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The Newest Additions to the Real Estate Videos Hall of Fame

Jan Lefrancois-Gijzen

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Ever-curious creative. Writer, video editor, food tester...

Jun 19 4 minutes read

On a recent #WaterCooler episode, we graded videos submitted by real estate agents. We've seen literally thousands of real estate videos, so the episode was a blast. We've shared lists of compelling videos before, and wanted to add a few to our own Real Estate Video Hall of Fame. Check these out!

veronica recinos century 21 home and investment

veronica recinos

You may know Veronica Recinos as “The Wine Lady.” Veronica went viral with this video, imploring her audience to stop whining about paying rent and start planning to buy a house.

While you probably don’t want to yell at your customers like Veronica (or stretch the wordplay as she does with wine and whining), she nails something every realtor should aspire to: showing her personality. She’s engaging, she’s passionate, and she’s not afraid of taking some risks. Sure, the staging is a little forced (drinking wine on a rock in a park?), but think about that: there’s staging. Veronica went into this video with a plan. You should too.

While many people were snarky, Veronica took it all in stride. She even used Instagram to share the #WaterCooler when we talked about this video!

Old Town Realtor (Old Town Road Parody)

bob tompkins

As of this writing, Lil Nax X’s “Old Town Road” still dominates the charts and airwaves. It’s for sure the song of the summer 2019. What Bob Tompkins brings us is a newsjacking classic: a real estate parody.

How many agents watched this video and wished they’d thought of it first? Bob’s parody lyrics are on point. He’s got “houses in the back / two car garage is attached / front door is black / got the shutters black to match” - with great video staging to show… exactly those facts. And while Bob's voice may not be classically trained, he sure does sound good (check out our tips on how to make your own videos sound professional).

Bob’s enthusiasm and willingness to go all out go a long way. No doubt he’ll “show these houses on the old town road / show ’em til they all get sold.”

218 Cottingham Street | Avenue & Davenport | Toronto

sage real estate (Toronto, Canada)

Brothers form some of the greatest filmmaking teams working today. Joel and Ethan Coen brought us Fargo and No Country for Old Men. Joe and Anthony Russo have directed the last two Avengers movies. Not to be outdone, Bradley and Evan Sage (and their father, Larry) brought us 218 Cottingham Street, one of the greatest pieces of real estate video storytelling of all time.

Back in 2012, this was the first real estate video we noticed had really great storytelling. The Sage Team uses actors to play the roles, there’s a clear voiceover, great song, and the video spotlights the most important character: the home itself. What Citizen Kane did for cinema, 218 Cottingham Street did for real estate videos. Countless listing videos take inspiration from this one.

This came out seven years ago and we still remember the address. That’s saying something.

Kris Lindahl 2020

the kris lindahl Team

Kris Lindahl has been doing great videos in Minnesota for years. What makes this one special is its commitment to its premise: what if a real estate agent held a campaign press conference?

Kris riffs on some famous (and infamous) political quotes to deliver his own “campaign” promises: “a guaranteed offer in 48 hours or less, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

The details really stand out here. The American flags, balloons, and Chris’s performance hit the tone perfectly. The graphics look good and they tell us about his team - note the “(Be Generous) Party Leader” next to his name.

We get the feeling from this video that not only is Kris good at his job, but he’s probably fun to work with. Great stuff.

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