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Connie Carlson Seller Strategy

Prove to your sellers that you really understand them by emailing them a video -- like Connie Carlson did -- to reassure them and provide a solution.

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Connie Carlson Seller Strategy
Seller Strategy | Created with Curaytor

The #1 concern for the majority of sellers is: If I sell my home, what if I can't find a home to buy?

Connie Carlson knew that some sellers are stressed about their options if they decide to sell, so she created an email (with a video) to bridge the gap with empathy, and build the connection. 

If you know a question that sellers are asking, create a video to answer it and send it to them in an email. People value an agent who can bring clarity, perspective, and direction to their situation. Every agent (and seller) would benefit from executing Connie's strategy.

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