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What is the Seller Blitz & Who Is It For?

Seller Blitz is coming back as an exclusive, week long event for Curaytor clients only.  
The goal of Seller Blitz is to execute sales and prospecting strategies, through the challenges we provide, that will help you and your Team generate more listing & sales opportunities. Seller Blitz is for anyone on your Team that works with buyers and/or sellers, is responsible for helping to secure new business prospects for your team, or manages your database leads & prospects. [Think:  ISAs & Admins too!]

🔥  During past community events Curaytor helped clients:  
Start 3,395 Conversations
Book 500+ Appointments

Seller Blitz is a week dedicated to helping you secure listing and sales opportunities 
+ have productive conversations that, in turn, will lead to sales opportunities now + also fill your pipeline for 2022. 

Let’s go!  

When is the Seller Blitz?

The Seller Blitz Challenge Event runs from Dec 6th-Dec 10th, 2021! 

Reserve your space for each event session by clicking the links below

⭕  Happy Hour at 6pm EST on Dec. 6th will kickoff our event.

Click HERE to register for Happy Hour!

⭕  There will be three daily challenges total - Tuesday-Thursday

Each challenge will be shared in the Community Slack Channel at 9AM EST.  
We recommend blocking at least 2 hours per day (pick a time that works best for you) to complete the challenge.

⭕  There will be Zoom coaching events Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

At 1pm EST on Tues. & Wed. we have some exciting guests scheduled for CSM Training 

Click HERE to register for ALL CSM Training Sessions!

At 4pm EST Zoom Huddles with the Customer Success Managers will be for discussing strategies, sharing wins, and more.  

Click HERE to register for ALL CSM Huddle Sessions!

⭕  REFRESH + The Event Wrap at 3pm EST on Friday, Dec 10th ends our event!

Click HERE to register for REFRESH + the Event Wrap!

One final awesome training with Jimmy + wrap call to share wins, discuss highlights from the week, and announce the Seller Blitz Challenge winners!

Click Below To Download The Seller Blitz Event Schedule

What Makes for a Successful Event?


Invite your Team and plan to participate in all Daily Challenges, CSM Zoom Huddles, and Coaching Calls.  The more you participate, the greater the reward.

Activity Tracking

Log CRM conversations & appointment activity every day using the Seller Blitz  Activity Tracker.  PRO Tip:  Be sure to schedule followups & add notes in your CRM, as well.  

Appt. Tracking

Tag every appointment set through the Seller Blitz challenges with a custom tag so our Team & you can track your progress!  [SellerBlitz-MONTH/DAY]

Full daily activity & appointment tracking details & instructions > HERE
Click here to >   complete & submit the daily tracking form  at the end of each day to be eligible for all event prizes!

Where & How to Prepare for Seller Blitz?

Block your Calendar

Prioritizing & participating in the Seller Blitz challenges & coaching opportunities can make a HUGE difference to how you start 2022. Block your calendar now in order to get the most out of the week. 

The Seller Blitz runs from Dec 6th-Dec 10th, 2021. 

More details in the event schedule above!

Prepare & Organize Your CRM

  • Create 3 "Tags" for appointment tracking using this format:  
      [SellerBlitz-Dec7] - [SellerBlitz-Dec8] - [SellerBlitz-Dec9]

  • Organize your lead pipelines/stages to reflect a lead's status in the sales process.

  • Huddle with your Team to setup your Team strategy for "event participation & engagement."

  • Be sure you're connected to your clients, past clients, & sphere in your social channels.

Join the Challenge Slack Group

If you participated in previous community events and joined the slack channel then, there’s no need to rejoin the Slack Workspace!

The Slack workspace will allow all of us to interact & share throughout the week of the event.
If you don’t have a Slack account yet -- you will need to setup your account first.  
It’s very simple (and FREE!) to get started.  Get started & setup your Slack account here!. 

Once you have created your free Slack account, please make sure to download the Slack app on both your computer and your phone. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything during the Seller Blitz Event.

Finally, you’ll want to join the Seller Blitz Slack workspace HERE.

Why join us for the Seller Blitz Challenge?

We've helped C-Buds set a total of almost 500 appointments during just the last 3 community challenges alone!
If you have not participated yet in any of our community events, don't miss out on on this opportunity to crush the last month of 2021 and begin building your 2022 pipeline now.

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