Episode 2 | Inbound

HubSpot Inbound is one of the biggest conferences in our industry - it's kind of like Disneyland for Marketers.

Earlier this year, Curaytor headed to Boston for Hubspot Inbound, one of the largest business and marketing conferences in the world. Inbound’s misssion is to explore the human, helpful side of business. Here’s what our team thought were the most interesting takeaways from their time on the convention floor.

1. Install LinkedIn's Tracking Pixel

LinkedIn’s new tool will provide valuable insight into who is visiting your website. Of course, it’s not going to give you direct contact information - you still have to do some legwork on your own, after all - but the LinkedIn Pixel will show you who is being drawn to your brand, product, or campaign. If you know who you are reaching, it’s that much easier to connect with them.

2. Make the Unfamiliar Familiar

Ideas are harder to convey when they aren’t your own. So make time to grasp new thoughts think outside the box. When you schedule time to free-style your work outside of normal goals, you’ll train your brain to make more connections, and become more innovative.

3. Be Available... Even When You're Not

There’s no such thing as a traditional workday anymore. Find tools such as Intercom and Groove that will help you have both a high response rate and a regular sleeping pattern. This kind of automation lets you focus your attention where it needs to be, which goes hand in hand with our next takeaway...

4. Focus on Your Best Content

The honeymoon phase of content marketing, when every business blog was a novelty, is over. In order to stand out, follow the oldest advice in the book “quality, not quantity.” HubSpot decided to cut their blog content by 50%, and saw their engagement rate double. When you focus on what matters, and cut the busy work, not only will the content improve, but your ability to utilize it will too.

5. Landing Pages are Better with Video

48% of marketers use a landing page for each campaign, and it’s no secret that video is having a moment. Brightcove made an impression with their specialized video landing pages, which can be a game changer for new businesses.

6. Authenticity Breeds Productivity

People won’t always like what you have to say, but if you are true to yourself, they will respect you for it. Connect with your customers, and lean into what makes you special. Then you’ll spend your time achieving goals instead of answering feedback.

7. Create Opportunities to Collaborate

The lines between marketing and sales have never been blurrier. While you still want to empower your team in their own skills, there’s no reason any member of your teams should pass each other like ships in the night. Break down the silos of different teams, and find ways to engage with each other. You’ll be surprised how many good ideas come out of it.

8. Treat Every Lead Like a Referral Lead

We love referrals. At Curaytor, we convert 65% of them, so how can we see that success across the board? Our Sales team is developing a Super Ambassador program, which connects leads with all-star clients - just like that a cold call becomes a referral. It’s a great way to engage and even reward clients for investing in your brand as much as you do.

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