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Our clients' results speak for themselves. Take a look at the success and growth members of our community have had since partnering with Curaytor.


From a solo agent to a Team of 17

Michelle Humes' growth
partnered with Curaytor

"It was more about brand recognition. I had enough business, but I wanted to take it to the next level. The year I signed up, I sold 11.4 million. The next year, I sold 18 million. Then the next year was 35 million."

We’ve always had good ROI on our Curaytor spend. Not just the Facebook ad spend, but Curaytor itself. For every dollar spent, we had $12 in GCI in 2018. In 2019, we set 269 appointments from Curaytor leads. 

Dan Chin
Dan Chin Homes

In 2018, I did only 2 million in business, 9 transactions. I just finished out 2019 with 7 million in business and 21 transactions. From 2 million to 7 million. I’ll take it!

Heather Buckman 
Broker/Owner of Cowford Realty 

It's not just the website, it's not just the boosting, it's not just the Facebook ads. It's the people. It's the content. It's the daily evolvement of our industry, the masterminding. I don't have to sit here and wrack my brain as to where I get this information from. I'm just always ahead of what is happening next and that's a result of Curaytor. Knowing that Curaytor is all in with me, is something that is pretty special.

Veronica Figueroa 
CEO Of Figueroa Team 

From the top down, this is a company that earns a 5-star rating every day. Great systems, great training, great ideas. They always seem to be thinking a few steps ahead of the rest of the real estate industry which helps keep their clients (me) ahead of the curve.

Billy Wemlinger 
The Parrett Group

Curaytor's helped me build a name in my neighborhood.

Grant Muller’s growth
partnered with Curaytor

"I go to lunch, I walk into an event. People say ‘I love your marketing, it’s amazing.’ I walked into my brand new dentist’s office. She’s from my neighborhood. She says, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so amazing to meet you, I see you all the time!’ But mostly people say ‘I love that house’ because they see it on the Curaytor platform. Curaytor's helped me build a name in my neighborhood."

#1 Team in Town

Dani Fleming’s growth
partnered with Curaytor

"When we first started with Curaytor, we were maybe #5 team in town. We joined in 2017 and for the last 3 years, we’ve been #1 by a large margin, doubling the next team in our market. Partly because of Curaytor and what it’s given us, partly because we’ve been willing to spend the money. It’s a combination of finding the right partner."

Our ROI Guarantee

90-Day. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  If you’re not 100% satisfied with Curaytor’s Expert Marketing Services we’re providing to help you grow your brand, you can email Jimmy, the CEO, directly at [email protected] within the first 90 days and we’ll offer you a full refund.  No questions asked.   

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