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September 26, 2022

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5 Proven Email Templates For Listing Agents

Take some of the guess work out of what to say and when with these proven to work, email templates.


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Key takeaways

Part of the job of a marketer is to figure out ten ways to say the same thing. We know that sellers are always curious about their home's value but using the uninspired "Want to know what your home is worth? Click Here" tactic just doesn't land anymore.

Your future sellers don't want a drip campaign some marketer wrote in 2018.

They want up-to-date information about the market that's relevant to them and helps them make an informed decision.

Aside from building a healthy database of emails, we've pulled together six of the email templates that have been proven to work time and time again.

Zestimate Error

Subject Line:  

What would you do with an additional $37,950?


According to, the median error rate of the Zestimate is 6.9% of off-market homes like yours.

That means if your Zestimate is $550,000, it could be worth $37,950 more.

In fact, last week, I sold a client’s home for $89,230 above the Zestimate.

Before you think about selling, the first step is to understand how much your home could actually sell for in today’s market.

Here’s an example of the type of report I can create for your home.

Would you like me to prepare one for you today?

Let me know!

Listing Win

Subject Line:  

It's been too long


Hey [First Name],

One of my long-time clients, [Client Name], recently referred a client to me.

This client has been trying for months to sell their home. They hired another agent before [Client Name] shared my information with them and unfortunately, the other agent did not properly market the home.

Their home is beautiful, it needed a bit of work and to be staged but overall, it was a great property.

The good news is -- we took the listing, marketed it like crazy, and sold the home in about [Days on Market] days.

I take care of my clients and their friends. It's been a little while since I reached out so I just felt it would be a good time to let you know I'm here. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. For you and your friends.

Hope all is well!

Real Estate Goals Part 1

Another great idea is to pre-empt behaviors.

Maybe you're the perfect agent but just not the perfect agent right now.

By building your real estate newsletter content, you can stay front of mind for longer periods of time.

Subject Line:  

What's your plan?


Hey [First Name],

It’s that time of year where all my clients are planning out their real estate goals for 2022.

Which best describes your situation:

1. I have no plans.

2. I’m curious about how much my home is worth now.

3. I’m planning on making home improvements.

4. I would sell if I could find the perfect home to move into.

Let me know ASAP because I can prepare some really useful information for you that will be incredibly helpful!

I’m looking forward to hearing your response!

Real Estate Goals Part 2

Subject Line:  

One more thing…


Hi [First Name],

Last week I emailed you about your 2022 plans but I forgot to mention one thing...

Home values in our area have increased by [Average For Your Area] over the last 12 months.

I am going to put together an updated home value report for you that includes all the recently sold homes nearby with insight on how much equity you’ve gained.

One quick question, did you make any notable home improvements last year?


Home Value Report

Subject Line:  

Did you receive your home value report?


It's that time of year where all my clients are asking me, "How's the market?"

I can summarize it in one word. Changing.

It's essential that you review your home value report every 6-12 months.

This will give you a clear insight on how much equity you've gained and also give you insight on where the market is going.

Just reply to this email and I'll get started ASAP!

Importance of Pricing

Subject Line:  

Did you hear about [Address]?


This property was on the market for almost [Time On Market] and it finally sold at a [Percent Discounted] discount.

The interesting part of this story is how important properly pricing your home is when you first decide to list. As a Realtor, we have access to the entire pricing history of every home on the market. When a home has been relisted multiple times, with multiple price reductions, we know that our buyers have all power in the negotiation.

Pricing your home properly matters.

Here’s a link [Link To Blog Post On Your Site] to a great article about how to maximize the sale of your home by choosing the right price.

I’ll keep you posted with any noteworthy news!


BONUS Template: Off Market Listing

Subject Line:  

I'm quietly promoting this listing.


Hey [Client Name],

Normally I don't share listings with my VIPs, but this home that's coming on the market is going to sell VERY fast.

I wanted to give you an inside scoop :)

It's located in [Neighborhood]. We're going to list it for around [Price]. Between you and I, I think it will sell for a bit more than that based on the demand.

Do you have anyone in your network that's been house-hunting?

If so, just have them email me or call me at [Your Number] and I'll get them the details.

Be sure to have them mention your name so that I know it's your friend.


P.S. - The public promotion starts Thursday.


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