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January 10, 2023

Yellow Letter Direct Mail Campaigns That Convert


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Key takeaways

Direct Mail should be a significant part of your 2023 marketing strategy.

Yellow letters are an effective way to stand out AND make your phone ring.

Download our three templates to make this campaign easy.

Here are two things we can agree on --

  1. Listings matter now more than ever.
  2. They're much harder to come by.

That is precisely why farming and direct mail need to be significant components of your 2023 marketing strategy.

Direct mail has been an effective strategy used by agents for decades. The problem is that most pieces that get sent look the same and take a long time to convert into appointments. 

You need a solution to help you stand out in your prospect’s mailbox and motivate them to call you. These yellow letter campaigns are a unique and effective way to do just that. 

What is a Yellow Letter Campaign? 

A yellow letter campaign is a direct mail piece that looks like a handwritten letter on a yellow legal pad. The letter can contain information about a recent sale in the area, the overall market, or why you are the agent of choice for that neighborhood. The options are endless.

One thing we love about this type of direct mail is that you can include a Post-It Note with a handwritten call to action. We've used this with our clients, leading directly to multi-million dollar listing appointments.

Yellow Letter Templates

Want to try it out in your area but don't know where to begin? We've included three of our most effective yellow letters below. Copy and paste to customize them, or download the PDF here.



There are [Insert Number] Realtors® in [Insert Area], but only a few are brave enough to tell you the truth:

The real estate gold rush is over. But this might surprise you…

Just last month [Insert Number] people bought a home in [Insert Area].

As a [Insert Your Team] client, you'll win in any market because:

  • [Insert Unique Value Prop] You'll work with the #1 team at Coldwell Banker Kapalua
  • [Insert Unique Value Prop] You'll maximize your profit with our professional marketing and advertising
  • [Insert Unique Value Prop] You'll have the top 1% of real estate teams in the US on your side (with $1B in sales to prove it)

If you're thinking of selling, the first step is to get your home's accurate value. Text your address to [Insert Number], and I'll prepare it for you today.

[Insert Agent Name]



Your neighbor hired our expert team to represent them in the sale of their home at [Insert Address].

The results?

  • [Result #1] The home sold for $15,000 over ask.
  • [Result #2] We sold it before it even hit the market.
  • [Result #3] And the homeowners used our Compass Concierge services to make necessary repairs prior to the sale with ZERO upfront costs.

The [Insert Area] market is still very hot. Local home values have gone up [Insert %] in the last year. 

If you want to take advantage of your home's increased value today, call me at [Insert Number].

Thank you,

[Insert Agent]



Forget the doomsday headlines about the housing market. If you're on the fence about selling, I have good news that puts the numbers in perspective:

Compared to this time last year, the average sales price in [Insert Area] is up more than [Insert $].

But that still doesn't solve your #1 concern: "Where will I go if I sell now?"

At [team], we have 2 rules for every client:

1. You should never buy a house you don't love.

2. You should never buy a house that causes a major financial strain.

Here's what to do next:

If you're considering selling, but worried about finding a new home, text me at [Insert Number] for a personal consultation.

We'll strategize a winning plan to help you overcome what feels impossible.


[Insert Agent Name]


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