Setting Up a Manual Property Alert

Property Alerts engage leads automatically by emailing them new listings that fit the criteria you have set up in their lead profile

Step 1

Within a lead's individual Convert Profile, Select the "Property Alerts" tab and click on "+ Create Property Alert"

Step 2

On the Property Alert Page, you can see the criteria that can be set to filter the property alert, based on the lead’s initial inquiry when they came into the CRM. Select the ones that you want to apply by checking the box next to the criteria. Click the "Notes" tab to see all the notes in this lead’s timeline.


Step 3

You can see all the available filters on the right side of the page. The results will be updated instantly when these fields are changed. You can find the numbers of results from the applied filter on top of the page. The more criteria you select, the fewer results you will receive.


Step 4

To select a specific area on the map to be used in search criteria, click "Plot" on the upper right corner of the map.

Drag and click to mark the area you want. If you want to remove this filter, click "Clear" on the upper right corner of the map.



Please note, when adding search criteria, the more filters you apply, the fewer results you will receive. However, it is the opposite case when it comes to the Location filters. You can enter multiple locations. The more locations and zip codes you enter, the more results you will receive.


Step 5

Click the "____ Results" tab on the upper right corner of the page to see if all the listings on the market meet the criteria.

You can click on these listings to see their details. When you find a listing that the lead might be interested in, you can select the listing by checking the box and click "Send listings" to send all the selected listings to the lead. Note that this is an optional step for creating a property alert. You can only send up to 25 listings at a time.


Step 6

Return to the Filters tab, and click Next when you are ready to continue. Keep in mind that you can always come back and edit this later.


Step 7

A pop-up window will now appear with additional settings for this property alert. A summary of the filters for this property alert is located on the left side. Review if all the settings are correct or go back to the previous steps to make changes. You can select a frequency and specify the day and time for this property alert to be sent via email. If you want to select specific listings for your leads, check the Handpick Listings box. You will be notified by email when new listings are ready for you to review. Click Save to save this property alert.


Step 8

You will now see this property alert in the lead's individual Convert Profile in Curaytor along with the number of alerts sent, opened and clicked. You can keep track of the sent property alerts emails in the lead’s timeline, or click any alert you’ve created under the "Property Alert" in the Engagement section of the lead’s profile.



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