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October 13, 2022

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7 Facebook Pages Worth Stalking (and the Tools to Stalk With)

In real life, stalking is both creepy and illegal. But when it comes to marketing on Facebook, it is a must. In fact, if you are not stalking your competitors as a marketer, then you are missing out on valuable sources of information and inspiration.


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The Seven Facebook Pages to Stalk

Let's look at seven of the best Facebook pages for real estate that you should be stalking, whether you are in the real estate industry or simply looking for great examples of Facebook marketing strategies to follow.

1. Zillow

Zillow is one of the largest Facebook pages in terms of audience size in the real estate industry with over one million "Likes". Their page is a great one to stalk for a couple of reasons. First off, they take advantage of custom Facebook apps to provide support for their customers and announce career opportunities.

Another great reason to follow Zillow? Not only do they post great content daily, but they also engage with their fans in the comments. Even if the comments are not specifically about the post content itself, demonstrating great customer service skills.

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They even demonstrate the importance of following others in the industry for competitive research purposes, aka, stalking (Zillow Group actually owns StreetEasy, HotPads and Trulia).

2. Dream Town Realty

Next, we're going to switch from a national brand to a local brokerage with the Facebook page for Dream Town Realty. With local Facebook pages, you find a whole new set of features, starting with a completely different sidebar focused upon local information, check-ins, ratings, and reviews.

Within the reviews, you can see how businesses respond to see their customer service in action for both the good and the bad.

You can also learn how to create a content strategy that focuses on drawing in and engaging a local audience. You can see that Dream Town doesn't just create their own content, but they also curate content from trusted local publishers like The Chicago Tribune.

3. Movoto

Movoto is a national real estate company that takes a very local approach to its content. That's one of the best reasons to follow them. If you scroll through down their wall, you will find a mix of content that appeals to home owners, buyers, and investors in general, as well as people in specific locations.

And it's not just the specific locations, but the specifics within those locations, like the above post about where to live for quality healthcare. This is a company that creates engaging content for their Facebook page that really hits home for, well, home buyers.

4. Joe Taylor Group w/ Simply Vegas Real Estate

One of the things we love right off the bat about the Joe Taylor Group Facebook page is the fact that it is focused on introducing fans to the most important asset of their business - the team of people who make things happen for their customers. This image makes a great impression right from the start as their cover photo.

Next is their use of high-quality photography to show off their latest listings. They don't just use one photo. They utilize Facebook's photo carousel to give potential buyers a great tour of their latest homes for sale without having to leave the Facebook page.

The only thing we'd suggest doing to improve upon their strategy is including a link and phone number for the listing on every photo description so that people can take action on the photo that excites them the most. But this is still an inspiring use of Facebook features.

(disclaimer: Joe Taylor Group is a Curaytor client)

5. The Lanier Property Group, Inc.

The Lanier Property Group has taken advantage of the fact that Facebook loves video. Hence, they have started using a selection of videos to introduce their company and give prospective buyers tours of their featured listings.

They also took advantage of the featured video option, which not only puts their company video at the top of their videos tab but also adds it to the top of the left sidebar on their main Facebook timeline.

You will also notice in the above image that this company replies to private message to their Facebook pages promptly within an hour. This is a great feature to utilize for your own Facebook page to help ensure you capture leads and also potentially prevent bad messages from getting posted publicly on your page.

(disclaimer: The Lanier Property Group is a Curaytor client)

6. Urban Lifestyle Group

The Urban Lifestyle Group's Facebook page utilizes some unique tactics on their Facebook posts, such as sharing their ad carousels to link to multiple landing pages so that people can see multiple listings at once in posts on their wall.

Which, it's worth noting, you should also click through Facebook page post links to see where they go to, as you can often find great inspiration, such as landing page designs like this:

They also utilize video with their agents getting in front of the camera to share messages and tour properties.

(disclaimer: Urban Lifestyle Group is a Curaytor client)


DIGGS takes a more personal approach in some of their page posts by posting photos and videos taken by a smartphone and crossposted from Instagram.

Their personalized approach at posting helps them better connect with their local audience while allowing them to easily create Facebook content on the go. They also share community events to help get the word out for worthy causes while boosting engagement.

Why You Should Stalk Facebook Pages

To summarize, you should be stalking these real estate pages on Facebook, as well as others, to learn new tactics to help you do the following:

  • Improve the branding of your Facebook page for your business.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Create better content to reach your target customers.
  • Encourage engagement so that you can reach more of your audience organically.
  • Sharpen your customer service skills.
  • Learn new ways to reach your audience.
  • Get daily inspiration for your Facebook marketing.

Tools You Can Use

There are three simple tools you can use for stalking your competitors on Facebook. The first is located within your Facebook page Insights. You will find a section where you can add Pages to Watch. It will keep you updated on the latest changes in audience growth and engagement for the pages you are stalking.

If you notice a major change in page likes or engagement, you should definitely check that page out as it could be a sign that they have implemented a new strategy that you could be using on your own page.

The page owners will not be notified that you are stalking them in your Insights, so you have nothing to worry about. If you like their page using your personal profile or your page, however, they will be notified. So that is something to keep in mind.

The second tool you might want to use is the AdEspresso Ad Gallery. This free gallery (for newsletter subscribers) allows you to search for ads placed by other companies, including the owners of the Facebook pages you are stalking. You can get a quick glance at their latest ads.

You can also click through to get details about specific ads. This information can be a huge asset if you are running advertising campaigns on Facebook or other social networks in terms of getting inspiration for ad copy, creative design, and audience targeting options.

The third tool is Rival IQ. This one is an in-depth competitor research tool that starts at $199 per month. It will allow you to stalk up to 15 companies on Facebook as well as the other top social networks so you can monitor their audience growth, engagement, and top content. You can even keep tabs on their website changes and SEO tactics.

This can help you get even deeper insights into what is working in terms of the best days to post content for engagement, the types of content (photos, links, or videos) to post for engagement, and the pages you should really be following on a daily basis for the best content around.

In Conclusion

Stalking isn't a bad thing in the Facebook marketing world. It's just good business. Be sure to start stalking these seven Facebook real estate pages today (along with your top local competitors) so you can start learning the best strategies to apply to your Facebook marketing.


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