10 Examples of Holiday Marketing to Spark Inspiration

Nope -- it's not too late to whip up a holiday marketing campaign.

With social media traffic spiking 73% during the holiday season, now's the time to get your brand in front of past and prospective clients.

We scrolled through hundreds of holiday marketing campaigns.

These are 10 examples that caught our eye:


Why we love it: It's difficult to strike the right balance between being clever and clear in your copy. This ad does both. The benefits are still central -- even with the play on words -- and the message is cohesive.

2. The Sill

Why we love it: Obviously, copy like this wouldn't work across the board for just any brand. But because The Sill is a plant subscription company, it works. Plus, it's an effective formula: The header is the hook, and the subhead communicates the core message. 

3. Rothy's

Why we love it: You know it's a strong ad when the copy and visuals align. Visually, this ad pops: Red shoes against a bland background. It strengthens the copy because it proves the message. 

When you create your own campaign, focus on how you can create a strong connection between the visuals and the copy to make your message more compelling.

4. hims

Why we love it: Besides the festive messaging, we love how hims packs their value proposition into this ad. Notice the specific copy above the image. They highlight HOW their treatments work and share exactly when you'll be able to see results. 

5. Native

Why we love it: You don't need to reserve your holiday marketing only for your social. This is an excellent example of using storytelling in your email marketing. An order confirmation email is typically nothing special. We love this message because it's unexpected and extravagant. 

6. Gymshark

Why we love it: Tapping into a popular trend -- like memes -- is always a strong strategy. Gymshark is widely known for their user-generated content. They even have an entire Instagram account dedicated to it. Take a page out of their playbook and lean into this type of content for your next campaign.

7. Kate Spade

Why we love it: It's simple and direct. The most effective CTAs are explicit. If your goal is conversion, this Kate Spade campaign would be a strong ad to emulate.

8. Headspace

Why we love it: An app for meditation, Headspace leans into the complexity most of us feel around the holidays to promote their solution. Instead of focusing on the features of the app, this ad zeroes in on emotion -- which is #1 way to prompt your audience to take action.

9. Energizer

Why we love it: Few things are more disappointing than opening a gift -- or watching your kid open a gift -- only to find that batteries aren't included. Then you spend the next hour tearing apart every drawer in the house because you swear you saw them somewhere. 

That feeling -- that's what Energizer taps into using one sentence. It's brilliant because it's a universal experience. It's concise. And it's powerful.

10. Vrbo

Why we love it: It's bold: "Your home isn't ready for the holidays." Then, Vrbo swoops in as the solution. The beauty of this ad is that they're not speaking to everyone. They're speaking to someone who's stressing about hosting family for the holidays. That's what makes it work.

Something your competition isn't doing right now? 

Reading this post and gathering inspiration for their holiday marketing campaign.

Now it's time to execute.

Let's get to work!

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