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How Eric Rollo Doubled His Annual Transactions with Curaytor Marketer

Eric Rollo is a realtor and team leader for William Raveis Real Estate in Boston, MA.

Early in his real estate career, Eric focused on social media and online marketing, but found it challenging to keep up with constant changes.

“I was spending money on different training courses trying to learn everything. Every quarter I was investing at least a thousand dollars to stay current with my marketing.” 

There were constant new strategies to learn, and even with all the training, Eric always hit the same major roadblock — finding the time to make his marketing plans a reality.

“I was going to all of these trainings and trying to roll out new marketing initiatives in addition to meeting with clients and coaching my team. It simply wasn’t sustainable.”

Eric Decides It’s Time to Call in the Pros

“My marketing wasn’t cohesive and I had no clear direction in what I was doing. Also, I was frustrated with the time and money I was investing without getting ROI.”  

Eric knew how important marketing was, but his efforts weren’t producing the results needed. To drive the business ahead, he couldn't keep doing it alone. While looking for an outside solution, he discovered Curaytor.

“When I looked at Curaytor in detail, I quickly noticed how happy their clients were and how amazing their websites looked. It was clear to me they were doing things differently than the other companies. That was appealing, as I didn’t want my website or branding to look like every other agent in my market. I had to stand out from the pack.”

 “The whole experience from my first point of contact was fantastic. They gave me ample time to ask all of my questions and it never felt scripted or salesy. It made me feel completely comfortable partnering with them on my marketing.” 

Consistent Marketing Transforms Eric’s Business

Eric signed on with Curaytor, and after setting up his new website, realized he was already interested in more ways to free up time to grow his business.

Then he attended Curaytor's annual Excellence conference, where he learned about the Marketer program. Instantly, Eric was confident it was exactly what he needed to focus his time and energy in the right place — growing his business. 

“I knew having someone to execute day-to-day marketing tasks would deliver the consistency my business needed. We already had the Curaytor tools in place, but we were doing the bare minimum because it was all we had time for."

Once Lisa Palombo from the Curaytor Marketer team started working with Eric, he saw a change almost immediately. 

“Every week Lisa is consistently driving leads into my database, creating content and ads, and sending out email blasts. Now, I don’t have to worry about all the things that were taking up so much time before Curaytor Marketer. Lisa is a real asset to my business and an integral part of our team.”

With Eric’s marketing handled, it didn’t take long for his business to start growing.

“Within three months of signing on with the Curaytor Marketer program, I had to bring on two new team members because our lead volume was so high. We’re currently tracking to double our sales over last year. With Lisa, our marketing is consistent and delivers results every week. A game changer.” 

When he joined the Marketer program, Eric knew he would be getting a valuable resource. What he never imagined, was how integral Lisa and Curaytor would become in creating the sustainable, growing business he dreamt of.

“Having marketing systems overseen by someone I trust implicitly means I’m not worrying about it, or scrambling to try to get things done. The real estate industry is typically a roller coaster, but my business isn’t, thanks to Lisa and Curaytor Marketer.”

Eric was recently named one of Boston’s Best Realtors on Social Media by PropertySpark and his business is better than ever.

“When I talk to people about Curaytor, I always refer to the ‘snowball effect’. You start to see traction and it keeps growing as it rolls. The program offers consistency, which enables you to build momentum. That momentum has changed my business, and my life, for the better. Now I have time back to spend where it matters most — serving my clients and with my family.”

Since signing on with the Curaytor Marketer program, Eric has:

  • Been named one of Boston’s Best Realtors on Social Media by PropertySpark

  • Added two additional agents to his sales team

  • Doubled his annual transactions

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