Ad ideas Ads Worth Copying

Use these ads to inspire new angles in your next campaign that very few agents are taking advantage of.

Highlight New Construction

With low inventory posing massive challenges for buyers, the idea of building a home is appealing (and possibly their only option). Take advantage of this angle by using new construction as a way to attract buyer leads, many of whom need to sell first.

Use Fame to Get Traffic

People love being able to look inside the homes of the rich and famous. Actors, athletes, and musicians typically live in multi-million dollar properties like this one. You can get massive traffic to your website by using this type of real estate "click bait."

Make "Swipe Up" Your CTA

There are very few Story ads with a "Swipe Up" call-to-action, which is exactly why you should start doing this. Less competition = more attention.

This ad is effective because it looks like a regular Story - not an ad - which performs better than if it were highly polished.

Create a Different Goal

Not every ad has to send traffic to your website or landing pages. Sometimes the goal should be engagement, reach, or shares. By leveraging the undeniable popularity of these HGTV stars, this ad is sure to get comments galore.

Pro tip: If you do want to use an angle like this but also get website traffic, simply reply to the comments with a link to local fixer uppers for sale.

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