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The perfect Realtor would...

1. Make Listing Videos like Tim Smith

Tim Smith's listing videos are in a league of their own. From the aerial footage to the award-winning script writing to investing in the most talented videographers in the industry, The Smith Group creates films that appeal to more than just buyers. Everybody wants to watch them.

With the home central in every film, Tim's listing videos are always entertaining, interesting, edgy, and world-class.

You can connect with Tim on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

2. Run Facebook Ads like Joe Herrera

A Facebook ad legend, Joe Herrera gets high engagement on every ad he runs because he is consistent, knows exactly how to capture his audience's attention, and knows which listings will perform best.

Joe closes 200+ deals a year from Facebook ads because he knows how to use ads to start conversations with the exact buyers his team wants to work with.

Joe and his team's approach is unconventional. They advertise their own listings, but the majority of homes they advertise (with permission) are from other agents and brokerages. This gives the listing agents more exposure, and Joe's team gets the buyer leads.

To hear more about his approach, listen to Joe's interview with Matt McGee from HomeLight.

You can connect with Joe on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

3. Have a YouTube Channel like Brad McCallum

With more than 26K subscribers, Brad McCallum's YouTube channel is compelling, on brand, and dynamic. His content is the perfect blend of listings, education, and entertainment.

Brad generates thousands of views because his videos are well-produced, consistent, and creative. His listing videos are far from traditional, and people love them. He also responds to every single comment on his channel.

The energy he brings to the camera is authentic and inspirational, attracting buyers for sure, but also potential sellers who want their home marketed with excellence.

You can connect with Brad on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

4. Have Zillow Reviews like Veronica Figueroa

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, Veronica Figueroa knows the value of setting up a system to consistently gather reviews from her clients. They rave about the process, her team, and the overall experience. No doubt, any prospect that lands on her Zillow profile has full confidence in her ability to help them buy or sell a home.

You can connect with Veronica on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

5. Support Nonprofits like Jay Marks

In his Denton County Giving series, Jay Marks puts the spotlight on nonprofits and charities. He shares their story, how to get involved, and upcoming events to rally support from the community.

There are people in every community doing benevolent work who need support and deserve recognition. Give back to your community like Jay and create ways to connect people to local organizations.

You can connect with Jay on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

6. Follow Up with Leads like Dan Chin

Every Realtor needs a personalized follow-up system with the right standards, processes, scripts, and tracking like Dan Chin. He and his team call leads quickly and often. A lot of the philosophies they execute you can find in my bestselling book, The Conversion Code.

If you want to win more business, follow Dan's lead and streamline your follow-up system.

You can connect with Dan on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

7. Treat their Sphere of Influence like Lisa Archer

Whether it's throwing parties for her past clients, engaging with her sphere in Facebook comments, or sharing content that will help anyone who lands on her website, Lisa Archer treats her sphere of influence like gold.

She invests in building relationships and in turn, creates clients for life. If you want to grow your business, find creative ways to spoil your sphere of influence.

You can connect with Lisa on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

8. Embrace New Technology like Amit Bhuta

While most Realtors run away from new technology, Amit Bhuta lunges for it.

Always on the cutting-edge, Amit is who to model when it comes to finding new technology, using it, loving it, and talking about it. The best part is he finds what works and sticks to it, and moves on from what doesn't.

If you want to build a bleeding edge brand like Amit, embrace new technology.

You can connect with Amit on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

9. Be as Good on the Phone as Pat Sheppard

To be the "perfect" Realtor, you have to be good on the phone, and Pat Sheppard has it down to an art. From her tone to the questions she asks to the words she uses, Pat is intentional with every conversation she has with clients and leads.

Don't underestimate the importance of becoming a quality communicator. The best agents are obsessed with it.

You can connect with Pat on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

10. Create a Culture like Jessica Woodbeck

If you want to attract and retain high-quality talent, you need to create a culture like Jessica Woodbeck. She leads her team by building a culture that is benevolent, healthy, and forward-thinking.

With monthly sales challenges, incentives, in-depth training, and coaching, Jessica knows how to create a culture where agents feel supported in their personal and professional growth.

Want an inside look into their culture? Check out Thrive TV Cribs.

You can connect with Jessica on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

11. Be as Addicted to Learning as Charles Cherney

"The more you learn, the more you earn," was advice given to me by one of my best coaches. It's true. The most successful Realtors are avid learners.

Charles Cherney is obsessed with sharing books, quotes, podcasts, and more. He is constantly taking what he's learning, making it relevant, and communicating it to his audience.

If you need recommendations or just want to get inspired, go read his blog.

You can connect with Charles on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

12.  Use Instagram like Jason Cassity

Level up your Instagram presence by taking a page out of Jason Cassity's playbook. From his Reels to his Market Updates on IGTV to his posts, Jason Cassity is using Instagram in all its glory.

Jason doesn't follow a certain pattern for his feed, and that's why people love it: It's real. He uses Instagram as a tool to connect with his audience by sharing stuff that matters, and in turn, it helps him grow his business.

You can connect with Jason on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

13. Create Market Reports like Dan Wurtele

Dan Wurtele takes real-world data, compelling market statistics, timely information, and anecdotal stories to craft comprehensive market reports. What makes Dan's market reports so brilliant is his analysis. He presents his opinion to the reader, and backs it up with data.

If you claim to be the #1 local real estate expert, prove it by creating monthly market reports, like Dan, and send them to your database.

You can connect with Dan on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

14. Recruit like Brad Allen

Recruiting for most organizations is a number's game. For Brad Allen, it’s the opposite.

He looks to attract the right agents -- not just anyone who's willing to pick up the phone. He does this through the content he creates and the culture he shows off.

Unlike most teams, Brad wants every single agent he recruits to be successful, and he creates the right system with the right training to follow through with his promise.

You can connect with Brad on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

15. Send Emails like Heather Buckman

Heather Buckman uses storytelling in her emails to humanize her business, connect with more people, and generate more opportunities. She takes the same type of information that other agents share, but she turns it into a narrative.

Here are two examples:

In Heather's emails, her clients are always central. Use email like Heather and make your clients the hero of every single email you send.

You can connect with Heather on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

16. Have Training like Amy Youngren

In this industry, you're either going to share what you know, or you're not.

Amy Youngren is known for her commitment to learning, teaching, and most importantly, making sure that the agents who work with her have access to world-class training.

She created North Group University (NGU) for the agents she works with, a Facebook group where she holds comprehensive training sessions with guest speakers and posts dynamic content.

You can connect with Amy on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

17. Promote Listings like Connie Carlson

Connie Carlson outshines her competition by how she promotes her listings. She's an expert marketer who happens to be a real estate agent.

Through Curaytor's latest Listing Promotions service, Connie promotes her clients’ properties through video, email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, and they often go “viral."

Her sellers love it.

Listing promotions are your most valuable asset. Like Connie, if you promote them effectively and often, you'll secure a pipeline full of buyers and sellers.

You can connect with Connie on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

18. Do Custom Listing Pages like Billy Wemlinger

Billy Wemlinger creates a unique page for every single listing he gets.

Through the headline, copy, videos, photos, and 3D tour, he covers everything a buyer would need (and want) to know about a property.

If you need inspiration for your next listing, check out Billy’s custom listing pages, and do what he does.

You can connect with Billy on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

19. Have a Beautiful Website like Gretchen Coley

Gretchen Coley’s website is not only beautiful, it’s packed with content that buyers and sellers actually need to know. Scroll through her site to see custom pages, neighborhood pages, program pages, and more.

It’s rare to find a Realtor who overdelivers on their content and gives the consumer exactly what they are looking for.

For the seller who lands on Gretchen's website, she offers four different programs: Instant Cash Offer; Fix Up, Sell Up; Guaranteed Sale; and Buy Before You Sell.

You can connect with Gretchen on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

20. Do Content Marketing like Jordan Rossman

Jordan Rossman loves creating content, and he's a natural at it. He's consistent on his blog and his socials, and is always experimenting with new platforms. He even started a series called "Why Orillia?" where he interviews local businesses. The content is always original and high-quality.

To grow your business, you need to embrace your role as a content creator. Put content out in front of your audience, and watch what happens.

You can connect with Jordan on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

21. Make Bold Investments like Kevin Leatherman

At Curaytor, as a full-service marketing agency and technology platform, we have clients who just use our technology, and we have other clients, like Kevin Leatherman, who go all in.

The business Kevin has built is what most agents aspire to do in their career. And it's because he's made smart investments that have changed the trajectory of his business for the better.

The "perfect" Realtor doesn't sit passively on the sidelines, but makes bold investments.

You can connect with Kevin on Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

One thing that all of these “perfect” Realtors have in common is that they've trusted Curaytor to help them grow their business. We're proud to partner with them and help power their growth.

These are 21 leaders in the industry who you should emulate. Add their strengths and strategies to the business you're building, and you'll be one step closer towards becoming the "perfect" Realtor.

If you want to learn more about how Curaytor can help you grow your business faster, we'd love to talk with you. You can click here to check availability in your area (our services are exclusive by market).


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