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The Coley Group Website

Gretchen maximizes every opportunity to make herself the obvious choice for sellers.

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The Coley Group Website
Coley Group Website | Created with Curaytor

Gretchen Coley has one of the best seller-focused websites. She has a deep understanding of what sellers are looking for in an agent and communicates her expertise in a way that builds trust with potential clients.

"How much is your fee?" and "How much do you think I can sell my home for?" are loaded questions for any real estate agent. By presenting different seller strategies and breaking down each option, Gretchen is not only disarming her competition, she's building an upfront, transparent connection with the consumer and giving them the choice to make.

Her "Let's Get Coffee" CTA makes reaching out to her feel like setting a date with a friend versus booking an appointment with a salesperson.

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