One of the ways that Curaytor is completely unique is because of Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin's direct involvement in our community.


At Curaytor, we're committed to helping our clients execute marketing strategies that work and make them stand out from every other agent in their market.

In order to attract more listings, you need to consistently execute brilliant campaigns.

This is a lot to ask of yourself and your team when you're already managing every other aspect of your business.

That's why the best agents and teams choose Curaytor to help them do it.

When you partner with Curaytor, you'll quickly realize that co-founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin aren't distant leaders inside our community, but actively involved in delivering innovative marketing ideas and strategies to help you grow your business.

Let's show you what we mean.

New Scripts

Marketing is figuring out how to say the same thing, 100 different ways. When it comes to engaging sellers, buyers, and past clients, you need to innovate new angles.

Jimmy, Curaytor's CEO, is regularly dropping new scripts inside our private Facebook Mastermind group containing 1,800+ top-producing and innovative agents across North America.

These are campaigns that our clients can execute immediately.

In a short video, he walks you through the new script, gives you the context, and tells you exactly who to send it to.

Our CBud community runs to execute the scripts he writes when there is a coffee shop in his video background. Everyone knows his marketing genius is at his best when he's sipping his usual cortado with steamed oat milk.

Jimmy's new script drops are easily our clients' most anticipated posts.

Whether it's an email, text, or social script, the goal with each one is the same – helping our clients start more conversations.

And it works.

Along with posting them in the Mastermind, we make it even easier for you to execute within a few minutes by loading every script into our email marketing tool as a "Chris and Jimmy Template."

Chris and Jimmy Email Templates

We have 80+ email templates inside our email marketing tool – Curaytor Blast – that span 13 different categories. You'll see that one of those categories is specifically for Chris and Jimmy's scripts.

They add to them on a regular basis.

Our clients love this template feature in our email tool because they can send out an email within minutes, with just a few clicks.


At Curaytor we believe that when we innovate, we grow. When we don't, we don't.

It's true in our culture, and it's true for our clients. To sustain a culture of innovation, Jimmy often drops what he calls #JimmyExperiments in our community.

We're committed to helping you become the most innovative and the most valuable agent in your market.

Whether it's coaching you on how to use recent market data, execute seller-centric content ideas, or try new marketing techniques, we're obsessed with figuring out new ways to help you succeed.

Bottom Line

It's rare to find a CEO with this level of engagement inside a community. But for Curaytor clients, it's the only kind of partnership they know.

If this sounds like the kind of guidance, motivation, and coaching that your business needs, we'd love the opportunity to talk with you about your business goals.

Schedule a 1:1 call with our team today.


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