Big Changes Are Here!

All good things must come to an end...and be replaced with something WAY better 🔥

As you know, email marketing is at the center of developing and nurturing relationships with prospects, leads and past clients. Although our Blast tool today allows you to send effective emails, the demand for improvements to our tool has been high.

We are always working hard to improve the experience of our users. Based on feedback from users like you, we've built a brand new, intuitive email experience.

Available now in your Curaytor Application.

Key Benefits:

Increased Overall Performance

New, Helpful Views to Increase Productivity

A New Way to Build Effective Audiences

Robust Performance Reports & Statistics

Increased Overall Performance

When we say "overall performance," what exactly do we mean? Without getting too technical, we're talking: 

Improved Deliverability. We've built the application in a way that ensures optimal deliverability rates through the use of IP pools 

Increased Reliability: The reliability of the application was of utmost importance to us during the rebuild. We wanted to make sure that all pain points were addressed such as trouble syncing audiences, the ability to send to larger lists and reliable statistics. 

Intuitive User Experience: Things will look a little bit a good way. With the newly designed blast tool, you'll have fun sending email campaigns for your business.

New, Helpful Views to Increase Productivity

We're introducing some new views for you to manage your email campaigns effectively. Two that we're super excited about are: 

Smart View: Your own, personal email health dashboard that will show you how your emails have been performing in a given time period as well as highlighting your top performers. 

Calendar view: A visual representation of your email campaigns that have been sent or scheduled in a monthly calendar view so you can easily see where you might be overdoing it or missing the mark

Additionally, you will have a home to manage your email audiences and your email templates.

A New Way to Build Effective Audiences

You asked for a better list builder, and we listened. We've built an entirely new tool that syncs with your primary CRM to help you build effective audiences to email to. If you loved the filter possibilities available before, you'll love what we have now. 

Robust Performance Reports & Statistics

We decided to take our email tracking a step further and build out some amazing reports for you to show off. In addition to an overview of the performance of your email campaigns, we're also providing a Performance Report which showcases Opens (Unique + Total), Clicks (Unique + Total), Deliverability, and Link Attribution (aka how specific links within your email performed). 

Here's What Our Testers Have to Say...

Ready to experience it for yourself?

Take the tour tour to learn how to create your first audience and schedule your first email campaign. 

We've also put together an entire resource center dedicated to answering all your questions about your new email tool. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to your CSM, marketer, or support and we'll be happy to help!

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