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Redfin Ads Worth Copying

Want your ad campaigns to stand out from the rest? Then you'll want to do exactly what Redfin is doing here (because most agents aren't).

Clear Value Proposition

Redfin clearly communicates their value prop to buyers that they can get listings "3 hours before other apps". Since homes are selling faster than ever, this is extremely appealing. "Tour homes fast" taps into the serious challenges buyers are facing with multiple offers and low days on the market.

If your buyer MLS alerts go out before the portals, highlight that in your next campaign.

IDX features

Listing details pages provide a lot more information than price and location. Yet most ads about searching for homes only focus on those two things. Redfin points out that they have "complete home details, full-screen photos, property history, and agent notes."

If looking at listings on your website includes access to similar data, use it in the call-to-action of your next home search ad to drive more traffic to your website.

Smart Recruiting

Every agent, team, and broker should make it a priority to grow through smart recruiting. "Get paid to tour homes" is incredibly appealing and easy to understand. Clearly, there's a lot more to being an agent, but Redfin is brilliant to position it this way.

This message is intentionally communicated 3X and complemented in the image.

Better Ad Targeting with the Redfin Migration Tool

Use the Redfin migration tool to find statistics for your area so you know exactly where to target your ads.

For example, 24% of buyers in the Bay Area are looking for homes elsewhere. More than 50% are looking in 5 locations (Sacramento, L.A., Austin, Seattle, San Diego). The data shows it'd be smart to advertise your listings in the Bay Area.

Make sellers aware of the high volume of "migrating" buyers and how you'll use this data to market their home. The relevancy of an ad like, "If you live in San Francisco but want to move to Austin, we can help" is off the charts.

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