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3 Things You Should Never Post About On Social Media

Annette Torres

I'm a social butterfly, both on and offline, which is why I do all things social and digital marketing related for Curaytor...

I'm a social butterfly, both on and offline, which is why I do all things social and digital marketing related for Curaytor...

Feb 4 5 minutes read

With the rise of social media, apps and platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be highly effective marketing tools for business owners. The ability to connect with thousands of users with just the click of a button opens the door to endless networking opportunities, including a wide exposure to potential leads. Now that reaching your audience is easier than ever, you have to decide what message you want to deliver to that audience.

life with the dull parts taken out

Donald Miller, Curaytor Excellence 2018 Keynote Speaker and author of Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, explains, “Alfred Hitchcock defined a good story as ‘life with the dull parts taken out.’ Good branding is the same. Our companies are complex, for sure, but a good messaging filter will remove all the stuff that bores our customers and will bear down on the aspects of our brand that will help them survive and thrive.''

It's not just the dull stuff that can turn off your audience, though. For this reason, every business owner looking to successfully grow their brand online should have a “never post” list. 


the "never post" list

A “never post” list is exactly what it sounds like: a list of pre-determined topics or types of content that you will never post about. This list looks different for everybody but ultimately follows the same rule of thumb: If you’re not an expert at it, don’t post about it.

1. politics

This one is a no-brainer. Growing up you were likely told never to discuss two things at the dinner table: politics and religion. Well, same goes for social media. 

When it comes down to it, both of these topics are just too isolating to discuss with a few people, let alone a large audience, and while you may be passionate about the current events of the government in your personal life, a savvy business owner recognizes that publicly stating their political opinion can have a lasting, and potentially negative, effect on their reputation.

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2. pictures of food

So you just had the most delicious meal and you feel the need to share a photo of it on social media? Don’t. At least not on your feeds. 

I get it. That tiramisu was sooo good, but unless being a foodie is a part of your brand, or you’re promoting a hot new restaurant in the community you farm, posting a picture of that yummy dessert on social media is sooo not necessary. 

Instead, save this type of content for your Instagram Stories where you can get creative, tag the restaurant and location, and rave about their delectable treats. Your friends, family, and superfans can then view and interact with your stories for 24 hours, without it having to live on your feed and disrupt the flow of your branding.

3. complaints

Inconveniences happen— but the whole world doesn’t need to know about them. Let’s be honest. A lot of the minor inconveniences that we experience these days are, most often, what social media has now deemed #firstworldproblems, so while it’s surely frustrating for your flight to get delayed, or to deal with internet provider issues, these grievances don’t need to be announced on your social channels.

Instead of cluttering your own social media channels with complaints about other companies, you’re better off directly contacting a customer service department or sharing your valid complaints on review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. This way, you’re not just venting; you’re taking the proper steps to resolve the issue.

This advice is for your business page and company profiles. If you really want to share anything on this list, that's what personal accounts are for.

Do you have a “never post” list? If you don’t already, now is the perfect time to create one. Ask yourself what matters most to you and how you can best represent yourself and your brand. Once you’ve nailed down your core areas of expertise, commit to only posting content that aligns with these topics. Less is more (and when it comes to branding, more effective.)

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