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Look as good online as you do in person

We’re unlike any other real estate website on the market. Rather than just another search tool, we build websites that focus on two key areas: Servicing sellers and showcasing your brand. We put your brand front and center to clearly communicate to sellers what makes you different, what their journey looks like with you, and proof that you’re the best one for the job. Your website should make you look as good online as you are in person and instantly create an emotional connection with your visitors. When the time comes for a seller to make a decision, your website will convince them that you’re undeniably the right choice.


Landing Pages

Build beautiful landing pages within minutes

One of our most beloved tools is our landing page generator. You can create beautiful landing pages within minutes for any listing, page, or blog post. The process is simple. All you have to do is type “/magic” at the end of the URL that you wish to promote. Once you select your source and your registration type, you can build a link to use in your promotion to immediately start generating leads. This exact strategy has helped thousands of agents generate over 3,000,000 leads (and counting) on Facebook.


Email Blast Tool

Send relevant information to people who will actually care

Our email marketing tool helps you do one thing exceptionally well: Send relevant information to the right people who will actually care. How? Our list builder allows you to build an audience with specific attributes (pulled directly from your CRM) and behavior such as website and email activity. You can tailor your message to feel personalized and relevant to those receiving it. Plus, you’ll know exactly how your emails are performing with stats like open rate and click-through rate.


Marketing Convert 

A 360 degree view of everything your consumers are doing

Convert is a marketing analytics tool that shows you exactly how the people in your database are engaging with your marketing, website, and emails to empower you to reach out with highly relevant, personalized messages. Gone are the days of guessing. Convert puts your database under a microscope and helps you zoom in on the people who are showing intent that you should follow up with right away.


On-Site Announcements 

Easily drive traffic to the most important pages on your website

As you drive traffic to your website through social media promotions, on-site announcements give you the opportunity to highlight the most important thing that is happening in your business. Maybe you just landed a new listing you want to highlight. Maybe you have an event your hosting that you want to raise awareness for. Or maybe you’re hosting a giveaway that’s time-sensitive. Simply create an announcement to draw your visitors’ attention and entice them to engage with the content or topic you’re announcing.

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- Dan Chin

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