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October 17, 2022

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What is the Seller Blitz?

Several times per year we host the Seller Blitz - an online community event exclusively for Curaytor clients and their teams to help them generate new conversations and listing appointments. Here's exactly what you can expect.


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Key takeaways

Between coaching calls, masterclasses, creative challenges, and a dedicated Slack channel, the Seller Blitz is a great way for agents to execute innovative strategies, share their wins, stay accountable, and truly feel connected to each other in what can feel like an isolated profession at times.

Let's dive in a bit deeper.

Coaching Sessions and Round Table Discussions

Throughout the event, we host exclusive coaching sessions and round table discussions with Curaytor experts, agents, and industry leaders like Chelsea Peitz, Hassan Riggs, Ethan Beute, and Phil M. Jones. And of course – Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin.

These sessions are packed with current trends, unique insights, and actionable advice to give you a competitive edge. Here are a few recent topics –

  • How to Attract More Listings
  • How to Increase Your Meeting to Met Rate to 90%
  • Human Centered Communication
  • Invest in Your Brand for the Future

Our clients always walk away with valuable tips and tactics on how they can attract more listings to grow their business.

We also provide our clients with recurring challenges.

Creative Challenges

Arguably the biggest draw to participate in the Seller Blitz is the challenges. These are both innovative and proven email and social strategies that we give our clients to execute that day.

Every challenge includes –

✔️ Video instructions

✔️ A script

✔️ A target audience

Here are a few examples –

What makes these challenges so popular?

1. They're already written for you

2. They're incredibly easy to execute

3. As you'll see in a second, they get fast results


The goal of the Seller Blitz is to help you book more appointments through the challenges we provide. Most of our clients find that even if they don't win appointments every time, at the very least they start dozens of conversations that could eventually lead to a closed deal.

But more often than not, listing appointments are the reality for the agents who put their head down and do the work.

Collectively, we've helped our clients book 600+ listing appointments strictly from these challenges.

Curaytor Client Traci Cornwell told us how she leverages the Seller Blitz for her growing team.

We have fun doing it, too, with a virtual happy hour kickoff and an event wrap-up call where we share wins and dish out prizes.

If you want a taste of what it's like to participate in a Seller Blitz, you can enroll in our 2-week Listing Pipeline Bootcamp. It's totally free. You'll get access to 3 of our best challenges that we've run in the past with our clients.

This is a great opportunity to see why real estate agents hire Curaytor: for innovative marketing and sales ideas then help executing. And if you execute each challenge, we guarantee you will create new conversations with seller leads.

Does this sound like something you'd like to be part of? We'd love to get you in our exclusive one-of-a-kind community. Schedule a quick 1:1 call with our team to find out if we have availability in your market.


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