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Heather Buckman Client Success Emails

She's always been a storyteller, but since becoming a Curaytor client, Heather Buckman uses client stories in her emails to build connections and close deals.

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Heather Buckman Client Success Emails
Client Success Emails | Created with Curaytor

Whenever we have a marketable moment of success in our business, we tend to put the spotlight directly on ourselves. But if you want to stand out from how most agents market their success, put the spotlight on your clients. 

Better yet, use storytelling in your emails to humanize your brand and generate more leads.

Heather Buckman regularly crafts narrative emails that make her clients the hero of the story. People love it. Her emails consistently get high open rates. By sharing stories of past clients, or clients that need to find a home now, she's able to generate more opportunities and build stronger relationships, one email at a time.

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