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Chris Smith knows there is a science to sales. That's why his book full of formulas is an Amazon and USA Today bestseller. Crack The Conversion Code to capture more internet leads, create more quality appointments, and close more sales.

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The Science Of Conversion

We know there is a lot of good and bad sales advice out there, so we curated our best into the Ultimate Conversion Library. Enjoy over 7 hours of videos, 50 minutes of audio, 3 case studies, 2 sales scripts you can use right away, and much more. Let's kick things off with Curaytor co-founder Chris Smith's Conversion Code keynote speech.

Marketing That Gets Conversions

The best way to set yourself up for conversions is great marketing.  Here are some text and email follow-up campaigns that will start the conversations that lead to conversions.

Marketing | 15 Min

The 🔑 to Text Message Marketing

"People notice a text message within 5 seconds of receiving it and they respond within 90 seconds. It’s a better experience for the consumer, and it has a better open and reply rate than email"

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Marketing | 5 Mins

The Email That Keeps On Working

"On the day we talked, Kendall Caputo had written a contract for an out-of-town buyer who had received his weekly emails for three years. He had never met her before"

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

Marketing | 59 Mins

The Best Emails & Texts to Send Leads

The fortune is in the follow up, but only if the follow up is good.

Marketing | 10 Mins

The Best Follow-Up Campaign Ever Built

In this episode of Calls, Chris helps put an end to useless action plans so you can start applying the best follow-up campaign ever built.

Quick Tip #1

The Pre Call Stalk

Before you pick up and dial, you have to know who you're talking to and what you're talking about. It seems obvious enough, but if you've ever been on the other end of a bad sales call, you know how uncommon this preparation is. Learn what Chris does before every call. 

A Salesperson is Only as
Good as Their Script

Every top salesperson uses a script.  A real estate sales script allows you to focus on the conversation, not what you are going to say next.  After you master your real estate script, you can start to make small tweaks to perfect it.

Script | 32 Mins

Learn How Ryan Doubled His Conversion by Using a Sales Script

A longtime Curaytor client explains exactly how he's made The Conversion Code scripts work for his business.

Script | 11 Mins

How a new sales script doubled one broker's online lead conversion rate

"Within six months Ryan Rodenbeck’s eight-agent firm Spyglass Realty has nearly doubled its online conversion rate."

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

Script | 11 Mins

How To Ask For Referrals (Without Being Annoying)

Asking for referrals can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be. These are the 9 steps to successfully asking for referrals (without inconveniencing your clients).

Script | 13 Mins

The Best Sales Question No One is Asking

Learn the most underused a salesperson can ask... and how to handle the answer when you ask it.

Want to Know Exactly What to Say?

Here are the exact scripts hundreds of top-producing real estate agents are using around the country to increase conversions

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Quick Tip #2

Overcome objections

Objections are a part of every sales call. Learn how to overcome them.

Sales Coaching

Even if you have great marketing and a great script, you can't close deals without a great sales team.  Here are nearly 10 hours of sales training that will make anyone a better closer.

Sales |77 Mins 

Advanced Sales Training

This is an absolute masterclass on sales and closing techniques that work.

Sales | 5 Mins

The Worst Moment In Sales?

How to handle the most inevitable response in sales: getting the "No"

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

Sales | 17 Mins

How to increase your sales with storytelling

Mastering the art of storytelling will set you apart in an industry filled with statistics. Learn the simple elements of a great story and how you can apply them to perfect your sales pitch.

Sales | 64 Mins

Hardcore Sales Skills

Curaytor's co-founders interview The Hardcore Closer, Ryan Stewman.

Sales | 87 Mins

Advanced Internet Lead Conversion

Watch Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin go deep on conversion in a can't-miss episode of #WaterCooler.

Sales | 50 Mins

How to Pitch + Close Over the Phone

What are the key steps to a successful pitch on the phone? Googling "sales scripts dot pdf" isn't going to help you, but this video will.

Sales | 12 Mins

Your Best Salespeople Aren't Salespeople

It all starts with service and referrals. Chris tells you why your best salespeople aren’t salespeople, and just how powerful customer service really is.

Everyone Needs A Coach

Here are two live coaching sessions - you will hear over 10 pitches (and how to make them better), plus feedback from top sales coaches in the industry.

Coaching | 120 Mins

2 Hours of Live Pitching - Learn from the Best in the Business

Hear from the top agents in the country while they compete in the first-ever Pitchfest.

Coaching | 21 Mins 

Live Sales Coaching

Listen in on Chris coaching Neal "The Deal" Mitchell on a one-call close.

Quick Tip #3

Your Tone Matters

Body language is the most important part of communication - it actually matters more than what you say. But when you are on the phone, you don't have body language - you have tone and words. You might be surprised which matters more.

Using Technology To Unleash the Kraken In Every Salesperson

A great salesperson with a proven script is not enough, you need technology to keep them focused on what they do best, closing deals. 

Tech | 64 Mins

Implementing a CRM Correctly is 100% Required  

Leader of The Hardy Team (and one of REALTrends' Best Real Estate Agents in America) Ross Hardy shares his tips for getting the most out of your CRM.

Tech | 5 Mins

Never Cold Call Again?

How every salesperson should be spending their day.

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

Tech | 7 Mins

(Case Study) What happened when a great salesperson called 5,000 "bad" leads?

Hint: He CRUSHED it! 

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

Tech | 6 Mins

How analyzing your real estate database can double leads and increase conversion

"...after minor changes, the new ad received nearly double the post clicks, had more than double the link clicks and comments went from 1 to 43, shares from 3 to 14, and leads from 25 to 50!"

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Double Your Conversion Using A Script

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