Curaytor’s new referral program 

Refer an agent who joins by 12/31/20 and receive 1 month of Curaytor Base for free!

Curaytor is truly one of a kind and is led by a killer team of professionals that go above and beyond to help you succeed. 

 Giancarlo Morales  

The value Curaytor delivers to our business is immeasurable. Between the training, the marketing content, the lead generation, and the support there is SO MUCH value. 

 Justine Mathieu 

It takes years of working with other companies to realize what a treasure and rare opportunity it is to work with a company like Curyator. It's not a cult but I definitely drank the kool aid. 

 Carla Allison Agnini 

How our referral contest works 

Who should I refer?

First and foremost we want passionate people who are dedicated to growing their business. They care about culture, community, branding and their legacy. Most of our clients do $10 million or more in production. Minimum production of $5 million a year. They are listing agents. They typically have a team. They have a well-defined sales process and experience converting internet leads. They are looking for an alternative to Zillow leads.

Why should I refer them?

For every agent you refer, and who signs by December 31st, you will receive one FREE month of Curaytor Base in 2021. That is a $1,275 value per referral. Plus, the person you refer will also save $1,000 thanks to you. 

Monetary incentive aside, you have the opportunity to help our community grow stronger by referring us agents you know will be perfect fits. We trust the recommendations of our Curaytor Buds implicitly. Together - let’s make our community even stronger!

How to submit a referral?

If you have an agent in your network that would be a perfect fit for the Curyator community, email the agent’s name, phone number, and email address to [email protected]. Please also let them know that you are referring them and that someone from our team will be reaching out for a discovery call.

What are the rules for the November 2020 contest?

During the month of November we are running a contest! The Curaytor Bud who refers us the most new Curaytor clients during the month of November will receive Curaytor Base for FREE in 2021 (minimum of 6 referrals that must sign by 12/31/20 to win). That is a $15,300 value.

Runner up will receive 6 months of Curaytor Base for FREE plus a 1 hour coaching session with Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. That is a $7,650 value. 

All referrals must sign by 12/31/20 to count for the contest. In the case of 2 people referring the same person, referrals are first come first serve.

Referrals must be submitted to [email protected] by November 30th to count.

What if I don’t come in 1st or 2nd place? 

Cheer up - you still receive 1 FREE month of Curaytor Base for every referral you submit in November that signs by 12/31/20.

When will my billing be adjusted?

After your referral has made their third payment, our Billing Department will notify you and adjust your next month’s payment accordingly. If you happen to win or come in 2nd place, don’t worry - you’ll hear from us about your billing. 

How will I know if I came in 1st or 2nd place?

We’ll contact you directly after 12/31/20 and personally shout you out in the Curaytor Mastermind Facebook Group.

What if I’m not a Curaytor client?

If you work for a Curaytor client, his/her billing will be adjusted accordingly. 

If you are in no way affiliated with a Curyator client but have what you think would be a perfect fit for Curaytor, please email [email protected] with the agent’s contact information and a little about yourself so we can compensate you accordingly.

What if I submit a referral after the contest ends?

Our referral program and incentives are here to stay - so keep the referrals coming! Together - let’s make our community even stronger.

Know somebody that would be perfect for Curaytor? 

Refer Someone
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