Facebook Ads for Real Estate: How to See Your Competitor's Ads 

Facebook changes their advertising options a lot. There was the famous HUD v. Facebook  lawsuit that changed how real estate agents could target their ads. Then Apple dropped the iOS 14 bombshell and forced Facebook to get people to opt into being tracked.

Here at Curaytor we run and manage millions of dollars in Facebook Ads for the best agents and teams so we get to see first hand how these changes impact their ROI. 

But what you may have missed with all of the negative press is a change Facebook made that is actually good for advertisers. 

VERY good. 

With all of the pressure to be more transparent Facebook released a new Ad Library. There you will find every real estate ad your competitors are running on Facebook and Instagram. You can search the ads by city, state and advertiser. 

I’ve already spent hours stalking and spying on companies like Zillow, Compass and Redfin. What you can learn is priceless. First, you can see exactly what their current messaging and strategies are. Second, you can use the best ideas you find for your own ads. 

Here is a breakdown of the best real estate Facebook Ads I have found so far and how you can make them your own. Below I will show you exactly how you can see the ads you are interested in with three simple steps. 

How to find your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram real estate ads:

Step One - Open up the Facebook Ad Library and select the ad category Housing

Step Two - Enter your city into the search bar and click on it in the drop down

You don't just have to rely on Facebook's Ad Library, either! Curaytor clients can quickly find inspiration from the Curaytor community by searching in our 'Brain' tool. Brain compiles thousands of top-performing Facebook ads and email blasts from across the community, allowing you to sort by metrics such as link clicks, and puts these ads, emails, and insights at your fingertips:

Step Three - Click on Filters, click on the Advertiser drop down and choose one or more of your local competitors to see their Facebook and Instagram ads

That’s it! 

Now you can see the ads they are running (as well as their inactive ads). You can even filter by platform and look at their Instagram Ads only, for example. You can also choose ads that use an image versus those that use a video.

Real estate ads on Facebook can be a catalyst for growing your database, brand, team and bottom line if you get it right. Most don’t. So put in the work and do your research before you launch your next campaign. 

If you don’t have time to create and manage your own Facebook Ads we can do it for you. Our services are highly exclusive by zip code so please start by checking availability in your area. 

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