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December 12, 2023

2024 Listing Attraction Playbook: Turn every listing into more listings

In this final Curaytor masterclass of 2023, learn how to turn every listing into more listings through The Perfect Listing Promotion Process.


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Key takeaways

Following Part I of the 2024 Listing Attraction Playbook Masterclass, Jimmy Mackin and Steve Smith sit down to unveil 12 more listing attraction strategies to help you thrive in 2024.

The truth is, listings are staying on the market longer.

Which means you've got 2 options:

1. You can see it as a challenge.

2. Or you can see it as an opportunity.

At Curaytor, we believe it's an opportunity.

Your listings are your most valuable asset. Which is why we need to shift our energy into marketing our listings to get more listings.

That's what this masterclass is all about. 

You'll learn:

  • How to circle prospect before you even win the listing (and the best tools to use)
  • How to "build a buzz" before the home is listed (with scripts)
  • Exactly what to post on your Instagram Story to generate more business
  • What to include—and what not to include—in your lead gen campaigns
  • How to make your Just Sold campaigns stand out from everyone else's

And more. 👇

We noticed the Just Sold letter was a bit hard to read in the video. Here's the full letter:

Gretchen Coley, Just Sold Postcard

At Curaytor, we partner with agents and teams on an exclusive, market-by-market basis.

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