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Zillow Ads Worth Copying

Learn from Zillow on how to target relevant keywords, speak directly to buyers and sellers in the same ad, choose the right CTA, and more.

3-d Tours

3-D tours have exploded in popularity due to the pandemic. Use your IDX and filter by homes that include them for your next ad.

The phrases "virtual and in person" and "Book Now" call-to-action drives traffic to Zillow's website and produces leads that are further down the funnel and closer to transacting.

Feature Outdoor space

The pandemic has changed what people search for and what they value in a home.

Large outdoor spaces, more square footage, and home office searches are way up. Zillow is leaning into that with this ad. You can, too. Filter your IDX and use keywords related to outdoor space, porches, and big backyards.

Speak to both Buyers and Sellers

We know that the majority of people who sell their home are going to buy one immediately. We also know that due to low inventory levels, people have held off on listing because they're afraid they won't be able to find another one.

Zillow addresses this brilliantly by using a carousel format which gets great clickthrough rates, and speaking to both buyers and sellers in the same ad.

Focus on pain points

If iBuyer ads like this one are pointing out the pros of that option, your ads should point out the cons.

You could highlight how "zero home prep" doesn't maximize a home's value, how "zero open houses" doesn't create demand, and how "zero days on the market" leaves money on the table. While promoting benefits can work, in your next ad, focus on pain points.

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