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Brad McCallum Listing Tour

Ever since Brad McCallum started creating listing video tours on his YouTube channel, he's become widely known for his consistent, high-quality production.

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Brad McCallum Listing Tour
Brad McCallum Video Listing Tour | Created with Curaytor

73% of homeowners say they are more likely to work with an agent who uses video to sell their property. That's why we tell our clients "If you don't have a video strategy, you don't have a marketing strategy."

Brad McCallum takes a unique approach to his listing tour videos. He uses humor and unconventional dialogue to create a lively video that makes the home the star of the show. Brad also knows the importance of a well-designed thumbnail. His attention to detail in all aspects of his video is impeccable.

The best part? He does it for every single home, not just the million dollar listings.What's the zen learning? Invest in your marketing for every single listing.

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