the most successful people in real estate in one of the most competitive markets in the country. So when he was a guest on the #WaterCooler, we asked him to share his strategy with us.

First, he measures his team’s day-to-day success by two metrics that should be familiar to anyone with a background in sales: appointments and contracts.

How does he generate more appointments and contracts? He calls it his 5-5-4 routine

and it’s easy to duplicate. Every day, you should have:

5 conversations with people you don’t know, new potential prospects

5 conversations with your hottest prospects

4 conversations with your sphere of influence

What do you say on the phone with your sphere? Try “Have you had any thoughts of selling?” and “Do you know anybody that’s had thoughts of selling?” Tim’s sphere is so used to answering that now they start thinking about who might be selling any time Tim pauses in the conversation.

6. Search Zillow's Make Me Move Listings (and FSBOs)

Here’s a strategy to help prospect seller leads that you can be sure want to sell their home. In fact, they’re already on Zillow. 

Head to and search for homes for sale in your area. Clear the “Listing Type” menu and only keep “Make Me Move” selected - now you have a list of seriously interested sellers to start some conversations with.

Once you have the filters selected, not only will you see the current Make Me Moves but you can ALSO subscribe via email to get alerts any time more are added!

7. Use (or your MLS) to find upcoming expireds

Just like the tip about Zillow above, this technique is available to anyone thanks to technology and public records. Use’s home search and sort by “Newest Listings.” But you’re not here for the most recent listings on the market, so scroll down and click on the last page of search results. 

Take a screengrab of the listings with a low photo count and a high number of days on the market - you can show the seller the difference between how their home was marketed before it expired and how you can help show it off now.

Now you’ve got a list of some upcoming expireds and can start your prep work on how you’ll approach them.

8. Take advantage of the “instant” Offer trend

Instant Offers have, understandably, made some real estate agents worried. Open Door and Zillow Offers make a compelling argument to consumers who are motivated by convenience. But that’s not their only motivation… 

Instant Offers are all but guaranteed to be low-ball offers. If you’re in a market where homes are moving fast, you can turn an “Instant Offer” into a seller looking for a home value report. How? We like what the Wertz Group does by asking “Does your home qualify for an ‘instant’ offer?” 

Be prepared to respond quickly: many sellers want the most money they can get, but these companies are proving there is still a huge market for people who value speed.

9. Refresh your listing presentation

Sean Moore is one of our all-time favorite #WaterCooler guests. We asked him for his listing presentation strategy - not only did he give us 15 great questions he asks at every first appointment, but he also explained the philosophy behind them. It’s a valuable lesson in what sales really boils down to: human communication.

Have you ever bought or sold a home with a realtor before?

How long do you think it will take to sell your house?

What do you think the difference will be between the asking price and the initial offer?

The full rundown of Sean’s 15 questions (and Chris & Jimmy’s thoughts and insights about each) runs under an hour - it’s 100% worth watching. Implement some of Sean’s questions and conversation skills into your meetings and you will see an increase in your listing conversions, no doubt.

10. Sell your services

If you ask the average real estate agent what’s more important between buyers and sellers, they’ll typically say sellers. But when you look at their websites, the first thing highlighted is a home search. Stop sending the wrong signal, start selling your services.

Every real estate website should have a page that sells its services to potential home sellers. Selling your home is a daunting process, so give your prospective clients the peace of mind that you have a tried and true plan to list, market, and sell their home.

If you’re looking for inspiration in making this kind of a page, here are two of our favorite examples: Heather Scott’s Six Steps to Success and the Hartis Property Experts’ comprehensive Marketing Plan.

11. Establish a Seller Success Series

When you’ve used all the tips on this list, you’re going to have a lot of happy sellers. You can turn those into even more listings, by turning the corner on a common business practice and making something truly compelling.

He’s leveled up his reviews by turning his wildly positive customer experiences into evergreen content that sells every new person who comes to his website. The stories are interesting, unique and are an authentic representation of his brand.

The best part? People help support what they create. Feature your clients in a positive light and turn them into your brand ambassadors! We believe that if you tell more stories, you’ll sell more homes.

12. Find Hidden Sellers

It’s no secret that generating buyer leads is much easier than attracting the ever elusive seller lead. The common mistake we see many savvy real estate agents miss is they forgot to ask their buyer leads one very simple question. 

“Do you need to sell your home before you buy a new one?”

Buried in your database of thousands of buyer leads are hundreds of sellers. These homeowners need to sell their home before they buy a new one, they are just waiting for you ask the right question!

Here’s our tip: 

Update your automated action plans that go out to include a question about their current living situation.

“Do you own a home and do you need to sell it before you buy a new one?”

You can tweak this script to your liking but whatever you do, don’t forget to ask! 

13. Update your referral network

This is actually a two-step tip: first up, it’s time to update your list of approved and recommended vendors. 

Finding reputable people that you trust is the hard part, so take this question to your email database and your followers on Facebook.

“We’re updating our list of approved vendors. Who do you love and recommend?”

Be sure to let them know you’ll be publishing your list publicly.

14. Re-earn their business

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is mistaking delivering a great experience for earning a customer’s business for life.

For some, sure, a job well done means you’ll go back to the same agent the next time you have a real estate need. But some consumers treat transactions like exactly that: You do a service for them, they pay you for that service, end of transaction.

That’s why it’s important to stay on your past clients’ minds, but not be intrusive or obnoxious about it. We’ve crafted an email for you to send that can help achieve both.

Subject Line: 

What’s your plan? 

Here’s the message we wrote:

Hi [name],

It’s sometimes hard to imagine a day when you’re going to want to sell your home, but that day eventually comes. 1 year, 3 years, 5 years? It’s hard to say because life has a way about being unpredictable.

I wanted to make sure you knew I was here for you when that moment came.

My job is to help develop a plan: 

There are things we can be doing now and in the future to help maximize your profit when you sell. This includes your mortgage payment schedule, what home improvements to make or avoid, and, of course, timing. 

All of these factors (and many more) have a dramatic impact on what you should do between now and when the time comes to sell.

15. Incentivize loyalty

You’re probably familiar with loyalty cards and VIP programs. You probably even do some form of one, with the occasional gift and past client appreciation events.

Curaytor client Rachel Mooney’s version of the VIP experience enhances the whole process. She makes her past clients and referrers feel special with one-time perks like free movie tickets and dinner at local restaurants, but she also formalizes it with quarterly gifts, recurring coffee and tea, and more.

16. Speak to their pain points

People have a hard time believing you can solve their problems if you haven’t made it clear you understand what those problems are. Many avoid writing discussing the potential pitfalls, not wanting to appear to be a fearmonger. But there’s a lot of space between “everything is awesome” and being a Negative Nelly - space that real people occupy and need guidance through. 

So don’t be afraid to acknowledge those pain points in your ads and emails. Speak to issues like not knowing whether it’s the right time to list, whether they’ll be able to afford a new home, the complications of the homeselling process, and more. Then point them to the Seller Services page we recommended you build back in Tip #10 and stake your claim as the expert who can help through all the challenges.

17. Level up your Just Sold posts and Home Value ads 

There was a time when simply publishing a good looking Just Sold post on Facebook was enough to be a differentiator. That time has passed. 

It’s time to get back ahead of the curve. Everyone’s doing them now. So how do you make yours stand out? 

This data can be presented as the dry, public record that it is, or you can make it connect with your audience by framing it in a specific, timely way.

Which of these are you more likely to click? 

Just Sold ABOVE Listing Price: 2 bed, 2 bath condo in the North End

Another North End Condo Sells ABOVE Asking Price: Find out how this impacts your home’s value

The best opportunity you have now is to turn these “Just Sold” moments from general awareness campaigns that showcase your overall prowess into direct opportunities to help individuals who will do business with you.

18. Give Away Your Secret Sauce

There is a general fear in real estate that if we give away our information, our competition will steal our ideas or our consumers will realize that they don’t need us.

But the truth is this: Consumers have proven time and time again they are willing to pay for convenience. Instacart, Dollar Shave Club, Quip Toothbrush -- all charge a premium to remove the hassle from the process of buying or using the product.

By giving away your trade secrets, you elevate your brand and become the authority. It’s counterintuitive but it’s true. 

Creating a well-designed, comprehensive, useful piece of evergreen content like Scott Moe’s 40 Top Tips for Selling Your Home is a big step in earning the trust of the consumer. 

19. Hire Great help


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Webinar Transcription:

Jimmy Mackin:    Welcome to the Nineteen Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2019. This is the perfect time of the year to think about retooling your sale or strategies, to ensure that you're doing everything possible to have your best ever.

Jimmy Mackin:    We have taken these ideas, we've sourced these ideas working with the top agents, top listing agents from across the country, and what we've done is we've actually innovated on a few of these core ideas; ones that we think are staples to every real estate business. But then, we've also taken some proven ideas and we've modified them for the digital age. Taking traditional seller campaigns, making them more social, more engaging, more visual, all the elements that you would want to have in an effective marketing campaign in 2019.

Jimmy Mackin:    At Curaytor, we focus on having and providing advice that works. We are putting on this live coaching, because we know that listings are a driver of growth for your business. And as Gary Keller once said, once famously said, "Listings equal leverage."

Jimmy Mackin:    My name is Jim Mackin, I'm joined by my main man Chris Smith, best selling author of the Conversion Code.

Jimmy Mackin:    Chris one of your best skills is taking complex ideas, things that are hard to execute, hard to learn, and breaking them down into simple steps that make them actually doable for the average agent.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    And I think you did a wonderful job, and we're working on these steps to share with everyone today, you did a wonderful job of sort of framing these concepts in something you call "Angles and Outlets". And I'd love for you to start off the show giving us some sense of what that actually means.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. It's a simple concept. You have an angle, which is what you're going to say, and then you have an outlet, which is where you're going to say it. So, it really can be that simple. You know?

Chris Smith:    If we give you an idea, so let's say number one, which we're going to get to, we're going to give people an idea with which they can use the phone to call their clients, but that same angle could be used as a text message, that same angle could be a Facebook ad. Or let's say we give you a great idea for a Facebook ad, that same angle could be used on the phone. So what you really should be obsessed about is, "Do I have an angle?"

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Also known as, a reason to call. Also, known as, a reason to publish, because when you've got a quality angle, the outlets are actually easy. I actually think a lot of the people watching Jimmy, they know what the outlets are, Facebook, email, text, phone, mail, direct mail, letters, postcards, hand written notes. The outlets are easy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    What we're great at, is coming up with the angles, coming up with the reason to call. What is the angle you can use?

Chris Smith:    So as you guys hear these 19 tips, which you're going to love, just be thinking about, "Wow! Tip number two, they said that was a great email, but I actually think I might pick up the phone and use that one."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Or you know what? "Tip number seven, I love that concept, but I'm actually going to go door knocking and use that angle."

Chris Smith:    So just think of angles and outlets. We do this all the time. Our sales manager comes up with an angle, and then our sales team uses the outlets. Or our marketing team comes up with an angle, and then our marketing machine gets it out there.

Chris Smith:    So, angles and outlets is on the top of my mind. If the Conversion Code Two came out today, that would definitely be a section.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. I love that, and I think it's a great way of framing it, especially as we go through every one of these ideas, kind of giving some context and how you can use them more than just one place.

Jimmy Mackin:    So guys, this is what we're going to do. You're going to be able to follow along with us if you go to You'll be able to actually walk through and follow along step by step with every one of these tips, but we're doing something special ... You know? Going back on the air in front of a huge audience today, we wanted to actually give away a prize.

Jimmy Mackin:    So here's how it's going to work, some of these tips that we're going to share with you in a few moments here, are our Facebook advertising tactics, and as you guys know, we have really made our name and our brand built on bringing you guys the best advice on using Facebook advertising to grow your business.

Jimmy Mackin:    So we're giving away two gift cards, $250 dollar gift cards to be used for Facebook advertising. All you have to do, is on the bottom of the livestream here, just click on the share button, share it with your friends, your colleagues, your other professional connections you have in your network.

Jimmy Mackin:    Share the livestream, and at the end of today's livestream, we're actually going to give away two of the gift certificates to Facebook advertising live on the air, and Chris will announce that at the end of today's show.

Jimmy Mackin:    So John, if you could pull up the page for me here, just so I can see it. Thanks buddy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Chris, let's get right into it. I want to go over tip number one here.

Chris Smith:    Yes.

Jimmy Mackin:    I think this something that a lot of people actually don't take advantage of, because they're actually afraid to call. You've got a strategy for calling your past clients in your sphere.

Chris Smith:    Well Jimmy, this is all about getting listings, and so if you say, "Chris, how can I get a listing the fastest?" The first thing that I'm going to recommend that you do, is tell me where you get your listings now.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    But the fastest place to get a listing, is where they're all ready coming from. And client after client, survey after survey, NAR report after NAR report, where do the listings come from? They come from referrals.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    They come from repeat business. They come from your past clients' sphere. So what we've come up with is a great angle here. This is a crazy stat Jimmy, but the total value of the U.S. housing market, is up to $33.3 trillion dollars.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And this was a report that Zillow put out, so it might not be exactly that much, but it will be close. Well, it might not be. But here's the thing, in 2018 alone-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... the housing market went up by $1.9 trillion dollars. The average home in the United States, went up by 6.2% percent in value, and so the angle is simple. Would you like to know how much of that $1.9 trillion dollars is yours?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Would you like to know if your home's value went up more or less than the national average? Now you could take this national average and apply it hyper locally. If you're in Charlotte, if you're in Tampa, if you're in Atlanta, you could obviously get the local data, but when there is a positive annual report about what happened in the market, that's your reason to call. You owe it to your clients to call them and ask them this, and all you're looking to do is put together a CMA.

Chris Smith:    One of the good talk tracks that we've used Jimmy is, "Hey. If you'd like me to put together a simple report, I can, but if you're actually thinking of selling your home soon, I could put together a much, more, advanced report."

Chris Smith:    So tip number one is very straight forward. Pick up the damn phone. Call the people that are most likely to relist or send you a referral, but have a good reason to call. Call with some good freaking news. Call with some data. You know? The only way to really get a listing, is to be an expert.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    The only way to really get a listing is to earn it. You could trick buyers into working with you.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You could really trick sellers into listing with you. So, it's all about stats. It's all about consistency, and it's all about conversations. Tip number one.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. I love that. So, before we go to tip number two, one thing you just said there that's so important, is giving the consumer a choice between yes and yes-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... not yes and no.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    Really smart tactic. Alright Chris, we know there's an email that you can send right now, actually we had some in our Mastermind show us yesterday.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    They sent this email, and they got a listing literally, right after they sent it. So, give me some sense of what we're looking at here.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well, we think of it as, if you're in the top of the inbox, you're top of mind.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    The top of inbox, top of mind. Top of news feed, top of mind. So, number two, is an email and if people go to, the whole email is there. You literally can copy and paste it, and send it, and you would want to send this to your past clients, your sphere of influence, and any seller leads you have. And the angle is really clever Jimmy.

Chris Smith:    Zillow was way off, and that was actually for their own CEO's home.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    The estimate of the CEO's home was 40% percent higher than what his home actually sold for.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So, if they can't guess their own CEO's home's value, they probably can't guess yours either.

Chris Smith:    If you'd like to know exactly what your home's worth, reply to this email, and we'll put together an exact-imate. We'll put together an appraisal. You don't have to continue to rely on robots guessing.

Chris Smith:    So, that one blows up. People know Zillow, and they do trust Zillow, but Zillow can be highly inaccurate. So, this is kind, of a fun and clever way to say that without just beating them up.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    This is an article in the LA Times. This article went viral about the fact that the CEO of Zillow's home sold for way, different than the guess at the value. Jimmy, they're so desperate to get the values right over at Zillow, they're giving away a million bucks right now-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... to data scientists that can help them improve the algorithm. So step one, call your clients with great news. Step two, send this email. You will get replies for CMA's.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You will get replies for listing appointments.

Jimmy Mackin:    Again, and I'd love to get some feedback from the audience here watching live, how many of you are sending emails like this to your past clients? Are you just kind of giving them updates to set their clocks back? Are you telling them about maybe a party that you're having, or are you actually staying relevant with them? And that's exactly what Chris is coaching here.

Jimmy Mackin:    So Chris, I know a lot of agents right now are dying to get on Instagram to use it more effectively. This is a bit of a wild west right now. We're seeing people just kind of experiment rapidly. I know you have a strategy when it relates to Instagram, that helps people engage the audience in such a way that you can identify some high quality seller leads.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. I think ... You know? It's funny. I think about that Samsung commercial, Jimmy, "The next big thing is already here."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Well the next big thing in social media is already here, it's called Instagram. And the next big thing in social media is already here, it's called Stories. Stories are going to overtake posts for popularity. This year on Facebook, they're already-

Jimmy Mackin:    Repeat that for me one time Chris. Please.

Chris Smith:    What's that?

Jimmy Mackin:    Repeat that Stories are going to overtake posts, because I think it's really important that people hear this.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Basically, Facebook Stories are going to be more popular than Facebook posts soon, and Instagram stories are the fastest growing product in the history of Facebook.

Chris Smith:    So Stories are the next news feed. Stories are the next big thing like Samsung likes to say, "The next big thing is already here."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    But, we also know a lot of real estate agents have not really mastered Instagram. If you go to, we put up an article yesterday about the first seven things that agents should do when they're starting on Insta. So, for the full read, but here's the quick tip.

Chris Smith:    There's a really cool feature, and you can do this on a Twitter poll-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... you could do this on a Facebook poll, but the polls on Instagram are really popular. You're basically going to do an Instagram story, and it's going to have a yes or a no, as the two choices. Are you planning on selling your home in 2019?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    Now, you could add the other angle Jimmy. Did you know home values went up by $1.9 trillion dollars last year?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chris Smith:    Are you planning on selling yours this year? Yes or no. And think about this how easy that is Jimmy. You're literally doing a poll. Now, what you do though, is for anybody that said yes, we're going to slide in their DM-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yep.

Chris Smith:    ... and we're going to take the conversation a little further. For anyone that said, "No," now we know we don't need to spend as much time or effort on them. But this is a quick tip.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    You guys should be able to do this one while you're watching, and if we can help you find four or five of your friends on Insta, that are planning on selling their home this year, that's a home run tip Jimmy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. I absolutely love it, and the feedback in the livestream has been amazing with people. They're going to send the email. They're going to call their past clients. We had one person say, "I'm terrible at Instagram."

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    "I'm honestly horrible," Steven's saying that.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    This is a good example of you can start with small actionable tips that you can execute right away, just to get your sea legs under you, so you can begin to actually execute on a larger Instagram strategy.

Jimmy Mackin:    So Chris, the next one we have here is something near and dear to our hearts-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... and obviously, we've been innovating, pioneering on Facebook Live since they essentially launched it-

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    ... but you have coached a strategy, and our clients' have used it effectively to actually get sellers in their neighborhood. I think about it as sort of the modern day version of farming, using live video. Walk me through the strategy.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well if you think about it, the first tactic, you're calling people you all ready know.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    The second tactic, you're emailing people that you all ready have their email, and the third tactic, is an Instagram story of the people that all ready follow you. So, hopefully people are picking up that we are starting small, before we get big.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    We're starting with the most likely to list, before we go tot the public. But this is a great tip to get listings from the neighborhood of your choice.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Chris Smith:    I actually picked this tip up at Gary Vee's conference last year, when I was on a panel. This girl, Kayla Louse, shout out to Kayla, this was just a hell of a tip.

Chris Smith:    But basically what they're doing Jimmy, is you go in front of the neighborhood, and you go in front of the sign, and you take out your phone, and you do kind, of a livestream, but you do it using your page.

Chris Smith:    And all you're going to do is, you're going to say, "Hey. I'm standing here in front of Bella vita, there were two homes that sold recently that you're going to want to know how much they sold for. I'm going to go through how much they sold for, and then I'm going to give how that impacts the larger trends."

Chris Smith:    It's a quick Facebook Live about solds from that neighborhood, but Jimmy, picture you're scrolling through your news feed-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... and you see somebody broadcasting live from the entrance of your neighborhood. Do you realize how quickly they will stop and tune in?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    Now, here's what's a little scary for a lot of people. For a lot of people, Jimmy, they don't even have that many fans or followers on their page. They would normally do this on their profile, but here's why you want to do it on your page.

Chris Smith:    As soon as you're done with the Facebook Live-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... you're going to do an ad for that livestream.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And you can actually target the ad, one mile around the neighborhood.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So that way you're basically ensuring that everybody that lives in that neighborhood-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yep.

Chris Smith:    ... sees this livestream. And the call to action is simple.

Chris Smith:    Now that you know about a couple of the homes that sold, if you'd like to know what that means for your home's value, or if you're selling your home soon, and want to work with the neighborhood expert, hit me up, send me a message, leave a comment, we'll take great care of you.

Chris Smith:    So that one's a little, bit more advanced, but it's still just your phone.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You just go live on Facebook. You boost the post afterwards. You target that area. It's getting our clients listings. It's working.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. I love it. Mary Jo says, "What happens when it's seven degrees out like here in Boston today, where it's completely freezing." Well Mary Jo, we have an expression at Curaytor, which is, "Let them see you sweat."

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    So my realtor's out there in seven degrees out, shooting a video about the neighborhood. Man that's someone who's a worker, that's someone who I want to actually do business with.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, I think taking these opportunities to be brave, take a risk, get out there when it's cold, if you're a New Englander, it should be in your bones.

Jimmy Mackin:    Chris, one of my favorite episodes of the WaterCooler was my man Tim Smith.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And his energy, his positivity, his enthusiasm was contagious. Can you share a strategy with us that still sticks to as many years later? Walk me through this.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well, the idea here is you have to bake looking for listings into your daily routine.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And I think that's what Tim Smith did a great job of. You can't look for listings when you need them.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You need to look for listings all the time.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So, what Tim does is brilliant. He actually calls it his "Five, Five, Four Technique". And I know a lot of times when you're inside sales ... You know? When you're doing sales as an example, you may have a goal of a 100 calls a day.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You know? Fifty dials, whatever your goal is. Tim approaches it a little, bit different. He approaches it the right way, which is what we call "Meaningful Conversations". How many meaningful conversations are you having per day? And then he just breaks it down into three buckets.

Chris Smith:    So the first five, he tries to have five conversations with people that he's never talked to before.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So basically, that'll be a new lead, or a friend of a friend that he doesn't know, or somebody in his database that he's never been able to get in touch with.

Chris Smith:    Then, he tries to have five conversations with his hottest leads, the people that he has talked to, that said that they were going to transact soon, the people that he marked hot in his CRM, the people that have shown a high level of intent through his database.

Chris Smith:    So, the first five people that he tries to talk to, he's never talked to before, the next five people that he talks to, are the most likely to buy or sell. The last one, he has four conversations with people in his sphere of influence.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And I can tell you, people look up to Tim Smith, and they should. He's a brilliant guy. The guy does almost a billion dollars in sales per year.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    He's one of the best listing agents in the world, but at the end of the day, he actually just executes that simple strategy every day.

Chris Smith:    How many more listings will you have, if you talk to 14 people a day? And by breaking it down into people you've never talked to, people most likely to buy, and people in your sphere? You're definitely talking to the right people.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So I love that tactic. Build prospecting for sellers into your daily routine, and what I love about Tim, he doesn't leave his desk until those conversations are done.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    He doesn't look at it like, "Oh. I need a prospect before I go work." He looks at the prospecting as the work.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. Yeah. And this is one of the characteristics of Curaytor clients, Tim Smith and Alexander who are Curaytor clients. We see this as a common trend Chris. They develop the right habits.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And as a quote from Aristotle that I love, which is, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit." And what you're coaching and what Tim Smith is coaching, is this idea of developing the right habits to achieve the outcome that you're trying to achieve.

Jimmy Mackin:    Super smart. If you guys have a chance, we actually embedded that WaterCooler video on the You guys can go back and watch it after today's live coaching.

Jimmy Mackin:    So Chris, this is actually something that I ... When we released this and we talked about this, and we coach this-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... I was surprised by how few people actually realize this existed. Walk me through what you can do with Zillow as it relates to getting more listings.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. This is a great tip. This is easy again, to do. It's free.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    You know? As much as Zillow charges people, it's nice to kind of try to get something back from Zillow without spending money. But Zillow has two options on their website for consumers.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So, if I want to sell my home, people call that a FSBO, a for sale by owner, Zillow has a section called, Make Me Move.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And we did this test here, and basically a consumer has taken the time to put their listing on Zillow, and they've basically said, "Hey. If you will pay me this, I will move."

Jimmy Mackin:    Yep.

Chris Smith:    That's just like every other FSBO. Right? That's just like every other person that thinks they can do it without an agent.

Chris Smith:    So you go to Zillow, you search your zip code, and then there's a drop down that says, Potential Listings. And when you do the drop down, people can see it on the screen. You're going to check off the Make Me Move one.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And then you're going to prospect to them, the way that you would prospect to any other FSBO. There is actually another one called, For Sale By Owner.

Chris Smith:    So, if you actually go on Zillow, you're going to find two or three listing opportunities today. The other cool thing you can do, once you put in your zip code, and then once you put in Make Me Move, you can then save that search.

Chris Smith:    So, picture a consumer that would do a search-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... and they would want to save it-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... so they get alerts later about more listings like that. Well, you can basically do the Make Me Move search-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... save it, and now you'll be the first one getting an alert the next time a consumer puts their listing up for sale on Zillow. It's a great hack. It's a great tip. Hopefully, everybody watching will do it.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. And we've got a couple of huge fans of the Conversion Code, who are reading the book right now for the first time.

Chris Smith:    Awesome.

Jimmy Mackin:    James Maloney here saying he's a huge fan of yours Chris. He's leveraging the tactics in real time, which I think is the biggest compliment we can get for the Conversion Code, just like today's live coaching, we want you to execute these strategies as soon as we're done broadcasting.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    Chris what you just mentioned there in terms of, because I just want to put one quick follow up question there. What would be your script, or what would be your angle if you're calling someone who is a FSBO, or a Make Me Move?

Chris Smith:    Yeah. I think well, I'm going to steal a little, bit of your thunder from later Jimmy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Sure. Yeah. That's fine.

Chris Smith:    Because people think they can list their home without agent. You have to have the data.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Here's the data from NAR, the average home across the country that sold last year with an agent, sold for $265K, $265K dollars. The average home that sold without an agent, sold for $200,000 dollars.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So, homes that were represented by a realtor, got 30% percent more than FSBO's.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So to me, that's pretty compelling data, because why are people doing FSBO Jimmy? They don't want to pay a realtor.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    They don't want to ... I don't think the realtor earns their commission. Well on a $200,000 dollar home, their commission isn't that much compared to the $30,000 extra dollars they can get them by doing great marketing, leveraging their network-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... negotiating, all the things real estate agents bring to the table. So, I would definitely leverage that data.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And I would definitely leverage past experiences.

Chris Smith:    So, I remember one time I was talking to Elena, one of our great clients in Long Island, and she was trying to convince me that it was a good idea to move from Brooklyn to Long Island, and I was really scared.

Chris Smith:    And she said, "Chris, listen. I'm going to put you in touch with a family just like yours."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    "They've got two kids. They were living in Brooklyn, and they were afraid, and they moved, and now they love it. They love the schools. They're a big part of the community. I'm going to connect you with them."

Chris Smith:    I'm like, "Shit Elena. Don't even connect me. I believe you." You know what I mean?

Chris Smith:    So, I think having some hyper specific examples-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... of people that tried to FSBO, then came to Jesus and listed with you-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... I think that's a great tactic. Data plus stories.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. Awesome stuff. Cool. Alright. So, next up we have a ... This is ... I would consider this a similar strategy, but using, but I want you to expand on this one for me.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well again, back to the beginning. Right? You call your clients. You email your clients. It's not that complicated. Where do the listings come from now?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Where have the listings always come from? Well the other place besides past clients and sphere that they've come from, is FSBO's and expires, that's why we're talking about it.

Chris Smith:    So, one of the cool tactics, this is one of our clients for a long time Jimmy, Robert Milloway.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    He was one of our first customers, and basically what you do is, go to or your MLS-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... and you're looking for the properties that are the most likely to expire.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So on, if you sort by newest, and then you go to the last page, you're going to find the ones that are expiring soon.

Chris Smith:    Now, you're not allowed to reach out to the seller until the listing has expired. So, we don't want you to break any rules, but here's what you can do that's really powerful.

Chris Smith:    You're looking for two things. Is the listing old? Does the listing have zero to no pictures?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    When somebody is willing to put a home for sale on Zillow or with one photo, I'm sorry, I can go earn their business, because what I'm going to do Jimmy, is I'm going to print the page of their's out, and then I'm going to print the page of our listings.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And I'm basically just going to say, "Hey. I know your listing expired a couple of weeks ago. When it was listed, I screen shotted what it looked like, and this is what ours looks like."

Chris Smith:    Show people what you'll do different. What do you think every agent says Jimmy if they go to someone whose house expired?

Chris Smith:    "We'll do a better job."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    "We can do better than they did."

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. Yeah.

Chris Smith:    "Our marketing is better." Okay. Great. Show me.

Jimmy Mackin:    Perfect.

Chris Smith:    Show me your listing on Zillow-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... versus the listing on Zillow that expired. Show me your marketing. Show me your website.

Chris Smith:    So, it's really about showing not telling, but if you go in the MLS, and you under, and you prioritize old listings with a low photo count, that's a great angle.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. One of the things I think is so important about this strategy is, often times when [inaudible] you start to stack these things up together-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... when I'm going from the top. We're not even at the second half of this Chris. We talk about calling your past clients. Sending this email.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... Posting to Instagram. Going live on Facebook. Prospecting every day using the Tim Smith strategy, Make Me Move, What we're trying to coach you guys on, that getting listings is within your control-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... and you have the ability to do that. And I think often times Chris, people are waiting too long.

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    They're waiting for something to kind of fall in their lap, and this is I think whether you got a budget, or you don't have a budget, these are strategies that you can execute right now.

Chris Smith:    Yeah Jim. That's a good point, because what we asked our clients is, "What's your focus for this year?" Listings.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    "What's your goal?" Seller leads. Those are outcomes. Those aren't actions. What are the actions you're going to take to get that outcome?

Chris Smith:    There was a great saying when I worked at Quicken Loans, it's in the book, "Money and numbers follow. They don't lead."

Chris Smith:    No shit, you want listings. You're a freaking realtor. Oh, you want seller leads? What a shock. We get that. What are you going to do each day and each week to earn those listings?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And that's things like picking up the phone, going after FSBO's, going after expires, doing polls, doing notes, doing emails.

Chris Smith:    So you have to prioritize your actions not your outcomes, and then you'll get the outcome.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. So, there ... Zillow has their quarterly reports, which they release sort of the findings of consumer behaviors and trends, when they're trying to convince investors to spend more money. One of the things that I saw recently, which leads into your next strategy here-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... is that consumers are becoming more accustomed Chris, to getting everything they want instantly.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And I want you to walk me through this, because I think this is something that we can play into that behavior, play into that trend, that consumers want things now. They don't want to wait two days for shipping. They want it within the next hour. So, talk me through this strategy.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well, in basketball, they say speed kills.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And I was slow, so I sucked. Right? I wasn't fast. There are people that are prioritizing selling their home quickly, over selling it for as much as they can, or sometimes selling it for below commission.

Chris Smith:    So if you look at what Opendoor has done-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    I get letters in the mail all the time from Opendoor Jimmy. I hear ads on the radio all the time from Opendoor. When you look at what Zillow has done. Go to They're doing it right now.

Chris Smith:    I think in the future, when people run their Zestimate, it's going to be a popup right then that says, "Hey. Would you sell your home today for that much? Yes or no?"

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    Because people want fast. You're absolutely right. So what this tactic number eight is, you're taking advantage of the instant offer craze.

Chris Smith:    I'm going to ask a poll really quickly Jimmy, if you can look at the chat on Facebook and tell me the answers. Let us know guys right now, what is your average days on market? I'd love to hear some, of the responses here Jimmy, and everybody can of course see each other's answers, but what is your average days on market right now?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Because if the average days on market is four, or 10-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... can't we call that as marketers, call that "instant". I don't know. You can see we put quotes around "instant,' but I think a lot of people, if they knew, because by the way, Opendoor and Zillow, they do a low ball offer.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    When you go through a traditional agent, you might be able to get full price on day one. I would rather have an "instant" full price offer, than an "instant" low priced offer.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    So Jimmy, how long are people's days on market right now?

Jimmy Mackin:    Jay Mark 17, Gene Richard 36, Josh Austin ... What's up buddy? Thirty-two. Grant, hey Grant, 53. Mary Jo 45, 35 by Dave. Julio is 25.

Jimmy Mackin:    So we're looking probably Chris an average between 17, 18 days to 45, 50 on the high end.

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, sort of within that one month to two month range.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. And by the way, everybody watching knows that the better you price it, the faster it sells.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So, even if the average days on market is 20, let's say somebody is in a situation where they've got to move out, or they've got some kind of lawsuit, or they're going through a divorce, and they just got to be done, well for them, instant could be a week. Instant could be two weeks.

Chris Smith:    I think consumers have it in their mind Jimmy, this is why Opendoor exists-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... that it's going to sit on the market, we're going to do 11 different showings-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... you're going to call me every weekend, and tell me to get out of the house, so more people can come walk through my house that aren't going to buy it.

Chris Smith:    So, I think if your days on market is low, if your percentage of asking price received is high, this is an angle. If you could sell your home in less than 30 days, would you? If you could sell your home with less than two showings would you?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    If you could sell your home in a week, would you? Ride the wave of these instant offer companies, promoting it so much on their end, work it into your marketing.

Chris Smith:    You can see a graphic there Jimmy, of one of our clients that he leaned into it. Does your home qualify for an "instant" offer?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And you can see we're putting quotes around "instant". You know? We want to be really clear that it may not be an investor that buys it on day one, but it's all about marketing. It's all about spending it in a way that helps you.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. I love the framing of that Chris, because ultimately consumers know if they're going to get instantaneous offer, like if you go to a car lot to sell your car, and the dealer gives you an offer of $15,000 dollars, it's probably worth $20,000 dollars in the open market.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, the way that you're positioning makes a ton of sense. Okay. So, last up here Chris, going back to the WaterCooler, we had our man on, Sean, talking about how Sean Moore uses listing presentations to actually, or using his listing presentation to close more deals.

Jimmy Mackin:    Talk me through what I'm looking at here, because I think this is probably one of my favorite opportunities to improve. Because I'll just say one thing Chris-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    We asked the average agent, what percentage of listing appointments that you go on, do you close?

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    What's the answer?

Chris Smith:    Well, they all say 100% percent, but they're all lying. So it's not a 100% percent. Now, that would be great. But let's say it's like a free throw Jimmy, if you shoot 90% percent, that's about as good as it gets. Right?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    But if you shoot 50% percent on free throws, you suck at free throws.

Chris Smith:    So, we're kind of playing with weird math, but it would be probably, and we can pull the stat, I would guess that agents probably actually get two or three out of every four or five.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So, the question is, what if you actually got every listing appointment you went on? What I've found, we researched this when I used to be with a long time ago. Jimmy, 80, excuse me, 77% percent of agents, use a paper CMA, so a paper listing appointment.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    Only 13% percent used an actual digital listing appointment.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And 10% percent of the agents, they just wing it. They just go in there, and they're just so good at talking, they just start talking.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And what Sean did on the WaterCooler, was he actually systemized the listing presentation.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    He has come up with 15 questions that you can ask, that lead to a yes. So as an example, have you ever bought or sold a home with a realtor before?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    How long do you think it will take to sell your house? What do you think the difference will be between the asking price and the initial offer?

Chris Smith:    So all of the questions that Sean uses, are in that episode. I highly recommend people watching it, because his approach is a differentiator.

Chris Smith:    Let's say you are competing-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... and let's say you are competing with three or four different people, well man, if somebody comes in with a questionnaire, which by the way, feels great, you're involving them-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    I like do-logs. I don't like a big monologue.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Nobody wants to sit through any presentation, but everybody likes to have a conversation, and that's really what Sean cracked the code on.

Chris Smith:    Fifteen questions that you can ask every time that end with them signing the contract before you leave.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    That's a big part of it, is you leave with the listing agreement signed, if you follow Sean's advice.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah, and one of the things that I love about the WaterCooler, because it's one of our older episodes of the water cooler, as you guys can see with the thumbnails of me and Chris. We've got worse cameras. We're in our apartments, or in some coworking space, before we had an office, before we had employees. We're out there hustling.

Jimmy Mackin:    But one of the things I loved about the WaterCooler Chris when we did the show was, we'd get these interesting perspectives from clients that were out there actually doing the real work.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And it would help us evolve the way that we think about it, and Dawn actually said this in a chat just a few moments ago. She said, "Miss seeing you all preach. Wish you guys would do a roadshow."

Jimmy Mackin:    And when I hear feedback like that Chris, man-

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    ... I just feel like we should bring the WaterCooler back.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. It's something we've thought about. People ask us a lot about it. We go to conferences, they bring it up. You know? Whenever we do talk about the old episodes with Sean, with Tim-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... it definitely brings back nostalgia. And in fact Jimmy, that is an announcement we are making right now.

Chris Smith:    We are thrilled to announce that the WaterCooler is back! It's going to be coming back every single week, and we actually prepared a little video to welcome the show back. John, let's roll the video.

Jimmy Mackin:    Let's roll the video Johnny.

Chris Smith:    Jimmy, I think we're on the air dude. Jimmy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Oh. Hold on. The audio's not coming through. All right. It's good now.

Chris Smith:    Jimmy, we're live on the air bro.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. Chris. I need the embed code.

Chris Smith:    The embed code is already in the chat Jimmy, but we're live. There's like 300, 400 people watching.

Jimmy Mackin:    Hold on. Give me one second. Hey. Yeah. Just Chris, one more time, just drop it in the chat for me.

Chris Smith:    Okay. It is in the chat. Dude we are live on the air. There are hundreds of people watching. Let's kick it off. C'mon man.

Jimmy Mackin:    All right. We're live?

Chris Smith:    Jimmy listen, we've been doing this for six years, if we can't get the opening and the technology right, if this is just going to be bootleg like it's always been, I don't even want to do the show.

Jimmy Mackin:    I swear. It's not going to be bootleg, bootleg, bootleg, bootleg ...

Chris Smith:    The WaterCooler is back! What is the WaterCooler? The WaterCooler is a show about marketing, sales, and technology where my co-founder and I, Jimmy Mackin give you actionable advice on how to use the latest trends, tactics, tools, and tips to grow your business.

Jimmy Mackin:    The biggest change that we've seen over the last two years, is that people are no longer trying to convince themselves that this stuff works.

Chris Smith:    You know the reason we did the WaterCooler was, because we were starting Curaytor, and we knew that we were going to be busy running a company. We were honored to make the Ink List.

Jimmy Mackin:    We were able to open up two beautiful locations, one here in Boston, and the other in Orlando.

Chris Smith:    We're the 300th fastest growing company in the whole country.

Jimmy Mackin:    We've grown the team to over 80 people. All of these things were possible, because of the WaterCooler.

Chris Smith:    What did people learn when they watched the WaterCooler? The thing I think they liked the most, is they learn things they can do right away.

Jimmy Mackin:    And that's what's exciting about the return of the WaterCooler, is we're going to bring our best ideas, our best strategies, our best tactics to help you, as a real estate agent, begin to differentiate yourself, and stand out in a crowded industry.

Chris Smith:    The WaterCooler is back, and it's better than ever!

Jimmy Mackin:    All right. Well, hey guys. I'm just reading the feedback right now in the livestream Chris, people are absolutely loving it. They're pumped that it's coming back. You know? We couldn't be more excited.

Jimmy Mackin:    On the screen here, you guys can see that you can subscribe to our first episode of the return of the WaterCooler by going to our Facebook page,, and you can subscribe to actually watch the shows live. As always, we'll be posting it on Facebook, and then it'll be available for download or replay on iTunes as well after the show.

Jimmy Mackin:    But Chris, on a personal note, I'm excited to be back on the air with you my man. I think we've learned an insane amount since the last time people saw us, and I'm excited for us to be able to share those learnings, share those strategies with our audiences and our fans.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. It's exciting, and people are getting a little sneak peek. We've got new equipment. We've got a new editor, and a producer, John, who's helping us with the show.

Chris Smith:    You can see some, of the graphics, and some, of the stuff we're using today. That's going to be a part of the new show, but every Wednesday at 1 p.m., actionable advice to help you grow your business with a buzz.

Chris Smith:    The beers are coming back, and the WaterCooler is back, and this is basically a sneak peek, but make sure you guys are subscribed on Facebook to get the notifications, or you can go to, put your email address in, and we do send email invitations as well.

Chris Smith:    So Jimmy, let's get into the next, nine. Part of the reason people like the WaterCooler, is we give each other a little, bit of crap.

Chris Smith:    So, we're going to get into some, of the ideas you actually contributed now. We're half way done. We're more than half way done, but you have been working hand in hand with some of our clients on what I would call, a little, bit more advanced, a little, bit more sophisticated tactics. Some of the stuff you'll give here is easy.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Some of it is a little, bit more robust.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    But walk me through tip number 10. You know? I've always heard a saying that you should market your marketing. What does this mean to sell your services?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. Well there's a simple task that I want everyone to perform after today's livestream, which is I want you to go to your website, and I want you to ask yourself a simple question. Do I have a home search as the single primary call to action? Because if that's the case, then what you're doing here, is you're actually appealing to buyers not sellers.

Jimmy Mackin:    So Chris, one of those very simple concepts that we talk about, and one thing that we coach ever Curaytor client on, is that you have to make your website seller-centric. You have to put your value proposition front and center. What is it that you do to help promote their home, to help them achieve their goal, their outcome, selling their home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, if I go to your website, and you want to focus on listings, and the first thing I see is a home search, you're confusing me as a buyer. Right? As a seller, I'm like, "What exactly does this agent actually do?"

Jimmy Mackin:    So, what Scott does a wonderful job of, this is Scott Hardiss. What Scott does a wonderful job of Chris, is he actually takes his, what I would consider to be sort of his entire listing presentation.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    All the points that he makes throughout the entire process, and he makes it readily available for every consumer to see online, and then he promotes it very prominently on the home page of his website to give sellers an opportunity to learn what this guy is going to do to help them sell their home.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)- I love it. I think ... You know what it makes think of Jimmy, is the book. Right? I can understand why agents would be a little, bit scared to put everything they do online, because then they think their competitors will rip it off. Right?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Or in theory, you might think, "Well, if I give away my secret sauce, if they know everything I do, what's left for me to do?"

Chris Smith:    But it's not that way. The more transparent you are, the less questions they're going to have when they do call you. One of the things that I'm the most proud of at Curaytor Jimmy, with our customers, is they get legitimate come list me calls.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    Like Judy shared that story today, with the person from New York, when your marketing is as good at selling what you do, as you are in person, that's when you get the layups.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    That's when you get the come list me leads.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    But if ... You're right. Nine out of every 10 websites in real estate have a 100% percent of the focus on search, and Jimmy, even though they have a tab that says sell, or even if they have a tab that says our services, or testimonials, it's always an afterthought. It's always weak, so I love that one.

Chris Smith:    Market your marketing. Sell your services. Sell it online as hard as you sell it in person.

Chris Smith:    The next one Jimmy, is about establishing a seller success series.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    I love the visuals here. It already looks like a series by the way. It's funny, we talk about one of our buddies, Jay Kinder. You know Jay has done a good job of promoting EXP, but all Jay's doing is he's hitting the same drum every week. And by him being consistent, it's getting louder.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    What most people do, is they just try to hit the drum as loud as they can.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... on day one. So consistency is what wins. Talk about this as a consistency play for agents.

Jimmy Mackin:    You know what's crazy? Is that in today's world right now, consumers trust strangers as much as they trust friends.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    If they read a review from someone online, they trust that as much as a personal recommendation. In fact, if I've got a friend that recommends a restaurant Chris, and I go on Yelp, and I see something that basically tells me the opposite story, I start to judge, or question their judgment.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And that might just be me, but that's the mindset consumers have right now. So, what Charles Burgess of Epic Life Realty is doing, which I think is such a smart tactic, is that he's not as Chris just mentioned, banging the drum once when he needs to.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    He's establishing himself as a proven expert, over and over again, and with all of these success stories, and the consistency, the continuity, the angles, the messaging. It is all dialed in Chris, where it is overwhelming.

Jimmy Mackin:    So here as an example, and here's a really important point. If you're watching this livestream right now, and let's say you're not number one, or number two, or number three on Zillow, if I go to search for you and your market Chris, and you're in Avalon Park, you're the seventh agent. You do not have a shot at getting any come list me calls if you're number seven.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    They're calling number two, number three, number four. So, one thing that you have the ability to do here, is to change the game by building out success stories on your website, you can now reframe and reposition yourself as the bonafide expert, where you are number one in the eyes of the consumer.

Jimmy Mackin:    So Charles Burgess does a wonderful job Chris, using success stories to sell the consumer on why they should hire him, which is the whole point of marketing.

Chris Smith:    Yeah. Well the other thing is, you can understand what that is in one second. Right?

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    So you see that in the news feed, and think about it. I remember Joe Herrera Jimmy for years, all Joe did was use Curaytor to promote listings. Well he was so consistent-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    ... and he did it with so much regularity, that he started getting sellers to come to him, and they said, "You obviously have all the best listings, so we want you to list our home too." So, that's another just kind, of a sidebar on consistency creating quality.

Chris Smith:    Jimmy, you have another tip here, and this is one that's exciting. You're basically saying that there are sellers that are hiding.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    You're saying that we can find the hidden sellers. What do you mean by that?

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. So, this is the thing that you realize when you become an expert in digital marketing, is sellers masquerade as buyers online.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    They look at homes. They register for homes. They check them out, and you can't really tell the difference. And one way to identify of the thousands of buyer leads you have in your database, find the hundreds of sellers that exist within there, is to ask a very simple question.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    Which is, do you need to sell your home before you buy a new one?

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    And just that simple ask Chris, gives the consumer the ability to respond to that, and if you haven't asked that question in the past, and you can send an email blast out to all of your buyer leads in the last 12 months asking that simple question. But what I would do within my CRM Chris, I would go and update my Zillow action plan, my action plan, my IDX action plan-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... any lead source that I have that generates buyer leads, I would insert an automated response, text or email, or both-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    ... asking that question. And what's going to happen is, you're going to have people who are going to raise their hand Chris, and say, "Yeah. I actually got to sell before I buy a new one."

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    And obviously, that's a pretty good listing lead coming in if they're actually identifying as, I've got to sell before I buy.

Chris Smith:    Yeah, and I think, like our research, is it about one third or one fourth-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... of the buyers need to sell first? So, doing it as a blast email once can be really impactful, but I love your tip of adding it to the action plans of your most popular buyer lead sources.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And you could even ... We've kind of even spinned it like, "I'm so sorry. I forgot. I forgot to ask you if you needed to sell a home before you bought the next one."

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    That would definitely change how we work together. It's a great tip. Jimmy, the next one is about your referral network.

Jimmy Mackin:    Well Chris-

Chris Smith:    With like-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah. This is what I want to do, just because of the effort of time, because we're running up on the one hour mark.

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    I'm just going to give you guys my last two tips here. The rest of them are on So I'm going to cover the two ones, that I think are the ones that are going to have the biggest impact on your business right now, that you can execute on.

Chris Smith:    Okay.

Jimmy Mackin:    The first one Chris, is this is the what's your plan email. You mentioned this earlier, Jay Kinder, talking about beating that drum. Too often, consumers, or real estate agents feel that consumers should be loyal to them.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    You did a great job on the transaction originally three years ago, well you've earned all of their future business in perpetuity. Well that's unfortunately completely untrue.

Jimmy Mackin:    The consumers are not loyal, and if you are wondering if I can prove this, just ask yourself a simple question. Did you deliver a great experience for a customer, and they loved you, they wrote a testimonial about you, and then maybe three years, four years later you saw that they list their property with another agent? That hurts.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    And I think every agent remembers that happening to them Chris. So, the what's your plan email, is a very simple strategy, a simple angle, that asks people up front at the beginning of the year, what is your plan this year. Are you going to be selling soon? Later? If so, let me know, because there's things that you can be doing now that are going to maximize the sale of your home when the time comes.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, this is about being there for the consumer when they need you Chris, not when you want them. So, this is an email you can send right now, and I'd love for you guys to send this out to your past clients after you send out that Zillow email.

Jimmy Mackin:    Last one for you Chris here, and this one I think this is probably one of the simplest ones you can execute using Facebook Ads. As we mentioned in the beginning today's live coaching, for those of you who shared, which is a 139 people, we're going to be giving away two $250 dollar Facebook Ad credit during this livestream at the end of today's call.

Jimmy Mackin:    This last one, Chris, is something that we have popularized as one of the sort of I think staples to any successful seller lead generation strategy, which is home value leads.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)- Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    The problem though, is that we have all seen the get your home's value here, click here right now.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    And those become tired, they become over used. We see people basically ... You know? Those becoming less and less effective.

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    So, what we're doing here Chris, is we're taking the event of selling a home, above asking price, in a short amount of time. Maybe it was a unique sale where you got multiple offers-

Chris Smith:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Jimmy Mackin:    You take that event, and you promote that to your network on Facebook, but rather than link them over to the listing details pages, which is what most people do, you drive them to a home value page, where they can capture their information to get their home value.

Chris Smith:    Yep.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, the thing that I love about this Chris, is exactly what you talked about with the first tip about Facebook Live in the neighborhood.

Chris Smith:    Sure.

Jimmy Mackin:    You make it timely. You make it relevant, and you localize it. So if you're looking to level up your seller lead generation game using Facebook, I do not want you running generic Facebook ads, I want you using these events when you sell a property to promote the fact that you can help people get the value of their home.

Jimmy Mackin:    So, I think between these two tips Chris, as well as, the other six that I didn't get a chance to go too deep into, are all ways people can execute to generate more seller leads for their business.

Jimmy Mackin:    But we got one last one here Chris.

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    And I want you to take it to the house my man. We've got five minutes left.

Chris Smith:    Sure. Well, we're about to announce the winners of the $500 dollars worth of Facebook Ads. We're giving away two, $250 dollar winners. I have those right in my text right now. So, we're going to announce those in a second, but the last way to get more listings is to get more help.

Chris Smith:    If you're watching this livestream right now, and you're like, "Wow! Those guys had 10 to 12 ideas that are better than mine," you can hire us to help you. We work with the best listing agents on the planet. Our community is filled with people like Charles Burgess, and Rachel Mooney, and Tim Smith, and all these people that attract listings. And we are constantly analyzing what works, testing new ideas.

Chris Smith:    And as an example Jimmy, pull up, pull up one of the websites that we just launched. This is a great example of one of our client sites that they don't even have home search on here.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    They're literally ... Look at the slogan. The slogan is literally about selling your home. We sell homes by creating experiences buyers love.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    And then, even if you click on the homes you'll love tab jimmy, what they're doing, is they're making their listings the star of their site.

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    And when they go on a listing appointment and they show how they're going to turn your listing into a celebrity, that's what sellers want. Meanwhile, most websites like you mentioned, would be really home search focused. Pull up Heather Scott's site.

Chris Smith:    The other thing that I love is personal branding is making a big comeback. We just built this site for Heather, and you really feel like you get to know her. Scroll through the site a little, bit Jimmy. Pull up her testimonials, or pull up her about page. This site is gorgeous and there's a human.

Chris Smith:    We see so many websites where it's like, "Where's the person?"

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    When it comes to ... Again, I said this earlier, you could trick buyers into working with you. You aren't going to trick people into listing with you, and the more they feel like they can get to know you, and the more that they feel like you care ... I love that headline.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    I'll take care of everything. So, that's another great example. Pull up the site for Katharina. This is an example of what you mentioned earlier, marketing your marketing.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    This is them actually showcasing how they market homes, whether that's through their lawn signs, whether that's through their videos, whether that's through their stunning website, whether that's through their email story telling, that might be through their Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising.

Chris Smith:    When we build a website for a client, we are trying to make that website in a way, so that it attracts sellers, it attracts listings, not just buyers.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... which is a big part of it. And then the other thing that we've done Jimmy, recently, which our clients are freaking out about, is called the Weekly Marketing package.

Chris Smith:    So, we give our clients an angle every week. We give them the outlets every week. So, here's what you create, here's what you advertise, here's what you email, and we've actually recently a new feature to the packet which is called, Reasons to Call.

Chris Smith:    So, we literally put more focus on sellers and listings than any other company out there. The other thing is, we talked earlier about past clients in the sphere. The past client and sphere marketing in this industry is weak. It's like, I could tell you three things, hand write notes, pop by people's house, and have events. Okay. Cool. Then what?

Chris Smith:    There is more that you could do then that.

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    But what about digital, what about social, what about Insta, what about email, and that's a lot of your best advice today Jimmy, was how can we use digital marketing to get more listings.

Chris Smith:    So at Curaytor, not only do we build you a beautiful site, not only do actually join the top listing agents in the world in our Mastermind, we're also handing to you every single week the content that's going to attract more business, which is pretty huge.

Chris Smith:    So Jimmy, pull up our new website. If anybody's interested in working with us, if you guys go to, We'll put that in the livestream chat as well. What our team does, is they actually look at your marketing. We don't do demo's. We don't do sales pitches.

Chris Smith:    Our team is an expert at what they do. So, they will look at your marketing. What are you doing to attract listings? What are you doing to generate seller leads? What emails have you been putting out? What Facebook Ads have you been running?

Chris Smith:    They will analyze your website. They will analyze your Facebook, analyze your email, analyze your lead follow up, and they will give you suggestions on how you can make it better, whether you hire us or not.

Chris Smith:    But if you're interested in hiring the WaterCooler guys to do your marketing for you, make sure you go to, fill out the form. Now I will say a disclaimer Jimmy, we are sold out, because our offering is very exclusive-

Jimmy Mackin:    Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris Smith:    ... and we work really deeply with people, so we're not cheap. So, we're not as expensive as you're probably thinking, but we're also not as cheap as you're probably hoping.

Chris Smith:    So, the first step when you fill out that form, is you're actually just going to get in touch with Amber from our team. She'll make sure you're a good fit. If we don't feel like you're a good fit, if we're sold out, if we're out of your budget, we won't even waste your time with the consultation or the audit.

Chris Smith:    But if we do feel like we can help you, our team will get on a call with you for a full hour, and they'll go through all your marketing, and then they'll make you an expert by the end of that call.

Chris Smith:    We love to work with our fans like we said. You know? The show's going to be coming back, each and every week. So, that's really exciting stuff.

Chris Smith:    The last thing I have here, Jimmy. If we can go back to the two shot John, to wrap it up. I want to announce the winners.

Chris Smith:    So we are going to give away two $250 dollar gift cards right now, and the two winners Jimmy, and Annette, thanks for choosing the hardest name to say of all the names that were submitted.

Chris Smith:    So the first winner is Honorata Gruzewski. I hope I'm saying that right. Honorata Gruzewski. Jimmy that's like Gronk.

Jimmy Mackin:    You're brave for saying that online.

Chris Smith:    Yeah.

Jimmy Mackin:    I would have done a hard pass on that one.

Chris Smith:    So, winner number one is Honorata Gruzewski. Winner number two, Daniel Dunn. So Daniel Dunn and Honorata, all you have to do to claim your prize-

Jimmy Mackin:    Yeah.

Chris Smith:    Email Jillian. She works for us, [email protected], and she will reply with your $250 dollar Facebook Ad credit.

Chris Smith:    Jimmy, it feels great to be back. Cheers. We will be back next week, and every week after that. The WaterCooler guys are back. Thanks for tuning in. We hope you lived it. Hit the like. Hit the love button if you enjoyed today's livestream. You're going to be watching a lot more of them soon. Thanks everyone.

Jimmy Mackin:    Thanks guys.

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