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Compass Ads Worth Copying

Nail your ads just like Compass does here by creatively presenting your personal brand, consumer trends, listings, and results.

Focus on Consumer Trends

Covid-19 has and will forever change the way we work. Specifically, where we work. Many are leaving the cities for more space in the suburbs, or at least considering it, so it's a strong time to lean into that message.

It also gives you a leg up on your competition. People in the city likely don't have an agent in the suburbs, yet.

Don't Settle for Average Listing Photos or Copy

Advertising listings on Facebook works. It works best when you choose a listing like this one that has curb appeal and a "money shot" of the exterior.

The copy is crisp. Especially "meticulously renovated," "nestled in the most protected block," and "iconic Boulder amenities." Words matter and Steve nailed his. Spend time crafting yours. Serious buyers read them all.

Promote Yourself and Your Brand

Building a personal brand is all the rage but very few agents actually use ads to do it. It's a smart move to get your face (or in this case, faces) out there.

Asking "At what price would you SELL YOUR HOME?" immediately grabs attention. The 🔥 emoji is a nice touch. Clever usage of emojis can make an ad look less like an ad.

Advertise Your Results

When you get big results for your sellers, advertise that you did. I call this marketing your marketing.

"22% over list price" is impressive. So is selling a home FAST or getting MULTIPLE OFFERS. The copy "If you're thinking of selling this year" casts a wider net rather than only focusing on who is selling now. 

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