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Jonathan Vega Tik Tok

At 27K+ followers, Jonathan Vega uses TikTok to promote listings and build his personal brand.

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Jonathan Vega Tik Tok
Jonathan Vega Real Estate Tik Tok | Created with Curaytor

The meteoric rise of short-form video has had a profound impact on how real estate brands market their services. Smart real estate teams are going all-in on short-form. 

That's exactly what Jonathan Vega does with TikTok. His audience loves his content -- a blend of education, listings, and pure entertainment. Staying consistent with short-form video is tough, but it's incredibly powerful in getting your name, your face, and your brand in front of your future customers.

@jonathanmvega I would actually enjoy doing laundry here! 🤩 Agree or disagree? Reply if you’ve seen a better laundry room, I bet you can’t find one. $2,950,000 for a 2020 mansion in Miami, FL #miami #realestate #mansion #laundryroomgoals ♬ original sound - Jonathan Vega

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