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Amy Youngren Magic Buyer Letter

Amy Youngren makes lead gen look easy whenever she writes her Magic Buyer letter.

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Amy Youngren Magic Buyer Letter
Magic Buyer Letter | Created with Curaytor

In her Magic Buyer Letter 2.0, Amy Youngren writes a letter to homeowners who live in the neighborhoods where her buyers are looking to live. She's specific in describing who they are and what they're looking for. The CTA is for the homeowners to contact her if they're interested in selling.

Every time she uses this strategy, it works.

Curaytor client Dani Fleming had success with it, too: "So far, we’ve had 13 direct responses to about 5 magic buyer letter campaigns, so it is really powerful!"

If you have a few frustrated buyers that can't find a home on the market, and you want to show them how you go the extra mile for your clients, creating a Magic Buyer Letter 2.0 is worth it. 

Bonus Script

Using emails to serve the right message at the right time is key to generating new buyer and seller leads. Here’s another script you can use to help generate serious buyers.  

Copy and Paste: 

Subject: Have you given up on trying to find a home on Zillow? 
Body Copy: 

With so few homes actively on the market, you need persistence and a plan to find the home of your dreams.

Searching Redfin and Zillow like everyone else isn't cutting it.

We're developing a new strategy to help our clients.

Every week I'll be emailing out my database of {{{{INSERT DATABASE SIZE}}}}}

Many of them are homeowners who have not listed their property for sale.

My goal is to help match serious buyers with off-market sellers.

Here's what happens next: 

If you're interested in being added to my featured buyer list, reply to this email with your ideal location and price point.

Once you send us the email, we'll get to work helping you find a home that's NOT on Zillow.

p.s. If you're a homeowner who needs to sell before you buy, let us know in your reply as well! 

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