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February 10, 2023

Tom Ferry Podcast Experience featuring Jimmy Mackin

Curaytor CEO, Jimmy Mackin, joined an episode of “The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience” along with incredible team leader Lisa Chinatti and marketing coach Jason Pantana. They talked about how to get more real estate listings than you’ve ever had before. 


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Key takeaways

It was not only a fun conversation but an important one with so many great take aways that Tom had to get a notebook to write things down.

Every agent in the country wants to know one thing right now: how to get more real estate listings. 

What is working right now to attract listing leads? What technology and trends will enable you to scale your real estate business? 

Tom Ferry and his guests, including our CEO Jimmy Mackin, answer those questions and more. You can leverage these high-level and very specific strategies TODAY to attract and convert leads.


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