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Take the Guesswork out of Marketing with Curaytor Brain

Facebook Ads That Get Results

Want to stop wasting money on Facebook ads? Start running proven campaigns from our library.

How it Works

See exactly what ads top agents across the country are running

The Curaytor community isn't just great for referrals and bouncing ideas off one another in our private mastermind: with Curaytor Brain, you can see the Facebook ads that the best agents and teams are running.

Stop Guessing

Want to test an ad? Now you can see other agents' results before you spend any money. Our library shows the results from over 150,000 ads, all able to be filtered by recency, budget, and results.

Does Curaytor Brain work?

"We had a client who saw a couple of our chunky middle ads and actually sent us a message through Facebook and then called us about selling his home. The home was in our primary neighborhood where we live and have our office, so it was a great opportunity. Shortly after that, we had dozens of showings and multiple offers. We just closed on the home and he's now speaking to us about selling one of his rental properties, his primary residence, and helping him buy a new primary residence in a nearby golf course community. THAT is what I call a home run and a testament to the value that Curaytor brings our small team. 

While hard work and perseverance were a big part of this particular win, we never would've had the opportunity without Curaytor's help! Thanks for everything you guys do to help supercharge our business!"

- Tonio Bianca
  Curaytor Client 

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