What’s your plan?

To grow your business this week? Attract listings and seller leads? Capture quality buyer leads from your listings? Grow your database using Facebook? Get more followers and grow your brand on Instagram? Convert leads through email marketing? Get referrals and repeat business from your past clients?

What exactly are you going to do today, this week, this month, that works?

That’s the problem. You don’t have a plan. And even if you do, it almost certainly doesn’t address all of the above.

If your current plan is simply mailing postcards, sending a rare e-newsletter, reminding people to set their clocks twice a year, popping over unexpected, contacting FSBO or expireds, forcing leads to register for sub-par information, and basic listing alerts, then there’s a better way.

The overarching problem that exists within most businesses is marketing effectively. You’re either invisible or cheesy, but you don’t want to be either, you want to be successful.

Don’t worry! We’re not here to point out everything you’re doing wrong, and you’re definitely not alone. The real estate industry is really good at giving agents the technology (websites) and tools (CRM) they need, but no plan. 

So… how can we fix it?

What's Our Plan?

We have a plan built on quality and consistent content that attracts business, so that you don’t have to chase it.

Our plan is focused on sellers, listing leads, past clients, and conversions.

Your brand will grow on social media, your referrals will skyrocket, you’ll see an influx of leads, and more sellers contacting you to list their homes.

Is It Effective? 

We create content for you every week. You’ll have everything you need for everywhere you need it online. Our content plan includes marketing for your Facebook page, personal Facebook profile, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email messages with recommended target lists to ensure everyone in your database is contacted. We’ll even give you blog posts as templates you can load on your site in less than 5 minutes.

Plus, we even give you exactly what to say on the phone when you follow up with leads.

How do you know it works?

If you don’t sell homes for a living, you’re not going to be as good as it as someone who does. FSBOs are not better at selling real estate than you are, and you’re not better at marketing than we are. You’re a real estate agent. You specialize in buying and selling homes. Not everyone can do it, and some do it better than others. 

That’s why our plan works. Our team specializes in copywriting, creative design, social media, and conversion. We take who we hire seriously, and we know what we’re doing. We even have a group of Marketers who can execute all of it for you. 

Our plan is given to you every single week and will take you less than 10 minutes to do. 

Quality and consistency, avoiding the vicious cycle. Every week without fail.

Not only is your marketing created for you every week, but now you can see exactly who the plan engaged. What past clients clicked your blog post? How many properties did your buyers leads look at? Who hesitated to schedule a call? You can personalize your conversations now more than ever.

You can see exactly who is attracted to and engaging your marketing in REAL TIME. 

Plus, you can search through thousands of past campaigns from every Curaytor client. You’ll be able to see all of the important statistics so you can gauge how successful it’ll be for you. Have an open house and need a plan? No problem, search “open house” and you’ll see thousands of Facebook ads sorted by most successful to least successful. Looking for an email you can send to ask for reviews from your past clients? Search “reviews” and hundreds of Curaytor client’s emails will populate sorted from highest open rate to lowest.

All of our campaigns are scored on how well they did. So you know that you’re finding plans that worked! In a world of marketing that often does not. 

Remember the tools we talked about earlier? Of course Curaytor includes a completely customizable website, landing pages, email marketing tools and a CRM, but the tools aren’t the answer. 

Tools are what you need after your marketing has worked. Without a marketing plan, these tools will go unused and collect dust. What you need is a plan, not more passwords! 

Why would you do good marketing that leads to a bad website? Our websites are totally customizable, and we provide templates and designs for you to work off of.

The point of the technology is to make it simple to execute a marketing plan that works. 

You can do your entire marketing for a month in 30 minutes total with the combination of our plan and the platform. Or you can just let us do 100% of it for you, like we mentioned before, our Marketer program will execute the plan on your behalf, with your approval, every single week.

Can Our Plan work For You?

If your goal is growth, our plan works.

The real question is: does marketing work?

The best companies in the world market what they do. Apple makes ads, Tesla uses social media, Amazon does retargeting that follows users all around the internet.

Marketing does work. When done right. Bad and inconsistent marketing are what don’t work.

Poorly written, ugly, mistargeted and disconnected marketing does not work. But ours does.

Does your marketing work? We’re not sure, but we have a hunch that it’s not at its full potential. After all, you’ve read this far.

Who is our plan for?

For people who want to take their business to the next level.

People who’d like to spend more time with people and less time with passwords

Experts at real estate, not technology and social media

If you’ve been chasing around buyer leads and think a “marketing strategy” is forcing people to register and then dripping on them listing alerts, then our plan is for you. 

If you are tired of only getting business from your past clients and sphere and want business from the Internet too our plan is for you.

If you want to win the sale before people even contact you then our plan is for you.

Who has our plan already helped?

Our marketing is used by the best brands in the real estate industry. Agents from Compass, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, eXp, Coldwell Banker and Century 21 use our plan.

Boutique brokerages and independent companies use our plan.

The most influential agents and top producing teams in the world use our plan. 

Agents like Amy Youngren of The North Group, named Inman’s Most Innovative Team of the Year in 2018, people like Veronica Figueroa of The Figueroa Team, Inman’s Most Innovative Team of the Year in 2017 and named one of the Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2017, agents like Michelle Humes, who went from being a solo agent to leading a team of 17 in just 15 months. Our community is filled with the best of the best.

Not only do our clients get all of our marketing plans, they also get access to other top performing agents' marketing plans. That’s why we offer extreme exclusivity and deny more people than we accept.

If you have a budget dedicated to marketing and a hardworking team that goes the extra mile, or if you’re a solo agent with no time to do marketing but understand the importance of it, we will do your marketing for you and do it better than you could do it yourself. 

We hand select our agents to ensure they get maximum results.

Ask Jordan Rossman, whose business has grown 4X since he joined Curaytor.

Ask Holly Haven, who just closed her first deal from a lead she got on Instagram.

Ask Jay Marks, who gets recognized all around his market and a 10-1 ROI on his investment.

Ask Kevin Owens, who got a listing from the very first campaign we ran for him.

Don’t ask us if it works, ask them.

Who are we?

I’m glad you asked.

Curaytor was co-founded by me (Chris Smith) and Jimmy Mackin.

I’m the guy who would go on stage when I worked at Inman and teach the industry about technology. I was even named one of the industry's most influential people and bloggers.

I’m the guy who went to hundreds of offices when I worked for Top Producer and Realtor.com, teaching agents how to use tech to grow their business. I even started a blog called Tech Savvy Agent.

I’m the guy who talked to thousands of consumers while at Quicken Loans and rapidly became one of their top loan originators.

I’m the guy who wrote the book Peoplework for Dotloop. That book, including a foreword written by Gary Vaynerchuk, helped Dotloop to be acquired by Zillow for $108M.

I’m the guy who wrote the bestselling book of all time about generating and converting leads called The Conversion Code which is a USA Today bestseller and has been translated into 7 languages around the world. 

I co-host the best podcast in real estate with Jimmy Mackin where we have interviewed top agents and influencers in the world.

I’m the guy who just won the 4 best marketers under 40 from AMA (the other winners worked for BET and Evernote)

I’m even the guy who has been featured on the cover of newspapers and by Forbes and fortune and Inc and who runs one of the best places to work in Orlando and Boston.

And I’m the guy who started Curaytor. One of the fastest growing companies in the United States! 

We hire the best marketers and strategists to grow our business and yours. We mirror our philosophy of “attract don’t chase” into your marketing. We understand your struggle to grow your business and have been through it, too. 

Curaytor is home to the best podcast in real estate, the #WaterCooler.

We are the best marketing company in the real estate industry. 

We are going to do the best marketing for you that has ever been done. 


What are the Next Steps?

If you are interested in working with us, here’s what happens next:

Step 1. We check to see if your area is available. 90% of the US and Canada are sold out.

Step 2. Our team will take a look at the marketing you’re doing now. We'll check out what you're doing on social media, through email, for your past clients, to convert leads, to grow your brand, and then we'll show you how our plan would look instead.

Step 3. Once we verify that you qualify, we build your entire digital marketing platform. 

Step 4. You start executing our plan this month, running seller campaigns and sending emails to past clients designed to get you listings very soon.

Or you can keep doing it the way you’ve always done it, but you’ll probably come back to this page in a few weeks.

Hiring us to create your marketing plan each week starts around $1,200 per month. Our plan is not for everyone, but if you are open minded to a better way of doing marketing and you're ready to grow your business, Curaytor might be right for you.

Would your business be better with a plan?

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In the meantime, you can watch one of Curaytor's founders explain how our marketing plan works.

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